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Brief Company Profile of NeoSentra Raksha Garuda (NRG)








  • The Brief History of NeoSentraThe historical journey of PT. NeoSentra Raksha Garuda (NRG) was at first begun in1997 when The Founder created NeoSentra Colosseum as a Think-Tank Group todiscuss on variety of topics for intellectual exercises among Student Movements priorto Indonesia's political situation. In 2004, the group was being changed into a moreactive social movement and became known as NeoSentra Foundation (NEFO).

    Having had a series of collaborations with many socio-entrepreneur groups, in 2011the seed of NRG came into being with the spirit of empowering young leaders andstart-up companies to synergies and build a business entity that envision a learningsociety that represented by those who want to build their dreams into reality byharnessing their capabilities of translating visions into actions.

    NRG is aiming towards mutual benefits of holistic business view where strategicpartnership is highly honored and the goals of young amazing talents will bechallenged and endorsed to generate interdependent eco-socio-entrepreneurshipmovements in all levels of business and education, nationwide.

  • NeoSentra EPC is basically an Energy Service Company (ESCO) that also plays the role on providing EPC and System Integration businesses related to mainly renewable

    energy and green technology products and services, grid-tied and off-grid installations and solutions, including other activities in construction area such as Telco Tower

    Construction and many more"

  • EPC


  • Green BTS

    BTS Tower powered by Photovoltaic application and hybrid system using energy storage management combined with Genset as a back up power.


    TELKOMSEL : Kalimantan, Sumatera

    MITRAKOM : Morowali, Sulawesi

    Solar Home System (SHS)

    Residential Photovoltaic application using hybrid system between Grid Connection and Energy Storage.


    Residential at Patra-Kuningan, Jakarta

    Residential at Jl.Wijaya, Jakarta

    Solar Rooftop Application

    On-Grid/Off-grid Installation of Photovoltaic application at the rooftop of a building


    Toyota Manufacturing, KIIC-Karawang, West Java

    Mechanical & Electrical services

    Photovoltaic Power System Energy Storage System Smart Hydro Power Wind Turbine Solution LED Street Light LED Solar Street Light LED Lighting Solutions BTS Tower Construction

    SST Triangle Monopole Rooftop Camouflage Guyed Tower Micro BTS/Smalll Cell


  • Solar Carport

    On-Grid Photovoltaic Application on the Shelter of a Carport


    Firmenich Aromatics Indonesia-KIIC, Karawang, West Java

    Solar Gas Station

    On-Grid Photovoltaic application on the rooftop of a Gas Station





    100 Lumens/Watt18W, 20W, 25WRetrofit type (Plug n play)

    Portfolio :Akebono Brake AstraFirmenich Aromatics Indonesia


  • Monopole

    Bali Tower BTS in REGIS, UNUD, Bali

    Micro/Hotel BTS

    Currently on Progress 5000 Spot around Jakarta City

    Guyed Tower

    Laroenai, Morowali, Central Sulawesi

    Lafeu, Morowali, Central Sulawesi

    Kaleroang, Morowali, Central Sulawesi


  • NeoSentra HDD offers full reliability in utilities and infrastructure pipelines installation. We operate nationwide as HDD Contractor where we provide

    multidisciplinary approach in building underground micro-tunnels for transporting public utilities services"

  • HDD

    Directional Drilling Micro tunneling Rimming Pipe Jacking Etc

  • HDD

  • NeoSentra ICT empowers its users to securely choose the most suitable solutions that enable them to leverage the complexity of technology innovations into

    extraordinary business performance and productivity

  • Special Purpose Mobile Devices Mobile Apps Augmented Reality Enterprise Resource Planning Communications Device Rental


  • ICT

  • NeoSentra DCC will turn any of your business philosophical ideas into direct communicable forms of information delivered right to

    your clients mind"

  • Visual Communication Graphic Design Advertising Corporate Branding Web Development Publishing Photography Videography Mural & Body Painting

    Promotions Performing Art Show



    ::Graphic Design Reference

  • DCC

    :: Advertising & Visual Communication Reference

  • DCC

    :: Video & Photography Reference

  • DCC

    :: Video & Photography Reference

  • "NeoSentra GTM strive to deliver the latest cutting-edge design and quality product in garment, furniture, handicraft and house hold

    innovative applications based on functions and yet still considering the current fashion"

  • Water Hyacinth furniture Bench Wooden Furniture Wooden Sofa Rattan Bamboo Handicraft House hold


  • In NeoSentra MCT Academy, our focus is to work intensively with leaders in any level of business on transforming their dreams into reality. We also aim to enable talented

    team member to be the real agent of change and re-organize people to be more effective and efficient in order to inspire the entire organizations to operate at their

    best by recognizing and fully utilizing their strengths at all time"

  • MCT

  • Have collaborated with companies and institutions such as: BNI46, Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper (RAPP), BCA, Star Energy, PP, Permata Bank, Gapura Angkasa, BRI, Sampoerna, Dharma Wanita SetNeg RI, UNAS, Singapore International School (SIS), Bank Ekonomi,

    Komunitas TDA, Danamon Syariah, STHM TNI-AD & many more.


  • "Fresh Drinks (Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Fruits Juices) directly made in a mini artistic booth, Cakes & Bakery ("Sweet Heaven") served in a cute packaging and

    showcase, Catering & Restaurants ("Kembang Kertas") for every needs and occasions"

  • Fresh Drinks : Coffee Tea Chocolate Fruits Juices

    Cakes & Bakery ("Sweet Heaven")Catering & Restaurants


  • F&B

  • The Glass is always FULL, half with Water and the other half is with Air, and even if you drink the entire Water, it will still be FULL

    of nothing but Air (NeoSentra)

  • PT. NeoSentra Raksha Garuda (NRG)

    Eighty8 Office BuildingLevel 38 Tower A, Kota KasablankaJl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88, Jakarta 12870Phone: (62) 21-2963-6767Fax: (62) 21-2963-8088eMail: info@neosentra.comWebsite: