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    Comparing CPAs in Oklahoma City

    to CPAs in Tulsa

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    Diverse Opportunities

    Kenny KellerCTO

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    CPAs in Oklahoma City will

    find opportunities to expand

    their businesses with the

    growing economyKenny KellerCTO

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    Different Economies Require

    Different KnowledgeKenny Keller


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    Oklahoma City CPAs will be

    working in an environment

    where a large portion of the

    citys population is employed

    by the government, Kenny Keller


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    specifically the military,

    and the oil and gas industryKenny Keller


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    Also, there is a greater

    subset of young working

    professionals due to the

    surrounding universitiesKenny KellerCTO

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    Accounting professionals

    need to familiarize themselves

    with the inner workings of the

    top businesses in Oklahoma

    City in order to remain


    Kenny KellerCTO

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    On the other hand,

    CPAs in Tulsa will want to

    increase their knowledge

    in aerospace, technology,

    and finance, given the

    diversity of the Tulsa economy

    Kenny KellerCTO

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    Are you thinking about joining

    or starting an accounting firm

    in Oklahoma City or Tulsa? Kenny Keller


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    What are your experiences

    with each city? Kenny Keller


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    Let us know your thoughts

    in the Comments box belowKenny Keller


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