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  1. 1. Comparing Windshield Repair with Windshield Replacement in Dallas With the abundance of options available for Windshield Replacement in Dallas, replacing your damaged windshield or any other glass of the vehicle is not a problem anymore. Just make sure you keep your eyes wide open while choosing a renowned and experienced service provider only. The windshield glass replacement market in Dallas is known as one of the major forte of several large companies that not only replace windshields but also offer insurance quotes, ensuring at the same time that your windshield is replaced within a specific period of time. Usually 24 hours have been the limit within which the service is provided. And if you are not willing to pay those few dollars more per month then compare it with the benefits that you are getting in return; you will surely find it much lower than the cost of a new windshield. At times of Windshield Replacement in Dallas, it is always advisable to opt for a repair as it not only saves your money, but also prevents you from wasting time and a lot of annoyance. Replacing an entire windshield can sometimes prove to be very costly. The total cost easily touches the figure of a hundreds of dollars. And when there is only a small chip or crack, which is less than six inches in diameter, then it does not make sense wasting extra money for a new windshield, its parts and of course the labor charges. Instead, windshield repair is a suitable way out as it is quick and it also costs you relatively low. Also, make sure that if you opt for windshield replacement then you consider and compare the charges from various companies before hiring one for your job. Another reason for preferring a windshield repair instead of replacement in Dallas is that the latter process is quite complicated and it requires a special set of tools. Along with this, certification of safety prior completion of the replacement job is also required. So, if you get your windshield replaced by a professional company, they will check the quality on site before you drive away from there but in case you have plans to carry out the job on your own, then it can trouble you. You would be required to work closely with your insurance company and they will never cover the cost of your doing the job yourself. At any times, it is very important to get your damaged windshield fixed as soon as possible. And for this, Auto Windshield Repair in Dallas is always there to help you out. They provide you with useful services that are always worth a little extra money. And above all, they also deal with the insurance part.