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The Floor Store specialises in commercial &domestic carpet sales. Melbourne's largest range of quality carpets as well as cheap carpets& floor coverings available at ourstunning showroom.


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Carpet Store

A Carpet is a textile floor covering consisting of an upper layer of pile attached to a backing.

The Floor Store can provide for all of your flooring needs, including carpet, timber, laminate, vinyl & floating floors, as well as rugs.

The most important part of your carpet maintenance routine is regular vacuuming.

Another important aspect to cleaning your floor covering is the prevention of dirt and stains.

Types Of Carpet :

Woven : The carpet is produced on a loom quite similar to woven fabric.

Needle felt : Needle felts are produced by intermingling and felting individual synthetic fibers using barbed and forked needles forming an extremely durable carpet.

Knotted: The structural weft threads alternate with a supplementary weft that rises at right angles to the surface of the weave.

Tufted : These are carpets that have their pile injected into a backing material, which is itself then bonded to a secondary backing made of a woven hessian weave or a man made alternative to provide stability.

Carpet binding is a term used for any material being applied to the edge of a carpet to make a rug. Carpet binding is usually cotton or nylon, but also comes in many other materials such as leather.

Benefits Of Carpet : Healthy : It traps dust, reducing the amount suspended in the air by up to 50 %. Comfortable: In terms of comfort carpet is the most comfortable floor covering to walk on. Household Safety : Carpet also makes homes a lot safer, especially if there are kids or elderly people in the household. Safe: Carpet you are ensuring a certain level of safety. Light : Color creates an atmosphere which brightens up both your habitat and your mood.:

Achieving the perfect balance between your lifestyle needs and creating that atmosphere that evokes a deeper experience of a home, is a personal journey. Inspiration comes from within as well as from around you.Address : 100 Hoddle St Abbotsford 3067 Victoria.

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