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  • 1. Eura Brown Elementary School Welcome Back to School And Welcome to Mrs. Hendersons Technology Class!! I am Glad You Are Here
  • 2. Lets Get Busy! We are going to have a great year! Here are a few things you need to know so things will go smoothly in our technology class.
  • 3. At the start of class . . . Please sit QUIETLY and listen for directions.
  • 4. At the start of class . . . Keep programs CLOSED until the teacher gives directions.
  • 5. Computer Lab Rules Enter and exit the lab Quietly. No running or pushing in the lab.
  • 6. Computer Lab Rules Only visit to the site your teacher tells you to go to.
  • 7. Computer Lab Rules . . . Put on headphones when requested.
  • 8. Throughout the class . . . Patiently WAIT for instructions. Remember: There is only one of me and over 20 of you, so please BE PATIENT with the lab teacher.
  • 9. Computer Lab Rules If the lights flicker on and off, REMOVE your headphones and TURN to listening position.
  • 10. Computer Lab Rules This is a happy computer. All our computers are happy and clean. Please be kind to them.
  • 11. Computer Lab Rules Need to go to the bathroom? Please raise your hand!
  • 12. Computer Lab Rules
  • 13. Computer Lab Rules
  • 14. Computer Lab Rules Food and drink are for the CAFETERIA and CLASSROOM only.
  • 15. In the Event of a Fire or Tornado Drill Do not turn off the computers. Be sure to push your chairs in when you are leaving. Leave quickly and carefully using the route your computer teacher has instructed you to use. No Talking
  • 16. In the Event of a Lock Down Proceed to the location designated by your computer teacher and sit quietly on the floor. Your teacher will be shutting the doors and covering the windows. It is important that you sit quietly and follow instructions at this time.
  • 17. At the end of class . . . EXIT any programs and return to the log in screen.
  • 18. At the end of class . . . Push in your chair under the table. CAREFULLY place your headphones on top of the computer.
  • 19. At the end of class . . . Leave your area CLEAN for the next student.
  • 20. At the end of class . . . Then, STAND QUIETLY in front of your computer to show you are ready to line up.
  • 21. Earn a Class Compliment Follow the rules and earn individual, class and whole school REWARDS!
  • 22. Three Strikes - - Your r r Out!! First Time and Second Time WARNING! Third Time Sit in the QUIET SPACE with a chance to return.
  • 23. COMPUTER LAB RULES Rules are Cool, When Everyone follows them