Common Types of Labels Manufacture by Sticker Printing Techniques

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1. Common Types of Labels Manufacture by Sticker PrintingTechniquesThere label sticker are many types of sticker labels, each with their own label sticker advantagesover the other. The design, material, process and, even the adhesive, matters when it comes tocreating a nice, unique and long lasting sticker.Sticker labels come in a lot of variety, and are used differently depending on what they are trying toachieve. Through sticker label printing, one can produce all kinds of stickers by using a mix ofmaterials. Your sticker can be as unique and you like, it all depends on your imagination and labelsticker your method of sticker printing.Here are some commonly used sticker types to give you a brief idea of what others are doing withtheir stickers.Uncoated paper label stocksThese are also known as matte label stocks and are generally used for shipping as the address labeland to make barcodes. Such sticker labels can be printed easily at home using a standard printer,and using a computer, any type of details can be added to the design.UV coated paper label stocksHere the stickers are printed on a shiny coated material which gives it a smooth finish. Thesestickers are also called high gloss paper label stock. UV coated stickers are resistant to all kinds ofweather and can withstand the effects of water as well, though they should not be expected to bewater proof.Custom printingCustom sticker label printing gives you more options to style your stickers. You can choose toemboss them, or get them spot colored and foiled stamped. One thing to remember is that youshould try to keep the borders at least 1pt in thickness.Reversed sticker printingYou might have seen some stickers where the text is actually not there and appears as if it has beencut out from the sticker. Such stickers are called reverse stickers where, except the text, everythingelse is covered in color.Permanent and movable adhesive stickers 2. Some stickers are meant to be kept in place for as long as possible, and therefore come with apermanent adhesive at the back, for example the stickers on cardboard boxes. Stickers that aredesigned to be non-permanent in nature, which means that they can be stuck somewhere and thenpulled out to be stuck somewhere else, such stickers come with a non-permanent variety ofadhesive.Besides these, there are more types of sticker labels around. With improvements in sticker labelprinting, the variety is increasing and more unique styles, designs and finishing are being introducedeach day. See what design fits your needs best, along with the types of sticker, and get it printedfrom any sticker printing service in your neighborhood.