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Common Core Standards. Parent Math Information Night Tuesday, October 14, 2014 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. Del Mar Gym. It’s not your parents’ classroom!. We’ve been asking for this…. A fundamental shift in how we educate. Less memorization, more analysis, application and problem solving. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Healdsburg Unified School District

Common Core Standards

Parent Math Information NightTuesday, October 14, 20146:30 8:00 p.m.Del Mar Gym

Its not your parents classroom!1Welcome parents and introduce guest speakers and people who will answer questions from parents:Restrooms in gym Dr. Ann Shannon, National Math Consultant, former UC Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science, Worked with Dr. Phil Daro, Berkeley Math Professor who was one of 3 professors who authored Common Core Math StandardsCorbett Elson, Principal of Alternative HS in TUHSD. Former Math Department Chair at Drake HS in TUHSD and lead administrator for TALK12, collaboration between Southern Marin K-8 Districts and TUHSD.Aaron Simon, Math Department Chair at Redwood HS in TUHSDDr. Alan Vann Gardner, Del Mar PrincipalReed and Bel Aire Principal Patti PurcellWeve been asking for this.

A fundamental shift in how we educate

2The Common Core Standards for Math and ELA were adopted by CA State Board of Education in Summer of 2010. Transition to new Standards and how we teach them has been in process for 4+ years

Less memorization, more analysis,application and problem solving.

3Shift to Standards for Mathematical Practice iin our classrooms:1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively3. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others4. Model with mathematics5. Use appropriate tools strategically6. Attend to precision7. Look for and make use of structure8. Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoningParent Math Information AgendaPresenters; Dr. Herzog, Dr. Vann Gardner, Dr. ShannonTransition to Common Core Math StandardsImplementation TimelineCCPlans for the FutureWhy CMath Plans for 2014-2015Common Core Math assessmentsPURPOSE of tonight:

We are here to update parents on the work we have been doing and will be doing to create, pilot, implement, revise and deliver a curriculum aligned to the new state of California Standards in Math and English/language arts

PASS out 3 x 5 cards for questions. Please use cards so we can eliminate redundant questions and answer everyones questions.

We were going to do a presentation from Dr. Ann Shannon about the content of the Standards, but instead want to answer your questions.

4 AB 484Students in Grades 3-8 will take the Smarter Balanced Assessment in English or Math on electronic devices (laptops or iPads)Pilot Smarter Balanced Assessments (no results) in Spring 2014Full implementation ELA and Math in Spring 2015Expand assessments to Science, Social Studies, and more5AB 484 is the law that defines how students in California in Grades 3-8 and high school will be evaluated each year on their mastery of the California State Standards.

Smarter Balanced consortium of states is writing the assessments and piloted them last SpringRUSD did not get any results from the pilot examsStudents struggled with the amount of text in the math portionsEXPLAIN their thinking is requiredLess multiple choice and more short answer, essay and demonstration how to solve problems

State and over 40 other states adopted the Common Core StandardsThe roll out is fast, and there are many standards being modified at the same time

IDEAL ROLL OUT:Start with primary grades for a couple yearsThen add grades 4-6 for a couple moreThen move to middle schoolAnd finally High School

This is NOT the way the states are rolling these standards out.

Math and English / language arts are being assessment in ALL grades just 4 years after new standards were adopted.Next Generation Science Standards were finalized last summer and will be next along with new Social Studies Standards RUSDs Implementation Timeline2010-2011: Staff Awareness and design2011-2012: Revision of course guides & training for teachers2012-2013:Revise curriculum, coaching on instructional practices, last year of STAR2013-2014:Begin implementation, revise curriculum, search for materials, & develop assessments2014-2015:Implement using online & teacher created curriculumReed Union School District Staff have been working hard to develop an aligned curriculum in Math and ELA.

We will be working on these standards for many more years. We are not done but we are implementing as fast as we think our staff can handle.

We have NOT done a good enough job of informing our parents about our work. We will make a Board presentation soon about our entire K-8 Math Program. Tonight we are focusing mainly on middle school.6What has RUSD done to prepare for the Transition to Common Core?Board Support to work deliberately to fully implement CC Math and ELA StandardsTALK 12 alignment K-12 with TUHSD & Southern Marin K-8 for CC MathLawrence Hall of Science consultantsRevised math course scope & sequenceTeacher written units using variety of resources (EngageNY, Illustrative Math, Holt)Training, coaching, revising and pilotingMaterials evaluations, unit redesign, assessment development1 Board has consistently told us to MOVE FORWARD and implement the new CC standards

2 TALK 12 Stands for Tamalpais Articulatioin & Learning K12. All the K-8 feeder districts in Marin that feed into Tam HS, Redwood HS and Drake HS work together on MATH

3 Dr. Harold Asturias and Dr. Phil Daro (one of 3 authors of the Math CC) have been helping us from Lawrence Hall of Science at Berkeley

2.5 years ago we revamped the scope and sequence for math concepts to match the standards but we are not yet at full implementation

This year we are using a variety of instructional resources because the big publishers (we are told) have not yet developed textbooks and materials aligned to the new standards.

6 Instructional coaching, unit redesign and attendance at CC Math conferences and Professional Learning have dominated.

We have a Math Materials Task Force that has already met once and will hear presentations from various publishers on October 30

WE welcome our students to have; PRODUCTIVE STRUGGLES when trying to solve these math application problems!

7RUSD CC Math Transition Plans Collaboration with TUHSD and K-8 Southern Marin Feeder DistrictsRefine units aligned to new scope & sequence & pilot new assessmentsUpgrade technology infrastructure (bandwidth)Materials Task Force- evaluate, pilot, decidePD focus on coherence and relevanceSilicon Valley Math Initiative MARs tasksSmarter Balanced state assessmentsWe have plans to continue to work closely with Redwood HS and other K-8 feeders in Marin County

We hope to purchase some more materials that help with developing curriculum for CC Math. We will be piloting some materials throughout this year.

We learned when giving Smarter Balanced pilot tests that we needed to upgrade our bandwidth so more than 50 students could take the on-line assessments at the same time. We are about to get this completed next week.

Coherence = aligning what we are teaching 6-7-8-Algebra strands at the same time. Teachers can work together when planning lessons then.

SVMI is writing the performance items for the new Smarter Balanced assessments. We are a member and use their materials to teach our students how to apply mathematical reasoning to real world problem solving tasks.

SPRING 2015 = all 3-8 graders will be tested on Smarter Balanced assessments in Math, English and language arts8Heres a look at the new assessment.Judy conducted an experiment. She put a total of 2 cups of water into an empty container. Then, Judy recorded the amount of water that evaporated from the container each day for four days.The line plot below shows the amount of water that evaporated from the container on each of the four days.

What mixed number represents the amount of water left in thecontainer at the end of the fourth day?CupsGrade 4 Mathematics9Take some time to solve this problem 4th grade problem from last springs pilot tests

Talk to a neighbor about how you solved the problem?

What did you notice? What was confusing?

Answer: 1 and 2/8s = 1

Heres a look at the new assessment.A cylindrical tank has a height of 10 feet and a radius of 4 feet. Jane fills the tank with water at a rate of 8 cubic feet per minute. At this rate, how many minutes will it take Jane to completely fill the tank without overflowing it?

Round your answer to the nearest minute.Grade 8 Mathematicsminutes8th grade Smarter Balanced Problem.

Same drill as last time

What do you need to know that is not in the problem? = Pi x R2 The value of Pi . The Formula for circumference of a circle.

10QUESTIONSResources will be posted on District WebsitePost power point and Q & A on math. 11


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