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  • cost analysis feature added to popula RO system design software

    Version 6.1 of RoPro 6 For Windows software has been released by Fluid Sys- tems The new, 3-diskette upgrade features expanded capabilities, new products, and important updates for reverse osmosis (RO) sys- tem design.

    The most significant new feature is a compre- hensive cost analysis func- tion - CostPro. CostPro helps users optimize sys- tem design from a cost viewpoint, plus make cost comparisons between two

    separate designs. RoPro v. 6.1 includes all

    of Fluid Systems newest membrane elements like the TFC-ULP, Magnum, and TFC Premium ele- ments, plus the Spiral Com- posite small element product line. It also updates previous RoPro prediction equations with important new information.

    RoPro 6 For Windows was originally released in 1995 and features full-col- our graphics and online help to quickly and easilv

    walk users through RO sys- tem design. It offers design calculations for both single- and two-pass systems, con- centrate recycle and permeate back pressure. Users are able to define constituents in the feed ana- lysis, and produce pro-

    jected system performance graphs and on-screen and printable flow diagrams.

    Fluid Systems Corpora- tion, 10054 Old Grove Road, San Diego, CA 92131, USA. Tel: + I 619 695 3840; fax: + 1 619 695 2176.

    With up to 5X the working surface area

    of traditional candle filters, our ceramic

    TaperfloTM Compact CandleTM filters

    are the perfect cost-effective alternative

    for retrofitting existing filtration equipment.

    They can also be custom designed to fit

    any new application. And, they perform

    equally well (and impressively) in both high

    temperature and corrosive environments.

    Call us to see how we can improve you:

    filtration performance and reliabilitv.

    101 Constitution Boulevard, Unit D q Franklin, MA 02038 USA

    Tel: 508-520-9586 H Fax: 508-520-9552


    A new computer-based training programme for ALCAP oil treatment systems has been launched by Alfa Laval. It has been designed in a user-friendly way to help power station operatives understand the theory of ALCAP systems.

    ALCAP separators are ide- ally suited to applications where the density and visc- osity of the oil varies con: tinuously. Unlike ordinary separators they can accept oils of densities up to 1010 kg/m3 at 15C and visc- osity up to 700 cSt/SOC without the need for manual adjustment. This greatly im- proves separator perfor- mance and reduces operation and maintenance costs. People completing the ALCAP training pro- gramme will be able to operate confidently all types of ALCAP systems.

    The programme runs on Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 and is stored on a CD-ROM using multimedia techni- ques including animations, short video sequences, sound and text. The pro- gramme covers several ba- sic sections: the ALCAP separation system; ALCAP fuel oil; ALCAP for lube oil; and monitoring and control.

    The user works interac- tively through a series of well-illustrated questions, with the answers adjusted to their knowledge level. The entire course takes about one day to complete, after which the users per- formance can be assessed. If satisfactory, the user can send the disk to Alfa Lavals head office for an official certificate to be issued. Si- milar software training pro- grammes for other Alfa Lava1 systems, such as heat transfer, are planned.

    Alfa Lava1 Ltd, 7 Doman Road, Camberley, Surrey GUI5 3DN, UK. Tel: -I- 44 1276 473666; fax: +44 1276 413650.


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