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  • 1. David Hockney.
    Connie Merchant

2. David Hockney.
David Hockney was born on July 9, 1937, in Bradford, England.
Hockneys style of work was focusing on a place, taking loads of pictures of that place on his Polaroid camera at different angles and lighting and recreating it by fitting all of the images together to create a collage styled image.
Most of David Hockney's photos were taken in the southwest United states,
He toke thousands of photos in the southwest and most of his work is from there.
He used this style of workon most of his photos and they were all fitted like this
3. David Hockneys mother.
This is a image of David Hockneys mother, Taken on 1982 in Bradford Yorkshire,
hes taken lots of pictures of her at different angles and lots of different pictures of the features on her face, he hasnt put them all together perfectly which makes the picture a whole lot more effective.
4. Paris.
This picture was taken at Furstenberg, Paris in August on 1985
You can see when you look at the bottom of the picture that he has used lots of different pictures to create this imageand it works beautifully.
5. Telephone pole.
This is a picture of a Telephone Pole that David Hockney toke in 1982.
It has that effect of level and height which really draws your eye to the image.
6. Merced River, Yosemite Valley.
This is a picture of the Merced River, Yosemite Valley taken in 1982, there are so many different collections of images in this which I really like and its taken of 2 different places which adds such a lovely effect to the photo.
7. Southwest United States.
This picture was taken when David Hockney went to southwest United states on 11th-18th April, 1986.
The photos he has taken are fitted so perfectly together to make this image but yet you can still see that there are a collection of different pictures in it.
8. My own work.
This is a picture of my sister at white cliff bay.
I did some of my own work using David Hockneys style, cutting my image up to make my picture.
I used Microsoft word to layer my images into one.