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  • Our Corporate History Gazems Technologies Services (GZTS) is an Information and Communication Technology, ICT business solutions company specializing in IT strategy implementation, systems integration and IT outsourcing services. We consult, project manage, provide IT outsourcing, design, develop, implement, maintain and provide support for your IT needs on a one stop or on-going need. Our unique and innovative IT services will help you transform key business processes through the use different technology solutions, thereby improving operating efficiencies and ultimately creating improved value to your customers. Our IT solutions delivery is hinged on a 3-prong strategy namely;
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  • Our Corporate History Design & Implement Build or Create Software solutions tailored to specific needs. Procure, Install and Setup established hardware or software solutions as required. At GZTS, we will help you design, procure, install, configure/setup, implement or advise you on how to solve just about any ICT challenge you may have. We have a team of highly experienced and certified IT professionals. Some of our services include; Network Design & Implementation Software Development Database Management Security (Video Surveillance and Camera Installation). Web Applications & Intranet Portals Etc....
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  • Our Driving Force MISSION Our Mission at GZTS is to provide high quality, cost effective, reliable and secure ICT solutions to our clients. VISION To be a nationally recognized leader in providing quality ICT Products, Tools and Services, while adding critical value to the corporate IT strategy of organization or persons we work with.
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  • Our Expertise GZTS is a firm headed by a team of experienced, skilled and passionate ICT professionals. Our key area of focus are: Online Education Technology (eLearning), Course Design and Content Development, Application Development, Software Development, Web Design, Development and Applications, Database Management, Networking and ICT training.
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  • Our Products SkoolNote SkoolNote is an e-learning management system and its a complete web based application. It has been designed to deliver, track report on and administer learning content, student progress and interaction. It benefits both the organization, school and the students or workers. Benefits to Students/Workers E-Learning System supports the learners development as learners can go at their own pace not at the pace of the slowest member of the class. There is less social interaction time. Real- time access: Unlike the traditional class learning which require that those who participate align their schedules to the training calendar. E-learning system eliminates this because the course can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
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  • Our Products SkoolNote Continued... Benefits to Organization/School Our GLH will help for class expansion thereby generates more funds for your school or organization. (Online option). Our GLH will save your school/organization and instructors valuable time and money by enabling them to easily manage the training of large groups of people. Our GLH systems help provide standardization and more effective learning environment. An E-learning system allows you to create a standardized process and consistency in the delivery of content. It also compresses delivery time. An E- learning system delivers consistent content.
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  • Our Products SkoolTrack SkoolTrack is an enterprise software portal designed to provide a faster and more efficient way of managing a school i.e. performing everyday processes in primary and secondary schools and provide consistent date for all such school activities for all users of the portal. Features of SkoolTrack Admissions processing and management Student Registration and Information Management Subject Registration and Management Teachers/Subject Assignments Grading System Management Online Payment mechanism Academic Records & Results Processing E-library Resources
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  • Our Products SkoolTrack Contd Features of SkoolTrack Contd Research Upload and Lookup E-Notification System (email & sms) Report Generation Portal Forum
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  • Our Products SkoolTrack Modules Admission Module Is used for configuring and managing admission related activities like managing new and old students admission records, admission sets creation, locking/unlocking admission sets to open or close students admissions etc. Account Module Allows administrators to configure payment templates by adding, editing or deleting payment items. Once these templates have been defined, they can be applied to specific students or set of students based on the criteria set.. The module allows for flexible reconfiguration of payment templates per session. It can be used to track payments and history of such payments made. Schools also have the ability to activate settings which can be used to enforce policies that require payments to be made before courses can be registered or results viewed. Online Fee Payment Module This module allows school fees to be paid online either using a debit or credit card, scratch card over a very secure and encrypted gateway. Teacher Information Module This module is used to for teachers to input personal information, class, category and subject allocation. Records of subject assigned over the years, classes assigned over the years, number of students in class. Etc...
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  • Our Products SkoolTrack Modules Contd Student Information Module This module gives students access to view vital academic information such as lecture schedules, virtual learning. They can also check for important event dates on the school calendar like term/session period, etc. Students can view their profiles and edit information. Attendance Module SkoolTrack attendance module helps with easy marking of attendance of students, remarks for attendance can be given, statistical and graphical view of reports can be taken. RFID and Biometric can be integrated. Result Processing Module Allows marks to be recorded while the system automatically applies the corresponding marks grade and grade class based on the grading system configuration. Results are finally confirmed and approved so that it could be published for students to see. Examination Module SkoolTrack examination module can create different types of exams based on classes, marks, etc. Online exam services, generate report for required exams and statistical and graphical view of all reports.
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  • Our Products MedicaPlus MedicaPlus is an enterprise software portal that has been designed and developed for Hospitals/Clinics and Healthcare organizations to provide the finest automation and messaging systems. MedicaPlus aims to improve efficiency for staff and doctors, reduce consultation time and improve general productivity.
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  • Our Products MedicaPlus Features of MedicaPlus Integrated email and/or SMS alert system Accessible to multiple users User Access Control Reordering Alerts for Inventory Mgt Procurement Management Can be used online or offline (network or standalone).
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  • Our Products MedicaPlus MedicaPlus Modules Patient Management Module Consulting & Treatment Module Pharmacy Module Admission Module Accounts Module Tests/X-ray Module Injection Module Doctor Management Module
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  • Our Services E-Learning eLearning is often termed computer-based training (CBT), web-based training (WBT) or internet-based training (IBT). An E-learning environment combines an effective system design with an interactive content enhanced through video, text, audio and animation inputs. Often times, people over look the need to effectively facilitate the online training environment to ensure the course curriculum goals are met continually and students stay engaged. At GZTS, we tailor your eLearning environment to meet your unique corporate culture. Empowering you to reach success and stay competitive in the marketplace.
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  • Our Services E-Learning Services Consultation Our team of professional eLearning consultants will conduct an analysis of your principles and practice of teaching, your pedagogy, to provide a tailored eLearning strategy and implementation plan that meets your business requirements. These recommendations are based on best practice eLearning pedagogy, cutting-edge technology and student engagement. System Design The system design stage comprises interface design, configuration, management and functionality development to meet your eLearning requirements. Course Design and Content Development: Let our consultants using many years of experience redesign an interactive online courseware based on your existing course content. The interactive courseware involves the actions or input of your students and ensures meaningful eLearning. It takes more than just converting an existing content into an online learning platform to create a dynamic and exciting education environment. The interactive courseware can be viewed independently from a Learning Management System (LSM) or be uploaded within your LSM.
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  • Our Services Application Development: GZTS develops designs and maintains custom applications. The business needs of our clients are different necessitating our team of programmers to custom build a solution to suit our


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