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Comparative advantage of switzerland


  • 2. Presented By: Arslan Ahmed BBA International Islamic University, Islamabad H-10
  • 3. Selected Country Switzerland
  • 4. Country Advantages Comparative Advantage Top pharmaceutical companies(Medicame nt) Swiss Watches Swiss chocolate Swiss is also popular for its Secretive banking Sector Its also popular for Hospitality Sector Absolute Advantage Tourism industry Direct Democracy Location (land locked) Hydropower Agriculture Products
  • 5. Comparative Advantage Medicament (Pharmaceutical): It contributes to 5.7% of the GDP Contributes to 30% of the exportations Employs about 135'000 people Some popular pharmaceutical companies are: Novartis (Sandoz), Hoffmann-La Roche, Basilea Pharmaceutica, Actelion andStraumann, Merck Serono (Serono), Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Debiopharm, Nycomed, JanssenCilag, Galderma,Mondobiotech, Naari, Weleda, Octapharm a and Frewitt.
  • 6. Diamond Porters Model Firm Strategy, Structure, and Rivalry Demand Conditions Factor Conditions Related and Supporting Industries
  • 7. Factors of Production Natural resources 44 % of total private research spending in the Swiss industry Switzerlands economy is based on a highly qualified labor force performing highly skilled work Switzerland is an important research location for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The number of Nobel prizes awarded to chemists, biologists and physicians attest the internationally outstanding quality of research in Switzerland. Switzerland's R&D spending sits at 2.7 per cent of its GDP Labor Capital Entrepreneurship As number of noble prizes is won by Swiss in this industry so entrepreneurs are motivated Information Switzerland come on 3rd number in world ranking in the use of technology
  • 8. Firm Strategy, Structure & Rivalry Firm Strategy Commercial excellence, launching effective products irrespective of price factor Structure The country pharmaceutical industry posses horizontal structure, because of which this industry is booming day by day Rivalry for Swiss medicine industry is Germany, France & Ireland Rivalry
  • 9. Demand Condition Only approximately 5 % of the sales are in the home market; 95 % of the industry's production are exported Europe and America each share about 40 % of the sales, while Asia takes in 23 % Switzerland is number 8 among the biggest export nations
  • 10. Related & Supporting Industries Human or animal blood prepared for therapeutic uses Medical,surgical,dental or vet instruments Antibiotics Nucleic acids and their salts Machines for the removal of material by laser or other optic means Carboxyamide-function compounds Orthopedic appliances, including crutches; splints and other fracture appliances; artificial parts of the body; hearing aids
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