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  1. 1. Waste Management System for my CommunitySmall large p:I I Lcl 4-30Homes 30-200!-Ionics I50-400Homs -III! -~: lIlvIT . 'l-mm I : .l_- u . . ,3 5 g,T 2% r-s. :' 3" 5:;.= ri: ..: II9 9' I .I -.11 .r .1 -.r I:1 ~v1IE.- = T'; jsr: -2 gt . lS-i_| ,,; .-nr. a,p g Daily Dumpcowosrn room Daily Dump helps you implement the best fit solution IIwWI. uail_'dump.0rg' +91 9916426661 08041157311
  2. 2. Waste Management System for my CommunityIn our experience ifan apartment or gated communityor office wants to managetheir waste,they need tohave all the 5 points '.shown here ,;, ,,. ,., ._.,. ,,IIIOIIIIIIIIIIII IIHI-III-Ill-IIIIIII lllillllljll)Ailoiliilluasiu illioiglci I, lI0Il: li I| m;. II-4.
  3. 3. Waste Management System for my CommunityADVICEAdvice on set up of Segregation 8' Collection.Designing a system that manages Dry waste,wet waste,E-waste,Sanitary waste and Rejects that works for your community. W hD 8 ID U ITI P I II III: iAiriINIgNi: Iid Orientation of Staff and ChampionsINSTALLATION Of Composting systems for your wet and Garden wasteSHARING ~ Of best practices,examples 8' addresses of waste pick up agencies : l l ' V *2 J r l /,t Q 4 g.1 VGK ?ixg ?9 .1 , -~ _ V ,l ' 'q r 7 image courtesy NGU-Tungabhadra - ,4 , __L~.;r3:..Deity Dumpwvosui-onimage courtesy Sterling Brookside A 1 80 apartmentsDaily Dump helps you implement the best t solution wm. v.dailyd1lmp. org +919916426661 08041157311 5. Waste Management System for my CommunityKnowing how others have done itSegregationDifferent communities segregate based on how they collect.Same issue bins to all homes and expect them to keep it outside for collection,others expect the residents to go to a central area and deposit their segregated waste. Everyone starts with separating wet waste from other waste.That is a critical step without which you cannot do much.Also pay attention to sanitary,e-waste and medical waste. image courtesy Sobha Aster image courtesy u/ oterwoodsDaily Dump helps you implement the best fit solution mwv. daiIydump. org +91 9916426661 08041157311 6. Knowing how others have done itCollectionDifferent communities collect based on how many housekeeping staff they have and how much segregation they want to do. Some collect Sanitary waste dail ,others expect residents to deposit Sanitary waste in a central place.Some use trolleys,others bags that are reusable. Avoid black plastic bag collection at all times. < :3 -1Daily Dump helps you implement the best fit solution ~1w'. dail_vdump.0rg +919916426661 08041157311 7. liil'- '-I32-Illllgsiii.or 1 3ta. -~ home keeps Wet.Sanitary 5. Rejects Ouildr.their doorn Saiiilaw Waste Bin 7" ' Vm be; -_-nttohledltnl Wasterxgenty-iIiIi%Wet waste :2 Rejects Sanitary wasteMuiIi1ii~.4l lamllil alga M. -4 lI. iuu4ni Mam-aziun pulwmmr-nM 4 111 ISEC-REGATE WASYE1.7. 6 rm,i qr L l my vPli't: lIp: .-, }.. 'n- and on PAPER r= L;. srIc cuss pdyl 8. A we designed for Community Garden WasteSmall large Ii-1:1. 4-30Homs 30-200Hams 15O-4O0Hom2s 'lLl_]71i'l' 0* iiriurvn ' e-rv"- V . .fT-1*: .1 1 a 7- 1+ . 1 ,5 55:1as:5 53 . V:w .3 91.-I 3 1 E :5 2:3 - l'~. -;3. :.-x .5::'3ing!E-. :?: ,.. ml I F. tr-mi-4. ". 'l-ni-. .Garden waste produces great compost. the best for lawns.So convert you wasteinto great resource and save on your manure costsGarden wasteLeaf compostersNo burning leaves,no sending garden waste to landfill. i~tRotn-a19nI-For Garden Vl. .as'ieIn Villas,Apartments &.OfficesDAILY1. Gardeners and Sweepers collect leaf litter2. They also collect cuttings,trimmings3. They put It into Leaf Composters placed in front of each home or in common areas in the property4. They water this daily. 5. They add accelerator twice a week6. They harvest the compost and maintain the leaf Composters. OPTIONAL: Install a shredder In case volumes of garden waste are too much and residents want the leaf composting to happen only in one central areaRecommended: Install these in a decentralised way. This way gardeners work is reduced and the kids In the community leam about best practices and the value of leaves.These leaf composters add character to your garden. mwv. daii_ydun1p. org +919916426661 08041157311 9. Community Composting Productsleotre Ii Poi Row CompostingHot pile Composting Preparation: Add driecl | eavesi:1eacl1 r.10i. .4ir1cl1i-25 Add 5 fistils of Remix Powder Use: Add leitclieh waste in Pot 1Add 5 ristmls orRcr11i>3 Preparation: Add 1 bticlzet dried leaves in ManthanAdd 1 Buclzoi or Remix Powder5 Use:Addl2ii, Cl1er1wasteir1Mantlian Add Rcn1ix Powder Add Accelerators Rorarc the Manrhan Repeat tl1|:1 daily till Manthan 314 fullThen remove corrtehts ar1dputinLiPBegin filling The l/ lanthan again.Stir i_Oi1t in Leave it PotslVlarura1'ioi1 will take 1 r11onrl1Pulveriserizlliliii -rrri-; rr; isrlri_iUse: :Add laiirlien waste lviachirreAdd llmnix Powder and / C(6lPiFi1Oi' PLilVL! i(_R: iiiO/6 and p11tir11uAaga 1 Repeat the process daily Whez1A; -iga 1 lJC()iii':lull. ..Put ptilverisecl marerial in Aaga 7, Continue this till you exhaust all AagasBy then the conter1tsir1Aaga1.. . Should be ready to remove. :Seivsa and use.When corripost ready.remove materrallE Serve and use. ST INK No Stink because of Remix Powder TIME Compost ready in 1.5 -2 months 3; J LOCATE On Terrncel Garden / STP area.__ Only Mechnnised system needs a room


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