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  • Compliance Plus

    Duty of Care:

    By accepting the task of operating CCTV equipment,

    the Service Provider assumes responsibility for overall


  • Compliance Plus = One Stop Due Diligence:

    - Client Specific Policy & Code of Practice- Annual Management Audit & System Assessment

    - DPA Compliant Management Documentation- Management of Complaints & Subject

    Access Requests- Awareness Training

    Compliance Plus ensures that you achieve a common standard of CCTV data compliance throughout

    your organisation

  • Compliance Plus - Every aspect of compliance with DPA covered:

    - Roles and Responsibilities of the Data Processor & Operator clearly defined & stated- Site Specific CCTV Policy created in accordance with the ICO CCTV Code of Practice- Operational Requirement formalised- System assessment & recommendations made- Remedial actions followed up and managed

  • - Management Audit - Awareness Training - Management Documentation - Incident download recording media - Management of Subject Access Requests - Video Forensics & Editing Service available

    Compliance Plus - Every aspect of Operation & Management covered:

  • - Reassurance that the performance & operation of systems on sites will be compliant and up to date with current legislation and best practices are adopted.- Operators will benefit from improved confidence in use of system

    and management.- Operators will make better informed decisions, reducing the risk of accusations of non-compliance being levelled against them.- Greater assurance that a return on investment in CCTV is realised.

    Compliance Plus the benefits:

  • - TeleVigil Associates to carry out audits on behalf of client.- Management pack delivered to site and awareness

    training provided to nominated personnel.- Completed Audit and Summary Report sent to client.- Post audit review meeting to discuss findings and agree

    remedial actions required to ensure compliance.- Supply of documentation for term of contract.- Customer support and advice for term of contract.

    Compliance Plus Project Delivery:

  • Compliance Plus

    One customer- One advisor-One Solution:

    By accepting the task of operating CCTV equipment, we the Service Provider assumes responsibility for overall


    "We cannot afford to be Complacent. We must be Compliant"

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