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  • IBM Commerce InsightsInforming the Business with In-Context Actionable Insights

  • Oliviais the lead Merchandiser for the

    Womens Wear category.

    I spend a lot of time taking manual actions, when I could be driving more sales by thinking strategically about my category

    Meet Our Business User

    Knows her competition

    Knows whats in style

    Digitally connected

    Very social

  • She lacks the ability

    to take immediate

    action without

    switching between

    systems and tools

    She spends

    unproductive time

    compiling information

    about her products

    and categories from

    internal and external


    She lacks relevant

    data and insights

    together in a single

    place where she

    can become better

    informed to make


    She struggles with

    contextual visibility

    into business

    metrics, inhibiting her

    ability to respond

    quickly to revenue


    Olivia Lacks Insightneeded to efficiently & effectively manage the customer experience and drive business results

  • IBM Commerce InsightsGives Merchandisers the tools needed to engage

    customers and optimize their business

    Pinpoint underperforming products or categories

  • Commerce Insights Helps merchandisers make better, more informed decisions

    In-context business and customer data

  • Commerce InsightsHelps optimize business performance and execution of

    merchandising tactics

    Take direct action based on real-time information and analysis

  • IBM Commerce Insights