company - rmt valvomeccan 6d monogram. the api 6d includes the product specification level 4, ......

Download Company - Rmt Valvomeccan  6D monogram. The API 6D includes the product specification level 4, ... CE monogram. RMT maintains a large inventory of spare parts for all valves in

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    RMT operates in fieldof manufacturing steel valves of high technologyfor oil, gas petrochemicaland power generation.

    RMT is located in Italyin the town of SolbiateOlona, just north of Milan,in the heart of the Italianand European valve industry at a short drivingdistance from Milan andeasily to get from the twomain airports of Malpensaand Linate.

    The RMT facilities are located on a yard areaexceeding 10000 sm.including 6000 sm.of factory covered floorspace and 500 sm.of office building.

    RMT product line includes Floating andTrunnion Ball Valves.Product line covers a wide range of sizes and pressures including SideEntry, All Welded and TopEntry Ball Valves, CryogenicValves, Double Ball Valves.

    Works Area: Machine Shop:

    4000 sm. Warehouse: 9000 sm. Offices: 1600 sm. Yard Area: 10000 sm.Lifting Equipment: Overhead Cranes. Fork-lifts. Portable manual cranes.Machinery: CNC workcentre CNC lathes. Automatics Saws Grinding Machines.Assembling:Assembling is performed in a specialdepartment, equippedwith specialized units in order to carry outassembling and checking simultanuesly. Control is performedaccording to proceduresaming to warrant the quality of the product.



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    CompanyHighlights Service

    RMT has a long tradition and a consolidated experiencein the manufacture, designing and testing ofBall Valves and the staffhas extensive experiencesin operating under strictquality standard.

    RMT can produce valves in a variety ofmaterials as: Carbon Steel; Stainless Steel; Duplex; Super Alloys as F44,

    F53, Titanium, Monel, Inconel.The capability to

    produce every kind of materials is possiblethanks to the affiliation of the company to theG.I.V.A., an holding thatcontrols a group of companies that through it various activity operatesin the field of productionof stainless steel with its

    own steel works and big forging up to 120tons and circular rollingmills for diameter of bigshell rings up to 8mt.

    The manufacturing activities of RMT arecovered by a quality assurance program, wich has been audited and qualified in accordance with: ISO 9001/2000; PED CE; API 6D.

    RMT has been granted from the AmericanPetroleum Institute, theauthority to use the API 6D monogram. The API 6D includes the product specification level4, wich is the highest quality level specified.

    RMT has also been granted from TUV, the authority to use the CE monogram.

    RMT maintains a large inventory of spareparts for all valves in service, furthermore there are procedures of traceability of components based on thevalve serial number and is therefore, capable ofsupplying its customerwith complete and rapid assistance providing operative

    instructions, drawings and spare parts

    off the shelf within a fewdays from the request. In the case of on site assistance, RMT is able to provide qualified andspecialized technical staffalways available for intervention if requested.

    Quality andQualification

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    Side Entry

    Top Entry

    Fully Welded

    Product RangeTRUNNIONMOUNTEDBALL VALVES Structure made of

    forged materials; Size range: 2 to 56,

    and on request to 42; 3 piece bolted body; Pressure range from

    ASME Class 150 through2500 API 6D and API 6A2000 to 10000;

    Temperature ranges from -320F (-196C) to +500F (+260C);

    Full and reduced bore. RF and RTJ type flanged

    end connection (other ends connection available).

    One piece Top Entry body style;

    Size range: 2 to 42; Pressure range from

    ASME Class 150 through1500 and 2500 API 6D and API 6A;

    Temperature ranges from -320F (-196C) to +500F (+260C);

    Full and reduced bore; Structure made of cast

    and forged materials; RF and RTJ type flanged

    end connection (other ends connection available).

    The body is made of three forged partsconnected with all welded construction;

    Size range: 2 to 56; Pressure range from

    ASME Class 150 through 900;

    Temperature ranges from -20 F (-29C) to +350 F (+180C);

    Full and reduced bore;

    Flanges RT or RTJ in accordance withASME B16.5 or Welding Ends toASME B16.25(other ends connection available).

    Side range: 1/2 to 8; ASME 150 to 2500; Full and reduced Bore; Manufactured and

    tested to API 6D, ASME B 16.34,PED and BS 6755;

    Body forged in CarbonSteel and when required Stainless Steel and Super Alloy;

    Trim: NACE MR 0175,Stainless Steel.

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    QualificationResearch &Development


    Fire Safe

    The design of RMT Valves meet the actual industriesprocedures and the prototype is subjected to full in-house qualificationtesting like: Hydrostatic and gas

    tests. Functional tests. Cycling and torque tests. High pressure gas test. Fugitive emission tests.The applied design safety factors and thetest program ensures the achievement of theexpected valve service life.

    RMT conducts in-houseor in external laboratoriesfire safe testing in accordance with APIStandard 6FA and BS6755Part. 2 as well with APIStandard 607.Is availablea complete reference listof qualified certified valves.

    The RMT Engineering department operateadvanced Cad system anddetermine componentssuitability for service conducting FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSES.

    RMT is able to meetcustomers specificationasking for enhanced gastest at ambient and high temperatures.

    High Pressure Gas Testing

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    Quality System

    API 6D API 6A

    (Trunnion) 97/23/CE

    PED ASME B16.34 ASME B16.5 ASME B 16.10 ASME II ASME VIII Div.1 ASME IX EN 13445 EN 12516 ISO 5211 NACE MR 0175

    BS 6755 API 6D API 598 ISO 5208The material certificationof the pressure containingsparts can be furnished in accordance with DIN 50049 - EN 10204/3.1. (as a standard) or EN 10204 3.2 (on request).

    The manufacturingactivities of RMT are

    covered by a quality assurance program, which has been audited an qualified in accordance with: ISO 9001 -- 2000 ISO 9001 API Q1 and SPE 6D

    PED CE

    Certification N ISO 15848-1:2006Fugitive Emission

    UNI EN ISO 10497:2004 FIRE SAFE


    97/23/CE PEDPED-0948-QSH-252-05

    API 6D/ ISO 14313 :1999N. 6D 0530

    UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 50-100-4372.

    Quality AssuranceProgram

    CertificationNumberTesting & Inspection


    Design andConstructionApplicableStandard

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    Trunnion Ball Valves Cross Section

    1. Body

    2. Closure

    3. Ball

    4. Stem

    5. Seat Ring

    6. Body Gasket

    7. Body O-Ring

    8. Stem O-Ring

    9. Stem Gasket Lower

    10. Stem Gasket Upper

    11. Gland

    12. Spacer

    13. Seat O-Ring

    14. Seat Gasket

    15. Spring Washer

    16. Stem Nut

    17. Coupling Joint

    18. Stem Key

    19. Bracket

    20. Capscrew

    21. Ball Bearing

    22. Spring

    23. Bearing Retainer

    24. Body Nut

    25. Body Stud

    26. Drain/Vent Plug

    27. Vent Plug

    28. Stem Grease Injector

    29. Support Leg

    30. Lifting Lug




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    Floating Ball Valves Cross Section

    1. Body

    2. Closure

    3. Ball

    4. Stem

    5. Seat

    6. Body Gasket

    7. Body O-Ring

    8. Stem O-Ring

    9. Stem Gasket Lower

    10. Stem Gasket Upper

    11. Gland

    12. Spring Washer

    13. Stem Nut

    14. Antistatic Device

    15. Body Nut

    16. Body Stud

    17. Lever

    18. Stop

    19. Stop Capscrew






















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    Technical Features

    Main FeaturesBODY


    The TRUNNION BALL VALVES design hasbeen conceived with thetarget to grant to final usersthe following advantages: To permit an easy

    assembly and disassembly operation;

    To provide the valves with two independent floating seat rings ensuring the bidirectional tightness of the valve. The seat rings are spring loaded to achieve the required tightness even at very low pressure.

    To avoid any over pressure acting in the body cavity providing each seat ring performing the Single Piston Effect obtaining self relieving function.

    To easily insert in the seats resilient seal insert of every type of material as well as to assembly in the valve METAL TO METAL SEAL. On request the design

    permits to provide modified seat rings

    performing double piston effect. To accomodate

    easily special features as per costumerrequest.

    The TRUNNION SIDEENTRY are bolted bodyside outlet design to simplify assembly and fieldservice. Perfect sealing and fire safe features are granted by the double sealing action of 0-Rings and graphite gaskets in all static joints of the bodycomponents.

    The TRUNNION FULLYWELDED BODY DESIGNreduces the potential leakof bolted design. The bodywelded configuration allowfor a considerable reduction in weigt when the welded end version isselected. Also for this typeof valves the stem extension can be easily provided, making the valves