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  • .. discover what communities have achieved in their outdoor spaces and get some ideas on what you could do with your own

    Community green space

  • Jane Knight

    eden project landscape architect

  • Community green spaces where are they? Streetscape improvements . in bloom Parks & public open spaces Verges & roundabouts Allotments School grounds Health centre & hospital grounds Church grounds & graveyards Land owned by utility or rail companies Woodlands & biodiversity areas Community orchards Roofs of buildings Green spaces within housing developments Shared gardens We dont know yet! Community Land Advisory Service (CLAS) Service developed to combat the lack of available land for community gardening and green space activities.
  • Why get involved? Caring for the local environment

    Enhancing community cohesion

    Improving facilities and opportunities

    An opportunity to learn new skills

    Promoting healthy living and improved wellbeing

    Well managed and maintained green space is an asset to the whole community. Makes the community a more desirable place to live.

  • Getting involved with community green space? Set up an in bloom project

    Become a master gardener

    Engage with your local Council on existing parks & open spaces

    Take control of an existing park or open space

    Take control of a space for the benefit of you community

    Temporary use of an open space, meanwhile use

    Guerilla gardening .
  • 160 year old quarry nearing its end of life Irregular 16 ha crater, 30 70 m deep No flat ground and unstable slopes Very wet with poor drainage No soil

    Bodelva China clay pit : Eden Project site, 1998

    be ambitious

  • Eden Project : A global garden where people can learn about the natural world and our role in caring for it.

    importance of a champion

  • teamwork

  • Southbank Centre, London Queen Elizabeth Hall roof sun deck

    challenge & opportunity

  • work with volunteer organisations

  • make it rewarding and fun

  • Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden People & plants transform a concrete desert into an oasis

  • growing vegetables and flowers

  • biodiversity & wildlife

  • Southbank Centre Festival of the World 2012

    change & evolution

  • Certificate in Practical Horticulture at Eden Project

    skills & training

  • Southbank Centre Festival of the Neighbourhood 2013 meanwhile use

  • To be able to help to design, build and nurture

    the garden on the Thames at Southbank

    Centre with our team is, to this date, one of

    the biggest challenges of my life.

    Seven years ago, I was a broken man both

    physically and mentally, living on the streets

    with methadone, heroin and alcohol

    addictions numbing the misery of my life.

    How I got there is a long story. Today I am

    clean, employed as a Horticulture Teacher in

    our group, Grounded Ecotherapy, paying my

    own rent for the first time in 30 years.

    Horticulture has changed my life.

    Paul Pulford, 2011

    therapeutic value

  • Growing for Life(rs) HMP Dartmoor

    Old, walled exercise yards in former punishment wing walled yards, before the growing project started

  • buried treasure (skills audit)

  • outdoor activity

  • Since August 2007, produce goes into free veg boxes delivered to elderly members of the local community. Veg boxes are sent out with labels designed by the RSU inmates: peas release me. Our growers inside have received many letters of thanks and have appreciated being able to give something back.

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    community benefits (giving, sharing)

  • a new community garden that was created, with the help of Keep Wales Tidy, out of what was a grubby, brambly alleyway haunted by drug addicts and thieves who used it as an access routes into gardens, houses and the grounds of the neighbouring cardboard factory

    Ethel Street, Neath Port Talbot, Wales

    repurposing waste

  • Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm (CSA), Ipswich 12 acre former intensively farmed field.

    Two full-time professional farmers (paying themselves 850 a month, less than the minimum wage)

    55 local households pay 8 a week for a share i.e. veg box (flowers, eggs and pork are optional extras)

    Members must undertake two hours a week voluntary work on the farm during summer sowing, weeding, mulching, harvesting or feeding the two beef cattle, pigs, geese and chickens.

  • As soon as you teach children which berries are edible and delicious, says Helene Rudlin, the horticultural therapist at Hulme Community Garden Centre: They get stuck in: they engage with nature and connect with others.

    Hulme Community Garden Centre, Manchester

    Engaging children & young people Income generation

  • play with caution

  • loose parts & storage container?

  • playing in nature

  • natural and multi-functional

  • Outdoor space : development process Peace Park, Podujeve, Kosovo An outdoor space to heal a community

  • catalytic event

  • be resourceful

  • community needs

  • understanding the site

    Whats there, how valuable is it?


    Microclimate wind, aspect, light/shade

    Features - retain?

    Soil quality and depth


    Trees condition and spread


    How is it used now?

  • above & below ground

  • Engage the whole community

  • Different approaches for different groups

    Make it fun

    Feedback what people have said

    Keep community updated on whats happening

    Involve at all stages in the process

    creative community engagement

  • What would you like to get rid of?

    What do you like about the place?

    Things that are important to keep?

    What do you do here?

    What would you like to do?

    What kind of space would you like to have?

    open questions ..

  • what do you want it to be?

  • Existing plans from building or other reason?

    Land survey if complex levels or large area.

    If small, flat and straightforward have a go!

    land survey

  • make a plan

  • what plants?... seasonal change, maintenance .

  • Working with designers vs. doing a plan yourself

    Depends on scale and complexity

    Big idea needs a master plan but dont have to do it all at once. Advice on phasing & implementation

    Some designers dont build but can advise or project manage. Some offer a design & build service

    use a designer?

  • where to start?

  • making it happen

  • get started, quick wins

  • bulbs & wishes

  • work for a contractor

  • community work days

  • tools for the team planning & organisation

  • risk assessment

  • celebrate achievements

  • use the space

  • Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead

  • 6. Magazines and Books

  • Explore the Spiral Garden Shamelessly plunder ideas from others!


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