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Congenital anomalies ppt


  • 1.Urology DepartmentUndergraduate coursesCongenital Genitourinaryanomalies

2. For our Lectures and Scientific resourcesvisit our web sites, 3. Common congenital anomaliesCommon Renal anomalies Common ureteral & renal Abnormal number: agenesispelvis anomalies Abnormal form or position: UPJ obstruction.horseshoe kid. Vesico-uretral reflux. Duplication.Common Bladder anomalies Uretrocele. Bladder Extrophy. Ectopic ureter. Common genitalCommon Urethral & penile anomaliesanomalies Undescended testis. Hypospadias. Intersex (disorders of Epispadias.sexual differentiation). 4. Renal agenesisBilateral renal agenesis both mesonephric ducts fail todevelop. Incompatible with life.Unilateral renal agenesis the mesonephric duct fails to develop. Usually there is absent ureter, trigone,kidney and (in boys) vas deferens. 5. Horseshoe kidney both metanephros are fused together. both kidneys rotated & their lower polesare joined in the shape of a horseshoe. As the fetus grows, the joined kidneysare held up by the inferior or superiormesenteric arteries at L3. 6. Pelviureteric junction obstructionObstruction of the junctionbetween the renal pelvis & ureter.Aetiology aperistaltic segment of ureter due to absent muscles.or crossing vessels over UPJ. 7. Pelviureteric junctionobstruction- Presentation may present at any time (before birth, in childhood, or inadulthood) by: abdominal mass. abdominal pain. Haematuria after fairly minor abdominaltrauma. 8. Pelviureteric junction obstruction- Evaluation IVUshows delay inappearance of contrast anddilated renal pelvis and calices. Renal scan shows differentialrenal function and confirmsobstruction. 9. Pelviureteric junctionobstruction- Treatment Surgery is indicated for: 1. obstructive symptoms, 2. stone formation, 3. recurrent urinary infection, 4. progressive renal impairment. Pyeloplasty is the treatment of choice Nephrectomy is performed if the affectedkidney is