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Silver Tail Systems - Key Milestones. $$$. Company Founding. Scaling The Business. Customer Wins. Series B Investment. Adversaries look different from Defenders Requirements scraping Phone list scraping Architecture probing Logistics Disruption . Web Session Intelligence. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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1Company FoundingCustomer WinsSeries B InvestmentScalingThe Business$$$Silver Tail Systems - Key Milestones

Web Session Intelligence3Adversaries look different from Defenders

Requirements scrapingPhone list scrapingArchitecture probingLogistics Disruption

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The Navigation Layer Is The Primary Way Users Access Assets & Apps on the Internet or Intranets

Attack Trend:Moving Up Network StackExploiting Lack of DefensesAbusing Logic of BusinessThe Navigation Layer4

Web Session IntelligenceProtecting the Navigation Layer

Customer Case StudySummary