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  • S ECRE T S O F


    C I T Y


    SQU I R E

  • threeAlternative views of the big apple

    230 Fifth Avenue

    The Empire State Building and the Top of the Rock might offer some spectacular panoramic views of New York City, but do they offer a delicious brunch, a year-round heated outdoor bar, and a rooftop garden? Well, if your looking to check out Manhattan from the view of a bird (with an adult beverage or two in hand), 230 Fifth is a must visit for any visitor. With rave reviews from the likes of the New York Times and NBC New York as the best rooftop view in all of Manhattan, this is by far one of the coolest places to get away from it all down below and get sauced in the process over brunch

    The Atlantic Avenue Tunnel

    Did you know that the worlds oldest subway tunnel is not accessible via a train? Instead, you will have to meet up with a group at a corner in Brooklyn for a tour that starts off with a climb down a manhole. The once monthly 90-minute trek through the 166-year-old half-mile long abandoned tunnel is narrated by guide Bob Diamond. You will learn a lot along the way from Diamond about the history and one-time importance of the station that was supposed to link New York and Boston.

    Staten Island Ferry

    Many Big Apple insiders still consider the Staten Island Ferry as one of the best and affordable ways (its free!) to get an awesome view of Manhattans skyline. The Staten Island Ferry might be used mostly as a means of transportation each weekday morning and evening for thousands of Staten Island residents working in Manhattan, but it is also an enjoyable ride for visitors to the area by way of the Upper New York bay.

    More than just a stroll down Times Square, a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, and a visit to the Empire State Building

  • YOURE A NEW YORKER, ACT LIKE ONEUnwritten codes of New York

    If someone hands you a camera, you must take a photograph of them.

    When the light turns green, honk your horn immediately.

    Know your ethnicity and racial background, you will be questioned daily.

    No bathing necessary. New York City is one big landfill so no need to shower.

    Eye contact on the subway is prohibited.

    Urinate anywhere you want, its cool. There is just a thin urine cloud that covers the whole city.

    Homeless people are invisible. Homeless people are at every corner just passed out all the time.

    If you see oncoming traffic approaching, cross the street anyway. You have places to go and people to see.

  • THE BIGAPPLEINSIDERSHidden gems not many know about in the culturally diverse, fast paced city of New York.

    Stone Street is the heart of the Financial District. This centuries-old pathway recalls the magic and ambience of nineteenth century New York, and is home to an international mix of restaurants and bars.

    Williamsburg is known as hipster heaven, and it is by far my favourite place in Brooklyn. It is divided into two sides (North and South), and the area has undergone a massive transformation in the past 15 years. Its hard to imagine that it was once a largely industrial landscape spotted with modest housing for the immigrants who worked in its factories.

    Brooklyn is only a hop and a skip away from Manhattan, and the borough has so much to offer. The Brooklyn Flea Market offers a great mix of art, clothing, and not to mention food vendors on a different level!

    Hudson River Park is a waterside park on the Hudson River that runs through the Manhattan neighbourhoods of Lower Manhattan, Battery Park City, Tribeca, Greenwich Village, Gansevoort Market/Meatpacking District, Chelsea, Midtwown West and Hells Kitchen.

  • If you can fight the urge to get off the 6 train at the last stop (Brooklyn Bridge), youll be treated to the abandoned but beautifully preserved old City Hall subway station, as the train loops around to go back uptown.The station was first closed in 1945, and plans have been raised on a few occasions to turn the station into part of a transit museum. For now, the station remains out of reach unless by guided tour, as one of the many abandoned stops that can be partially explored.

    East Village speakeasy PDT, Also known as The Best Bar In The World, PDT (Please Dont Tell) is infamous for its attempts at secrecy

    Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Manhattan. The UCB is like a cheap hipsters wet dream: it gives you the opportunity to see upcoming comedy acts before they hit the big time, and at great prices.There are live shows every night, from stand-up to improv.

    Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien, The little known hole-in-the-wall (of one of New Yorks most elegant hotels), Burger Joint is a no-frills spot with some of the best burgers and fries in town. Despite its Midtown location, the Joint has surprisingly low prices, an unparalleled time-worn vibe and high scores from almost every reviewer in town.



    You can travel the world without leaving your neighbourhood. Where else can you stand on a street corner and hear 10 different languages spoken?


    HOPPERTop three best Happy Hour

    bars in New York City


    This hipster joint located in the Lower East Side

    has $3 beers until eight, and $4 frozen margaritas

    which go over well with the ladies. It runs from

    2 p.m. to 7 p.m. You can also take in some live music for cheap too!

    McKennas Pub

    Located on 14th Street between Seventh and

    Eighth Avenue, this dive can give you some

    delicious greasy food and 2-1 drinks until 7 p.m. Its a huge bar with games in

    the back room.

    The 13th Step

    Back to East Village area, this is definitely a college

    crowd (youve been warned) but its deals are

    pretty top notch. Perfect for football and the entire

    bar is half price until 8 p.m. Its on Second


    so long,mr.softeeFew things inflame the passions of New Yorkers on a hot day quite like the subject of their favourite ice cream.

    Few things inflame the passions of New Yorkers on a hot day quite like the subject of their favourite ice cream. Just ask the Platt girls. Daughter No. 1 (Jane, age 11) enjoys elegantly creamy European-style gelati served in long tapering cones. Daughter No. 2 (Penelope, age 8) eats vanilla soft-serve only, preferably encrusted in a thick layer of rainbow sprinkles, gummy bears, or both. Recently, we spent a contentious couple of weeks haggling over our favourite frozen treats. We slurped sundaes in old-fashioned ice-cream temples in Forest Hills, argued the merits of trendy artisanal toppings in the wilds of Brooklyn, and tasted countless varieties of fancy Manhattan gelati on hundreds of tiny plastic spoons. Here, the results of our labor, ranked in order of preference from one to sixteen. In the cases where the girls agreed to disagree, their weary, sugar-addled dad broke the tie.

    Winner: clair Cone, Dessert Club, ChikaLicious

    Daughter No. 1 praised the structure of this inventive soft-serve creation. Daughter No. 2 enjoyed the vanilla soft-serve and sugary bottom part. Either way, its the epitome of big-city, summertime-ice-cream chic.

    Runner Up Stracciatella Gelato LArte del Gelato

    The buttery cone is made in front of you, and the smooth, chocolate-laced gelato was the best we tasted. I like it, Dad, said Daughter No. 1. Its very delicate on the tongue.

    f o o d a n d d r i n k o f t h e n a t i v e s

  • seven untold secrets of NYCPlaces and activities to explore your average tourist doesnt know about

    Stroll in the sky in NYCs high line park, raised above the city built on old subway tracks

    Find an open house, if youre in New York City in October, youve got the chance to discover bits of the city that most locals, let alone visitors, never see.

    Hit the beach,theres more to New York than skyscrapers and suspension bridges

    Going UndergroundA huge hit with both kids and grown-ups, the New York City Transit Museum remains off the beaten track

    Visit rooftop sculpturesEven born-and-bred New Yorkers still get a little giddy at the sight of birds eye views of Manhattan

    Go market-shoppingSwap dreams of shopping on 5th Avenue for New York Citys artisan markets

    Drink teaThink all New Yorkers fit the quawfee-drinkin clich? Well, true to NYCs spirit of embracing the alternative, the citys had a full set of tea rooms spring up in recent years

    EXPER IENCe the c it y that never sleeps


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