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CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS COMMON MISTAKESAT PET and how to avoid them. CONTENTS1.A, an or one? 2.When do I use capital letters? 3.Do I need am / is / are in this sentence? Test 14.Singular or plural? 5.Plural or uncountable? 6.When do I use of and when do I use an apostrophe?Test 2 7.What's the negative form of have? 8.Present simple or present continuous? 9.Which verbs don't have a continuous form? Test 3 10.Regular or irregular past simple forms? 11.How do I form the past simple negative? 12.Past simple or past continuous? Test 4 13.How do I use personal pronouns? 14.How do I use reflexives? 15.Many, much or a lot of Test 5 16.Something, anything, nothing or everything 17.Same sound, different spellingTest 6 19.Which verbs take to + verb after them? 20.Which form of the verb do I use after look forward to? 21.Which form of the verb do I use after can and could? Test 7 22.How do I form adjectives from nouns? 23.Very or really?24.How do I form adverbs? Test 8 25.Which, who or that? 26.How do I give extra information? 27.Which prepositions do I use after arrive? Test 9 28.Commonly confused verbs29.How do I use do and go with -ing words? 30.Which verbs take to (preposition) after them? Test 10 ANSWER KEY2005 Cambridge University Press 2007A, anorone? 1Ti ckthecorrectsentencei neachpai r. 1aI use a heaterbecause ray bedroomis reallycold hI use an heaterbecause ray bedroomis reallycold. 2aWe met one really nice boywhen we were on holiday. 1)We met a really nice boywhen we wereon holiday Weuse tinbeforesi ngul arcount abl enounsbegi nni ngwi t ha vowel(a,e, i, o, u),and a beforewordsbegi nni ngwi t htheotherlettersoftheal phabet: M\'friendis sharingnroomwithanItaliangirl. rNotethatwesay auniversity(becauseitbeginswi t ha/ j / sound)andanhour (becausethehissi l ent). We alsouse a(oran)i nexpressionssuchasthese: threetimesnweek, (a)quarterofanhour Wecanuseei theroneora wi t hhundred,thousandormillion.We canalsouseone i nsteadofawhenwewanttoemphasi sethenumber: Thereareonehundredcentimetresinametre,(orahundredcentimetres) I've gottwobrothersandonesister.(orandasister) Weuseoneandnotaoranwhenwewanttoemphasisethatwearet al ki ngaboutonl y onet hi ngorpersonandnottwoormore: /invitedthree friends,hutonlyoneofthemcame. Oneholidaya yearisnotenoughforme. Under l i net hecorrectwor d. I nsomesentencestherearet wopossi bl eanswers. 1Iliveonmyowni na / anI oneflat. 2She'sgota I anlonehundr edeuros. 3We gotheretwi cea I anI onemont h. *lI wenttothevillagewi t ha /tinI onef ri end. 5She gavemeu I anI oneburger,nottwo. 1wanttobuya I anI oneumbrel l a. 7Mycousi nworksata I anloneuni versi ty. 8I'vegota InnI oneuncleandtwoaunts. 2Correctthemi st akebel ow. 1 l ookedi nmymi r r orandwas comi ngupbehi ndme. When doI use capitalletters? 1Ti ckthecorrectsentencei neachpai r. 1aI haveanenglishexamnextweek, bI haveanEnglishexamnextweek. 2aThereisat r i ptot heexhi bi ti oninDecember, bThereisat r i ptot heexhi bi ti onindecember. Weusecapitalletterswith: titlesandpeople'snames: MrsSmith,DrLee,QueenElizabethII membersof thefamilywhenusedasnames:Dad,Grandma addresses:WoodstockHouse,16WestRoad letterbeginningsandendings: DearCharlotte,Love fromEmily,Yourssincerely geographicalnames: Rome(city),Spain(country),theNile(river),thePacificOcear (ocean),MountEverest(mountain) nationalityadjectivesandlanguages:English,Italian,French daysof the week:Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday monthsof theyear: January,February,March festivalsandspecialdays:ChristmasDay,Valentine'sDay,Easter ftWeusesmalllettersinsentenceswhenwearereferringtosomeone's jobor positionratherthanhis/hernameortitle: Heis mydoctor,Thenewqueenis veryyoung,Thisis mydad. ftWewriteonlythepronoun/withacapitalletter: MysisterandIwenthome,butthenshewentoutagain. 2Correctt hemi st akebel ow.r T ^ s . 3Rewri tethesesentencesusi ngsmal landcapi t all et t ers. 1madri disin spai n.. . . 2l ondonis ont het hames 3ar eyoulearningItalian? 4my f at heris Spani sh 5i don' tlikemondays 6mybi rt hdayisinmay. 7yoursfai thful l y,paulmay 8mymmis a doct or I'vegot af t ernoon. 6 DoIneed am /is/arein thissentence? 1Ti ckt he cor r ectsentencei n eachpai r. 1aThe personwho sitsnextto me is cal l edNatalia, bThe personwho sitsnextto me cal l edNatalia. 2aI may go to t he cinema,but I am notsure, bI may go to the cinema,but I notsure. We useamlisIare: withan adjectiveto describepeopl eandthings: Mycousinis tall.Heis good-lookingtoo. with-ingtoformt he presentcont i nuous: /hopeyou are feelingwell. with goingto to talkaboutthefuture: I'mnot goingto go shoppingonSaturday. withthe pastparticipleto formthe passive: CardiffandSwanseaare situatedin southWales. afterthereandhere: Thereare a lot of buildingsneartheschool. Here'sthe bookI promisedyou. ft Not et hatwe oftenusecont ract i ons{'m,s andre) in spokenandwrittenEnglish, especially afterpr onounsand shortwords. 3Add am,is or are tothesesentences. 1I've got a new rul erbecausemy ol d onebr oken 2I likethi sbag,but it t oo small f or my thi ngs 3Hereour phot os.Do you wanttolookat them?.... 4Paul wor k sin NewYor kandmar r i edt o Anna 5I likebookswhi chi nteresti ng 6Thatall f or now.I wi l lwr i t esoon 7Il ooki ngf or war dt oseeingyou 8Jackaf r ai dhis wi f ewillfailher dri vi ngtest 2Correctt he mi st akebel ow. Lookat my shoes!.t hem. 7 TEST1 Compl et et hephrases wi t haoran.Thenrewri t et hephrase wi t ht headj ecti ve. 'exam(hard) 2university(old) 3idea(interesting) Jhouse.(unusual) 5restaurant(expensive) 6hour.(extra) '.uncle.(rich) 8lesson(eaSy) Rewri tet hel et t erusi ng capi t all et t erswherenecessary. Therearesi xt eenerrors. 55sandfieldroad oxford ox57rn february10th2005 dearrcrsbrown pleasef i ndenclosedadepositf orbedandbreakfastaccommodati on f ortheweekendof march15th.myhusbandandilookf orward to seeingyouthen. yourssincerely barbaraparker 3Compl et et het extwi t ham,isorare. Myname(1)Jul i eWi seandI (2)21yearsol d.IliveinSpai n,butI (3)Br i t i sh.Mypar ent s(4). Engl i sht eacher sinMadr i d.Iwor kinanof f i ceand mysi st er(5)st udyi ngEngl i shatuni versi t y Mostofourf r i ends(6)Spani sh,butmy bestf r i end(7)f r omAr gent i na.She(8) asecr et ar yinani nt er nat i onalbank. 4Wri t esentencesusi ng thenot es.Uses orareand capi t al l et t erswherenecessary. 1THENI LE/THELONGESTRIVERI NAFRICA 2CHINESENEWYEAR/OFTENI NJANUARY 3NICOLEKI DMAN/ANAUSTRALIANACTRESS 4JUVENTUSANDLAZIO/ITALIANFOOTBALLTEAMS 5KI NGLEAR /PIAY ABOUT ANOLDENGLISHKI NG ANDHISTHREEDAUGHTERS 6THEHIMALAYAS/I NASIA 7SHOPSI NBRITAIN/OFTENOPENONSUNDAY 8LOS ANGELES/I NCALIFORNIA 5Aret hesent encesri ghtor wrong?Correctt hose whi charewr ong. 1Howdeepisthepaci f i cocean? 2I'mmeetingonef r i endofminelater 3Theynotsaneaboutt heanswer 4I'vegotsomeapples.Wouldyoulikeone? 5Thereissomepeopl eint hepark 6I veryt i r edtoday. 7We'restayi ngattheRamseyHotel 8See youinhalfahour 9 Singularorplural? 1Ticki l i ccorrectsentenceIneachpai r. 1aI'm going tohave the most wonderful holidayofmy life here hI'm goingto havethe mostwonderful holidays ofmy life here. 2aI don'twearold clothsforwork hI don'twearold clothes forwork. Curtainorcurtains'1. We use curtainsunlesswearereferri ngtoonecurt ai nonl y: I'dliketobuysomenewcurtainsformyroom,(hutThe rightcurtainislongerthanthe leftone.) Holidayorholidays? We say aholidayI onholidaywhenwetalkabouta t ri pora dayoffwork. We cansay schoolholidaysI summerholidaystodescri bea peri odoft i me: / hopeyouenjoyyourholidayinliritain. Mountainormountains! Weuse mountainswhenwetalkaboutanarea: Myumie'shouseisinthemountainsnearTurin. Cloth,clothsorclothes? Weuse clothestotalkaboutthi ngspeopl ewear. We say anitemorapieceofclothing todescribeonet hi ngonly. Acloth(pl uralcloths)is a pieceofmateri alforapart i cul ar purpose,e.g.tabiccloth,orformaki ngcl othes: / amgoingtobuysomenewclothesforthewedding. 3Compl et et hesentenceswi t ha si ngul arorpl ur alwor df r omt hi spage. 1That.?r*f? orn,soI'mgoi ngtomendit. 2Dur i ngthesummerI workedi na shop. 3I cl i mbedthebehi ndthehouseonemor ni ng. 1Where'stheforwashi ngthedishes? 5Mybedcoverisl l owery,justlike(heatthewi ndows. tiComeandvisitmeforyournext 7I woremynewattheweekend. KI alwaystakeamapwhenI gotothe Pluraloruncountable? 1TickthecorrectsentenceIneachpai r. )aV.cj feetoretoosrooll forthese shoes. 1)My footsaretoosmall fortheseshoes 2aiIhmkItalian foodis the bestin I tie world. bithinkItalian food arethe bestin the world. Mostpl uralnounsendin-s. However,somepl uralnounsarei rregul ar: Mvneighbouris awonderfulpersonOurneighboursnrewonderfulpeople. Otheri rregul arpl uralnounsi ncl ude:nittn men.womanwomen, child children,fool feel,looihleeth.mousemice dPoliceandstaffatealsopl ural :Thepolicearehard-working. Somenounshavenopl uralf or m. Wesaythatnounssuchaswaterandcheese are ' uncount abl e'becausewecan'tcountt hem. Wecanonl ycountglasses/bottlesof wtnerandpiecesI slicesofcheese.Compare: I'dlikesomewater,please,andI'dlikea glassofwater,please,(nottuHMwHers) Othercommonuncount abl enouns\nc\udefood,furniture,hair,homework, information,moneyandwork.Weuse si ngul arverbswi t huncount abl enouns: The furnitureinmybedroomlooksgood. Myhairis darkbrown,(butI've gotonegreyhairbehindmyear.) Canyoubuymea newspaper?onthetable. Under l i net hecorrectf or m. 1I Iereis I aresomei nf or mat i onabouthotelsi nParis. 2Somechi l drenis I ateafrai dofclogs. 3TherewasIwerea hottl eofwaterinthefridge. 4Thestaffis loreonat rai ni ngcourse. r>ThewomanIwomenis readi ngthenewspaper, b"YourhairlooksIhairslookveryni ce. 7I l owmanyslicesofbreadIbreadhaveyougot? 8Thi shomeworkwasIwereeasy. WhendoIuseofand whendoIuseanapostrophe? VVc use apostrophe+ s Cs)totalkaboutti l i ngsassociatedwi t honeperson: My friend'snameisNatalia. These aremyhusband'sthings. Weuse s + apostrophe(s') totalkaboutthi ngsassociatedwi t hmorethanoneperson: Hereis my friends'teacher. The students'recordsareinthecupboard. &Natethatwcuse anapostrophe+ s Cs)wi t hi rregul arpl uralnouns: 77te children'spartyis attheclub. We alsouse apostrophe+ 5 C