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My presentation at the November 2012 #


  • 1. Constructive Subversion
  • 2. Is there something about politicaland bureaucratic life that subduesthe functioning of intellect in favor ofworking the levers without regardto rational expectations.
  • 3. Groupthink A deterioration of mental efficiency, realitytesting, and moral judgement that results from in-group pressures Janis, 1982
  • 4. The bystander effect
  • 5. The best teachers are subversive
  • 6. The key to learning frommistakes was not to stickblindly to the official chainof command but to subvertit where necessary, not toseek unanimity but to listento dissenters.
  • 7. Positive Deviance
  • 8. Disruptiveinnovationfrequently starts inthe margins ratherthan themainstream.
  • 9. Help all students develop built- in, shockproof crap detectors as basic equipment in their survival kits.Socratic Inquiry If the structure does not permit dialogue the structure must be changed.
  • 10. Actively subvert onpedagogy, passively submit to curriculum. Lee Crockett
  • 11. I tried Isomething new and BLEW IT! innovativeand it didnt work as well as I wantedThis coupon entitles me to be free of criticism for my effortsIll continue to pursue ways to help my students be successful
  • 12. How do you constructivelysubvert in your classroom?