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Swayam Siddhi College of Management and ResearchTopic: Consumer Tech on Tier 2 Trek

Subject : Soft Skills

Submitted to: Professor

Group Members:Preeti Hemant Bharade 6015Shalini Pal 6115Muzammil Quraishi 6131Urmila Kamble 6066Zaheer Khan 6080Prasad Chaudhary 6023Virendra kumar chaudhari 6022Sandhya K. 6068 Priyanka N 6114

What is Article all about ? New age app-based marketers are playing by some of the oldest rules in the marketing handbook. - By Shephali Bhatt

What is Tier 2 Trek ?

Tier 2 Trek arise when Tier 1 Trek are unable to reach the customers.

Tier 2 Trek is the medium to reach the consumers by doing detail investigation by experts about a particular area, market, etc. And then doing tie ups with Retail Kirana stores, Merchants , and restaurants in order to reach the customers in the remote areas.

Nature of Tier 2 Trek ?The nature of Tier 2 queries may range from advanced features, product bugs or failures. The task here is to diagnose and resolve issues related to these applications and components by:Understanding the environment in which the customer operates and funnel it to the specific problems.Undertaking simulation checks in a lab, if the problem remains untraceable.


Problem in Article ?Tier 2 cities are not aware of the offering made by different online apps like Amazon, Flip cart, Make my Trip etc. Even when digital marketing is very strong.

So are unable to utilise the offerings made by the online apps.

Muzammil Quraishi 7

Solution to Problem :Online apps like Make my Trip, Amazon, etc. are using traditional technics bu doing tie ups with restaurants, Kirana stores, opening retail franchise stores to push its sales of hotels & holiday packages , etc. in remote areas to reach its customers.

Urmila 8

DaaKiya Parcel LayaPin codes where given to different tier 2 3 cities in order in deliver products to consumers available anywhere in India country.

Which gave consumers wide range of selection of areas for delivering products. Which happen due to use of ecommerce.

But to problem was many tier-2 cities didnt had pin codes.

So Amazon, Flip Cart, etc. Apps did tie ups with Department of Posts , etc. to reach the tier-2 cities customers.

Zaheer khan9

Burgeoning Train:Clear trip app Company in order to reach the tier-2 cities customers & increase its volume of transactions introduce train booking facilities in its mobile apps.

According to interest of customers by introducing a section called activities for app only. Which contain listing of things to do, food to eat, in a user place of interest.

To led this Transactions possible they did tie ups in vendors on commission basis in tier-2 cities in order to fulfill its customers demands.


Stick on to Stick in

Currently, less than 5% of Zomato's overall revenue and 10%-15% of its entire traffic comes from Tier-2 cities. The food-ordering app is not actively looking to monetise all Tier-2 cities, says Pramod Rao, SVP of growth at Zomato.

But his operations team is constantly meeting merchants and restaurants in these areas. And when they leave, they don't shy away from slapping a Zomato sticker on the front door.

"Since digital doesn't work there, we have to largely rely on word-of-mouth and community-driven marketing," he says. With online ad blocking getting stronger by the day, maybe other players too will have to resort to the good old BTL ways.


Recharge my phone walletFor someone in the aggregation business like Book my show, the Tier-2 challenge is two-pronged. It has to increase supply (of movie listings) and solve the no-cash-payment problem from the consumer's side.

Over the last year and a half, Book my show has built a team led by seniors from the cinema business who've taken the single-screen tieups from 200 to 1000. But how were they to conquer the abysmal percentage of online transactions?

Recharge my phone walletBy leveraging kirana stores, what else. "We are in the process of launching kirana-store led recharge scheme for users in at least 10 pilot cities of the Tier-2 market.

These kirana shops (that also provide mobile recharges) will provide top-ups to Book my show wal let holders," says Marzdi Kalianiwala, VP - business intelligence, Book my show.

Now to see how successful the feat of creating access to those who don't have digital spending power turns out to be.


Return of Missed Call


Return of Missed CallUsers from Tier-2,3 cities send a missed call to Quikr's call centre and explain their requirement and skills.

In the last three months of tracking the potential of this approach in these cities, Quikr Jobs has seen the number of missed calls grow three times.


Lesson from traditional marketers:Use the power of Kirana store to build a cost-effective supply chain.

Here, post offices became Amazon India's Kirana stores, the postman its Chotu' aka delivery boy.