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  • Contact Centre WorkshopFor Social Housing

    2014Martin JukesMpathy Plus

  • Welcome

  • Programme10:00Welcome and Introduction, 10:10Transforming to lead in empathy, whg11.10 Break11.25Speed Networking 11.45Project solving workshops12.30 Lunch13.15Feedback from workshops & discussions13.45Customer Service Training what is it and why do it14.45Break15.00Setting up a Contact Centre in 30 minutes15:40Question Time16:00Close

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  • Transforming to lead in empathy

  • Who are whg?Walsall Housing GroupStock transfer in 200319,000 unitsHouse one fifth of the boroughs populationListen to our customers, culture of customer involvement.

  • What was it like in 2012?

  • What was it like in 2012?

  • Why did you want to change?

    Extended hours for Asset Management New Town Office External environment Commercial vision Continued development of Customer Contact Centre Supporting Digital services Other service offerings

  • Where did you start?

    Identify options and appraise each for: Implications of change Structure Support Cost Benefits

  • Options

    M - FSatComments19 5n/aDoes not meet future requirements224 x 724 x 7Insufficient demand high cost38am 6pmn/aDoes not meet Asset Management requirements48am 8pmn/aDoes not meet Asset Management requirements58am 8pm8am 1pmPreferred option68am 10pmn/aLow demand after 8pm78am 10pm8am 1pmLow demand after 8pm

  • What were the major changes?

    Clear direction and vision Greater customer focusPeople changesRelocation

  • What else?

    Recognition of the need to change

    Great support from HRSalary benchmarkingConsultationRing fencing for alternative roles in whg

    Planning how to migrate from then to now

  • What else?

    What were the things that worried you the most?

    How did your team react to the uncertainty of change?

    How did you involve them?

  • How many staff did you recruit and how did you do it?

    RequirementCurrentGap in shiftsTotal Resource RequirementGap in resource (for recruitment)21.4 FTE (791 hours)Working a shift pattern as calculated to include12 X Full Time7 x 25hr Part Time1 x 15hr Part TimeNOTE: This is a shift pattern not a Colleague plan. More staff than shifts are required to cover absence, training etc.Total = 10.7 FTE (396 hours)9 x Full Time1 x 18.5hr Part time1 x 20hr Part time1 x 25 hr Part timeNil. Cover required for all shift patternsSuggested split as follows:11 x Full time4 x Part time 18.5 hrs11 x Part time 25 hrs1 x Part time 20hrs1 x Part time 15 hrs10.7 FTE2 x Full time3 x Part time (18.5 hrs or possibly 1 FT + 1x 18.5)10 x Part time 25 hours1 x Part time 15 hrs

  • What were the outcomes of the change? First week was difficult Increase in call volumes New Team Leader texted resignation Awaiting new starters Call handling performance improved very quickly Team leaders started leading instead of answering calls Focus on getting it right More hours at reduced cost

  • How call patterns have changed20132014

  • How did you measure performance? Traditional measures

    Call recording quality monitoring

    Customer Experience Audit

  • What is a Customer Experience Audit? An independent assessment of the empathy shown towards customers Presented from a customers perspective Detailed analysis of transactions 47 measures Independently validated by Oxford Brookes University* Correlated against profit across 28 companies* Template for excellence Absolute measure Cross industry benchmark

  • Sections of Analysis





  • Mail OrderUtilitiesRetailManufacturingTelecommunicationsLegalPublic SectorTravelDistributionOutsourcingHospitalityEntertainmentInformationCharities

  • How did it go?

  • Whg Empathy Rating

  • The Absolute ScaleVery broadFrom couldnt feel worse to couldnt feel betterBased on feelings, not intellectualWithout expectation, human based.

    Positive = 28%ERIC Rating

  • What did you do after the audit?

  • What were the key areas?Focus on customer and meeting their needsFill gaps and silencesFollow call recipeDevelop consistency

  • What did the second audit show?

  • whg Empathy Rating

  • Chart1











    First Direct


    Standard Life

    UKPN - January 2013 (UKPN)




    Eric Score6.64(5.43 - 7.64)

    Process Score8.28(7.07 - 9.21)

    Company Rank1

    ResellerDate Of CallTime Of CallCall LengthScanAgentERIC RatingProcess ScoreHow do we feel about the interaction?Why do I feel this? (Please make sure your comments reflect your score)Number of rings before answered?Do we get the engaged tone?Do we get straight through to the right person?Are we put on hold? (getting through)Opening salutation given?Offer of help?Title/Name?Call objective successful?We understood what was said to us?Further assistance offered?Parting salutation (inc. thanks)?How do we feel about GETTING THROUGH?Are they prepared with everything they need?If yes, how do we feel about it?Are we put on hold, if at all? (during the actual call)If yes, how do we feel about BEING ON HOLD?How WELCOMED do I feel by the INITIAL WORDS of their greeting?How welcoming were they for the rest of the call beyond the greeting?How do we feel about their HONESTY?How do we feel about their SINCERITY?How do we feel about their LISTENING SKILLS?How do we feel about the PERSONALISATION of the experience?How do we feel about their APPRECIATION OF OUR EMOTIONAL NEEDS?How do they meet our EMOTIONAL EXPECTATIONS?Where is their PRIME FOCUS?If other, please specifyGenerally, we feel MOST TREATED as:How do we feel about the RELATIONSHIP they have developed with us?How do we feel about their PROFESSIONALISM?How do we feel about the general approach in FINDING OUT OUR PHYSICAL NEEDS?How do we feel about the INFORMATION they give us?How do we feel about the amount of TIME BEING MADE FOR US?How do we feel about the way our REQUEST IS HANDLED?Do they claim any differentiating/Unique REASONS TO DO BUSINESS?If yes, how do we feel about it?How much PRIDE and BELIEF do we feel they have in their COMPANY?How do we feel about their PROMOTION?How do we feel about the Wrap up?How do we feel about their EMPOWERMENT?How important do CUSTOMERS appear?How do we feel about the OWNERSHIP they take of us and our call?How do they TRY FOR US?How do we feel about our PARTNERSHIP?How FLEXIBLE is their approach?How do we feel their approach is to DOING A BETTER JOB?How MEMORABLE was the interaction?After analysis, how do we feel about the interaction?Why do I feel this? (Please make sure your comments reflect your score)

    Sarah Thorman1/21/1312:00:0031Female7.468.58This was a very pleasant call, the agent was polite helpful and put the customer at ease offering an apology in a caring manner.1NoYesNoYesYesYesYesYesNoYes6Yes8No-79878887Me-An individual person787877No-767788877888This was a caring polite and helpful call ...the agent went out of her way to put the customer at ease and explain what would happy next, the customer was very happy, this is the way to keep customers loyal!

    Janie Hingston1/22/1314:35:0026Mark5.437.796The agent was polite and courteous but failed to truly understand the customer\'s anxiety and was quite flippant in his reply when she asked if there was anything further that he could suggest she do.

    (s/b 2 mins - agent said \"wrap up warm on a night like tonight I think\"1NoYesNoYesNoYesYesYesNoYes6Yes6No-66666654Me-A customer665665No-665555455555I felt that the agent missed opportunities to reach out and build a relationship with the customer. She had just told him that her cousin was at home with a small baby in a freezing house with a power cut and he failed to recognize her anxiety. He was, in fact, quite flippant in his reply when she asked if there was anything else that she could do. I would have expected him to have offered to try to get in touch with someone for her and speed things up even if, in reality, he knew that this would not be possible.

    Sarah Thorman1/23/1312:00:00227Charlotte6.047.796There was nothing special about this call, the agent gave the customer what information she had to hand in a pleasant frills attached.1NoYesNoYesYesYesYesYesNoYes6Yes6Yes566666666Their procedures-As one of the crowd666666No-656676766756This was a fairly standard call, the agent dealt with the inquiry in a processed no nonsense sort of way, i felt she was a bit distant almost preoccupied until towards the end of the call when she said she was working all night and said she would ring the customer back with any updates.

    Wendy Court1/23/1311:30:00223Lewis6.938.57I found the welcome professional, but a little corporate. I found the agent was helpful and honest with his information. He made me feel that he was concerned for me as a customer, by offering to do what another department would normally do. I was pleased with the outcome as the agent had taken my telephone number in case the E Mail did not get


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