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A new kind of social network Genuine contacts based on integrety & intrests


  • 1. Privacy secured social meetings based on user interests & geotagging Meet like- minded without having to be public

2. What ever your interests are - you can find contacts and discussions in ContactoClub. The secret power of being you, as you really are.The secret power of being you, as you really are. 3. Discuss everything. Risk nothing. ContactoClub is based on interest groups and discussions. Meet online or offline. ContactoClu b is here to help you to organize your steps and to meet new people. Its the heart that knows the path... ...the mind is just here to organize your steps. 4. ContactoClub helps you find and handle new acquaintances. Want a partner? Or just someone to do workout together with? Or grab a cup of coffee with someone in your vicinity? Meet new friends. Chat. Send messages. Post pictures and videos on your channel. Without showing your cards to everyone. ContactoClub is anonymous if you want. Its discretion. It is you. All of you! You decide who you are. And when. 5. Looking for a friend or just someone that listens? And youre tired of Facebook and contact sites like Badoo? Need advice or want to share your thoughts, experiences or insights? But you dont want to share it with all the world? ContactoClub is for you! If you dont want all the world to know. 6. Integrity comes first Users can be anonymous Use numerous profiles Geotagging Chat Messages Personal channels Life is about the people you meet Meet like-minded without being public 7. Be the person you really are! The secret life of your heart Join now and miss nothing