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Complimentary Medicine

What and Why?Complimentary Medicine is the use of a non-mainstream approach for treatment which includes a variety of approaches that fall outside the realm of conventional medicine40% of Women in the United States use some form of Complimentary MedicineBecauseConventional medicine has not helpedBelieved to be safe and healthier Involves the whole body (physical, emotional, social, and spiritual)Work with a specialist that views health condition from a different perspectiveComplimentary medicine has not been proven to work and may interfere with how prescription drugs work

Types of TreatmentMind-body: Focus on how mental and emotional status interacts and affects the bodys ability to functionEx: meditation, music and art therapyWhole medical system: Complete systems of medical theory and practice, many which go back thousands of years and are not rooted in Western medicineEx: naturopathyManipulative and body based: Physical manipulation of the body designed to improve specific symptoms and overall healthEx: ChiropracticEnergy medicine: Uses energy fields to promote healingEx: Biofeedback


What is Yoga?Yoga is an ancient art based on a harmonizing systems of development for the body, mind, and spiritYoga is considered a mind-body intervention and is used to reduce the effects of stressTypically performed in 45 minute sessions about once a weekPromotes flexibility, reduces stress, and improves coordination

Muscle TensionMuscle tension is caused when a muscle contracts and does not releaseCaused by a physical occurrence, overuse, or may be a product of stressYoga assists in treating muscle tension by:contracting and releasing muscles, Yoga applies a slow and steady load to connective tissues by stretching for several minutesUses techniques to lengthen, stretch, and relax muscles while working with your breathAddresses both physical side of muscle tension as well as the stress aspectA consistent yoga practice can help one cope with stress while becoming more positive and stronger

Types of YogaHatha: For beginners and teaches basicsVinyasa: Integrates breath movements and builds lean muscle massAshtanga: Improves spiritual healthLyengar: Strengthens body and corrects alignment Bikram: Flushes out toxins and deeply stretches muscles


What is Acupuncture?A technique in which doctors insert thin needles into the skin to stimulate specific points on the bodyTraditional Chinese medicine explains it as a technique for balancing the flow of energy or life force believed to flow through pathways (meridians) in your body.

Acupuncture and HeadachesStudies suggest that acupuncture can:Reduce the frequency of tension or stress headachesHelp to prevent chronic headaches, such as migrainesImproves quality of life for people who suffer from chronic headachesA cheaper treatment compared to other treatments available, such as medications and pain relievers.


What is Meditation?Meditation is a mind and body practiceThere are many types of meditation depending on the religious and spiritual traditions that are preferred.Consists of becoming mindful of thoughts, feelings, and sensations, and observing them in an unbiased way.Usually is done in a quiet, relaxing area

Meditation and FatigueA three-minute meditation or a short, quiet break is suggested as a way of replenishing yourself and boosting your energy.Closing your eyes, taking deep breaths, relaxing your body, and visualizing positive things are the keys to boosting your energy and fighting fatigue.

Light Therapy

Light TherapyLight therapy is used for a form of depression that can be caused by a sunlight deficiency: SADSAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder) seems to be caused by a variety of thingsDysfunctional serotonin receptorsGenetic predispositionShift in Circadian RhythmsFound mostly in those who do not experience enough sunlight, causes symptoms of normal depression

Light TherapySymptoms of SAD include:General sadnessCraving for starchesDifficulty waking upWeight gainAnd many more

In order to combat this problem, a form of therapy was discovered to give people the light exposure that they need.

Light TherapyLight therapy involves sitting 2-3 feet a way from an incredibly powerful and specially developed light box for a session of time each day (AT LEAST 2500 lux)Should be facing, but not staring directly into, the light, doing everyday activities, usually in the morningDawn Therapy: simulates dawn by having the lights slowly brighten as a form of alarm

Herbal Tea

Herbal TeasCertain herbs have been found to have curative propertiesespecially when dealing with upset stomachCan be dated all the way back to early China and early Egypt Provide a natural and soothing remedy for the upset stomach, cleansing the system

PeppermintHelps with indigestionRelaxes the muscles of the stomach and helps the flow of bile, necessary for digesting fatty foodsCan relieve abdominal pain in people with IBS as well as normal upset stomach


GingerIn some cases helps to alleviate motion sicknessMay help to reduce nausea in pregnancySometimes recommended after surgery to reduce nausea and vomitingStill uncertain as to how or why this works, each person should try their own herbal tea combinations and find which works for their body

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