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4th & 5th June, 2008Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

The 5th Annual

GlobalCommoditiesFinance Conference

A comprehensive survey of the financialneeds of commodity trading houses

American mortgages and globalcommodities

Global trader panel: Defining the needs ofcommodity corporates

How does SCF need to change in order tostay relevant in today's energy sector?

Traditional and alternative energy financefor traditional and alternative energies

Consolidation and a strong focus on BRICcountries in the metals and mining sector

Beyond BRIC: Structuring effective dealswith an African element

The unmissable annual Global Heads Panel

Keynote address: Stephen Sie, Senior Associate,

Prudential Standards Department,Financial Services Authority, UK

Major producers and traders: Hartwig Schuen, Head of Structured

Trade Finance, Sempra Energy Colin Heritage, Managing Director,

Stemcor Jaime Teke, Head of Structured

Trade Finance, Noble Paolo Petronio, Managing Director,

Europe-CIS Business, GTN-GIA Group Ramani Venkataramani, Senior Manager,

Finance, Coal & Oil Group, Dubai Andrey Lebedev, Head of Corporate

Finance, Mechel Christian Boerner, Finance Director,

Midland Resources

PierPaulo di Fabio, Group FinancialDirector, KME Group

Shashidhar Payannavar, Senior Trader,Agrocorp

Terry Sparling, Head of Trade Finance,Tate & Lyle

J.K. Singh, Chairman,Mideast Integrated Steels Ltd

Pedro Brandi, Financial Director,Coimex Trading Company

Heads of commodity finance fromaround the world: Paul Kranendonk, Global Head,

Cross Border Structured & Commodity Finance, ABN Amro

Jacques-Olivier Thomann, Global Headof Commodity Finance, BNP Paribas

Alain Fanaie, Global Head of StructuredCommodity Finance, Calyon

John MacNamara, Head of StructuredCommodity Finance, Deutsche Bank

Paul Schuilwerve, Global Head of Commodities, Fortis Bank

Jean-Francois Lambert, Global Head of Structured Trade Finance, HSBC

Federico Papa, Global Head Trade,Export & Commodity Finance, Santander

Denis Childs, Global Head of CommoditiesMetals and Mining, Societe Generale

Willem Klaassens, Global Head,Commodity Traders and Agribusiness,Standard Chartered Bank

Thomas Oehl, Global Head ofCommodity Finance, WestLB

Karel Valken, Global Head of Soft Commodities, Rabobank

Kyri Evagora, Head of Energy Trade and Commodities Group,Reed Smith Richards Butler

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The annual meeting of the international natural resources finance community

10:10Global trader panel: Defining the needs of commodity corporates Is the commodity trader model being phased out? Is there a clear trend for trading houses diversifying into

downstream and upstream activities? If so, should these different activities be included on one balance

sheet or should companies look to operate these businesses under a number of different entities?

How can banks respond effectively to the changing business activities of their major clients?

Is the limited recourse pre-finance product offered by banks still competitive with the insurance market?

Are traders looking for a lender or a business partner when dealing with their banks?

Hartwig Schuen, Head of Structured Trade Finance, Sempra EnergyColin Heritage, Managing Director, StemcorJaime Teke, Head of Structured Trade Finance, NoblePedro Brandi, Financial Director, Coimex Trading CompanyJean-Francois Lambert, Global Head of Structured Trade Finance, HSBC (moderator)Further panellists subject to final confirmation

11:10Morning refreshments and extended networking break

12:00How does SCF need to change in order to stay relevantin todays energy sector? Energy prices at record highs: What are the financing needs of

cash-rich clients? Have structures become dangerously weak on some deals?

What are the possible consequences? What effect, if any, will the credit crunch have on how these big

ticket energy deals are financed? What opportunities still exist in the mid-tier energy sector? Does SCF need to broaden its product offering to remain effective

in these markets? What elements are required by clients within a hybrid finance

energy deal?

12:30Changing rules for a changing game: Traditional andalternative energy & traditional and alternativeenergy finance Do such high commodity prices make SCF an irrelevance in the

traditional energy sector? What type of financing are major energy producers now looking for? Introducing hybrid-type structures into pre-export finance Is reserve-based lending an innovative step forward or pre-export

finance by another name? Alternative areas to finance: Potential in oil sands, biodiesel and

nuclear for the trade financier Renewable vs. conventional: Complement or competitor?

Paolo Petronio, Managing Director, Europe-CIS Business, GTN-GIA GroupRamani Venkataramani, Senior Manager, Finance, Coal & Oil Group, DubaiPhilippe de Gentile, Global Head of Energy Commodities Structured Debt, BNP ParibasGilles Thieffry, Managing Partner, GTLaw (moderator)



sponsored by

The 5th Annual Global ComTuesday, 3rd June 2008

19:00 Pre-conference welcoming receptionsponsored by

Day 1Wednesday, 4th June 2008

08:15 Registration and coffee

09:00 Chairpersons opening remarks

09:10The future of financial commodities regulation in the EU Reviewing the success of the local implementation of Basel 2 as it

applies to commodities Where is the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) applicable and

where is it not? The problem with the maturity ladder approach in measuring risk The impact of CRD upon commodity derivatives The dividing line between the physical spot market and derivatives

market and how this affects the applicability of MiFID Looking to future review and potential future fixes of some of

these issues Questions from the floorStephen Sie, Senior Associate, Prudential Standards Department,Financial Services Authority, UK

09:40A comprehensive survey of the financial needs ofcommodity trading houses How international commodity traders view the performance of

their provider banks To what extent are bank services being used by commodity traders? What do commodity traders consider important in their

relationships with banks and how well do the banks perform in these areas?

How satisfied are commodity traders with the delivery of commodity financing products from the banks?

Which market factors play a key role for commodity traders in deciding which banks to use?

Douglas G. Ziurys, Senior Vice President Europe,FImetrixFImetrix is an independent market research and analysis companythat has just completed a comprehensive survey with tradingcompanies in the energy, hard and soft commodity sectors. For thefirst time here, the company outlines the key findings of the surveyand details how successfully the industry is meeting the changingneeds of its major players.

Euromoney Seminars and Trade Finance 2008

14:45Balance sheet efficient structured commodity finance Trends towards off-balance sheet structured commodity finance Off balance sheet stock financing The difference between the applicability of these structures in the

developed and developing world Issues to which these structures give rise Overcoming these challenges and adapting this technique for

future usesSenior Representative, RBS

15:15Consolidation and a strong focus on BRIC countries inthe metals and mining sector General trends in the metals sector in 2007/08 Focus on BRIC countries: Do we expect to see a slowdown

in the BRIC countries in 2008? The development of Russian regions as a driver for

commodity financings The take-up of limited recourse structured pre-export finance in

China and India Developing SCF facilities in the steel industry The establishment of the steel futures market: What will it mean

for producers, traders and financiers? Acquisition finance linked to SCF How will further consolidation in the metals and mining sector

affect future financings and distribution channels?Andrey Lebedev, Head of Corporate Finance,MechelChristian Boerner, Finance Director,Midland ResourcesSenior representative,Sempra MetalsPierPaulo di Fabio, Group Financial Director,KME Group Angela Martins, Director, International Department,ABC BrasilSenior representative,StemcorJ.K. Singh, Chairman,Mideast Integrated Steels Ltd William Husband, Director,Barclays Capital (moderator)

16:30Afternoon refreshments and networking break

17:00Beyond BRIC: Structuring effective deals with anAfrican element Major African-sourced deals in 2007 The unique challenges to overcome across Sub-Saharan Africa Warehouse infrastructure and inventory finance Capitalising on South-South trade flows: The Chinese sourcing of

commodities south of the Sahara Developing a presence on the ground and fostering a

correspondent bank network Is microfinance a potentially profitable sector to finance across

Africa over the next decade?Maarten van Alkemade, Director Trade Finance, Corporate andInvestment Banking,Standard Bank South AfricaPierre-Olivier Bordeaux, Head of Structured Commodity Trade Finance,


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