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Composting on campus

Composting on campusEmily gregoire

The amount of food we throw out is nearly 50 percent more than it was in 1970 (Huffington post)

From this to that

Without implementing composting in the dining halls , SUNY Plattsburgh is only contributing to that statistic.

Taking responsibility

Students can contribute to eliminating waste by choosing to place their food scraps in a compost bin, rather than tossing it into the trash.

Suny Plattsburgh will benefit from composting

1.First I will describe how composting will be available in the dining halls at SUNY Plattsburgh

2.Second I will examine why students should compost on campus

3.Third I will discuss the impact this will have on our university.

What it would look like:

The idea would be to have distinctly labeled bins for compost, trash, and recyclables just like this photo from the University of Washington.

Composting decreases the universitys carbon footprint

Algonquin dining hall is the green hub on campus, so why not add a compost option to each eatery?

Why should you care?1. Improves the landfill environment, overall theres less waste.

2. Improves the condition of soil3. Eliminates the use of chemically infused fertilizers.

4. Its so easy!!!!!!Composting is one of the easiest ways to show the environment some love!

Now that you care about composting, lets look at how the decision to recycle your leftovers will impact our SUNY Plattsburgh community.

SUNY Plattsburgh has tried the composting thing once before, yet it didnt have success due to the lack of awareness.

Impact of composting for our campus

They [students] realize the environmental problems they are inheriting and feel empowered to make a change, says Rachel Gutter, director for the Center for Green Schools at the Green Building Council.

1.The amount of trash produced by our campus will decrease substantially once composting is implemented into the dining halls.

2.Students should part take in composting because the end result is entirely beneficial, simple as that!

3.Once students take on the responsibility of being as kind to the earth as possible, the benefits to the campus as a whole will be the end reward. In conclusion


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