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Consultation and engagement


  • Community engagement

    and stakeholder consultation

  • Clarke Associates deliver clear thinking in four key areas:

    Engagement & consultation

    Digital & social media

    Public relations

    Design & identity

    Established in 1986 we advise and support both private and public sector clients, many of whom we have worked with over many years.

    Whether our services are commissioned individually or collectively clients benet from a results-driven, analytic approach designed to achieve eective outcomes and meet objectives

    Digital & social

    Engagement &consultation

    Public relations

    Design & identity

  • With its formidable track record and experience, Clarke Associates delivers consultation and community engagement programmes that produce tangible results and positive action.

    We understand the Midlands regional landscape, appreciate and recognise its diverse communities, have contacts with the widest range of organisations and relate to the regions ambitions.

    We undertake work for corporate and public sector clients in education, health, housing, construction, the environment and local government.

    Consultation programmes that lead to


  • To us, consultation is not only a means of generating valuable input from the public, from sta, from stakeholders but also as a means of generating long-term engagement and understanding.

    Over many years, we have undertaken successful consultation and community engagement programmes for both private and public sector organisations. We have done so on a large scale involving many thousands of respondents and at the other extreme, for smaller pilot projects in order to test the temperature of the water.

    Our aim is always to create a consultation and engagement programme that is fully accountable, impartial, robust, intelligent - and meaningful. We develop programmes that meet and exceed all statutory requirements and which provide long-lasting benets.

    Helping to create

    a positive climate

  • At all times, we have our eye on the overall objective. We create an environment in which it is possible for the clients objectives to be met whilst still being impartial, robust and understanding of opposing views.

    We utilise tried and tested methods. Whilst mass communication through the internet and email can be eective, we are strong believers in a personal approach.

    We have political sensitivity and awareness at local, regional and national levels.

    We show commitment, energy and drive not only because this is good for the client, but it is also more likely to achieve the overall objectives.

    We are accountable, measurable and objective.

    Our output is well-researched, informed and clearly articulated.

    Being objective

    and meeting objectives

    Understand, research and identify the issues.

    Engage target audiences, stakeholders and constituents.

    Investigate validate analyse.

    Bring a clear and uncluttered focus to output.

    Help win hearts and minds.

    What we do

  • closely with the client and relevant parties to get under the skin of the issues and identify any barriers to achieving the objectives.

    ...identify all relevant stakeholder groups.

    ...provide participants with detailed information about the consultation subject matter.

    ...are sensitive to respondent fatigue and we know how to overcome it.

    ...use a range of techniques, tools and creative ideas to achieve the right output.

    ...undertake a thorough and objective analysis of the consultation feedback. recommendations and conclusions with robust evidence.

    ...provide feedback to participating stakeholders, summarising responses and intended actions.

    Astructured approach

    Indeliveringour work


  • ....act impartially and with integrity. We recognise that to get the most out of those whose views are being sought, and whose support might be required, we need to create a climate of trust and understanding.

    ...go back and keep people informed. We thank them for their participation and keep them appraised of the next step. Thats good for them - and good for our clients.

    ...aim to remain exible in order to accommodate any changes which may occur as the project evolves.

    ...strive to ensure inclusivity, particularly so called hard-to-reach audiences. (For example, we deploy multi-linguists to connect with non-English speakers and we meet with target audiences on their home turf.)


  • In a nutshell, consultation is a process of dialogue between decision-makers and stakeholders with the aim of providing the opportunity for stakeholders to inuence a decision or programme of action.

    Our approach involves regular interactions between decision-makers and stakeholders to exchange views. Involvement continues throughout the process to ensure that concerns and aspirations are consistently understood and considered. We believe it is particularly important to delve into and understand stakeholder perceptions about what they believe they may gain or lose as a result of the planned initiative. The desired outcome is to achieve a genuine partnership, whereby participants feel that they are involved in selecting a best t solution.

    Throughout, we believe that good, well planned communication is a vital ingredient to keep stakeholders up-to-date with the process and progress.

    Engagement should be an intrinsic part of consultation.

    Eective engagement with stakeholders, the community and key inuencers requires discipline, creativity, speaking and listening. Whilst we are happy to act as honest brokers and go-betweens we also believe that it is our clients that need to be at the forefront of the engagement process.

    So we make engagement easier for our clients by creating long and short-term programmes, putting in the steps, devising the initiatives and creating the platforms that enable engagement to succeed and provide long-term benets.

  • As long ago as 1969, Sherry Arnstein devised a ladder of citizen participation (simplied here) that illustrates the steps needed to achieve true participation and engagement. This thinking is equally as valid today as it was in 1969.We are rm advocates of following this stepped, non-hierarchical process. To miss out or jump a step can result in a detrimental lack of engagement because there is only tokenism, rather than stakeholder power.


    because it needs to be a two way communication process

    Information giving

    Involvementto ensure that participants have a full understanding of the issues to be addressed

    and listening, so that stakeholders ideas are taken fully into account


    to deliver an outcome that will be supported by all parties

    Acting together

    providing feedback and on-going involvement in the delivery of the solution


  • Whilst no two assignments are ever the same, and we always tailor each programme to meet the speci c requirement, our track record over many years of delivering successful consultation and engagement programmes has given us a range of skills and applications, some of which are speci c to us.

    We would be happy to provide more information on our work and how we can add bene t and value to your organisation.

  • To view more of our consultation and engagement work please visit

    Case studiesWhilst some of our work has to remain con dential, we invite you to review our published case studies

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