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  1. 1. 1 by May Haddad
  2. 2. 2 10 4 15
  3. 3. 3 In loving memory of Hossein Shahidi Dedicated to Hosseins Friends worldwide
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  5. 5. 5 Introduction 10 4 15 marks one year for Hosseins departure In Arabic people say , which implies that we become responsible to continue the journey of the one who departed us. Hossein Jaan is an expanded document of that of 31 5 14 that was developed for the Commemoration of Hossein in Baabdat-Lebanon. This expanded document introduces Dr Hossein Shahidi facebook page; the readings of the Commemoration; a section about Hossein; and a Tribute section. Dr Hossein Shahidis page was launched 2 days after Hosseins departure by friends who wanted to collect, document and share Hosseins publications, teachings and related news. Thousands of people worldwide have visited the page. The page has included 65 photo albums and 55 notes by 31 3 15 (p. 13-25). Selected readings from the Commemoration of 31 5 14 are included in p. 26-51. To note that this selection of materials by Hossein would have been different had the Commemoration been conducted in Iran or Afghanistan or Palestine or Jordan or England etc. pending on the interests of the participants. This section includes samples of Hossein poems/songs translations (from Persian or Arabic into English), samples of articles that Hossein had written (in one language or two languages), samples of his photo-essays and book reviews. About Hossein: pages 52-87. Samples of materials that introduce Hossein as a teacher, writer, journalist, photographer, Middle East expert, peace activist, sincere friend are shared in this section. Hosseins resource books are introduced on p. 80-84, dozens of his articles and photo- essays that have been posted by are introduced on p. 85-86 and his You Tube link is on p. 87. Lulu (the pearl) and the translation of Persian poems and songs (p. 88- 95) are among the unfinished works of Hossein. Tributes to Hossein that have been gathered by the administrators of Dr Hossein Shahidis page are shared on p. 96-170. Among the institutions that paid tribute to Hossein: Jordan Media Institute, Birzeit University-Palestine, BBC-Persian section, Radio Farda, American University of Beirut and Lebanese American University-Lebanon. This section includes more than 50 tributes to Hossein by friends, family, collogues, students and fans. Selections from London Days poems are also included in the section. The program of the Commemoration of 31 5 15 is displayed on p. 156-157.
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  7. 7. 7 Contents Dedication Introduction Contents p. 3 p. 5 p. 7-12 The page: Dr Hossein Shahidi Page administrators p. 13-25 o In our hearts & thoughts o Introducing the page o Cover pages o 65 Photo albums o 55 Notes and essays Readings at the Commemoration: 31 5 14 o Mawlana: Parvaneh Sho Poem translation o Lessons for life from Lebanon Satiric bilingual article o My neighborhood, My Beirut Photo-essay o From Beirut to Jerusalem Book review Authors Hossein Shahidi & May Haddad Hossein Shahidi Hossein Shahidi Hossein Shahidi p. 26-51
  8. 8. 8 o Fairuz: Singing of love and Palestine - Article Hossein Shahidi o We and the moon are neighbors Song translation Hossein Shahidi o Come see me once a year Song translation Hossein Shahidi o - Article Hossein Shahidi About Hossein o My Name Compiled by May Haddad o Essay p. 52-87 o Quotes o The Blame Game o Afghanistan in Hosseins heart o Asheqan and Arefan o Poem by Sajeda Milad o Hossein and Palestine o Indeed a global teacher o Hossein the photographer o Surprising Jordan o Hair Festival o Quotes and tributes o Interview by Peyvand Khorsandi o Introduction o Photo-essay o Translation o Introduction o Photos o Photos o Photo-essay o Photo-essay
  9. 9. 9 o Oxford roses o Familiar flowers o A tribute to Farhad Mehrad o Standing by Jila and Bahman o The media in Hosseins articles o Women of the world unite! o Stop the war o Teaching materials: Collated by Diala Rajaie Al- Azzeh o Introducing the books o Articles and photo-essays o YouTube films o Photos o Photo-essay o Link to an article o Links to articles o Samples and links to articles o Link and photos o Links and photos o Titles and links o Journalism in Iran o Iran in 21st Century o The Persians o Kabul Days o Booklet: Seyyed Jafar Shahidi o Links at o Link Among the Unfinished Works of Hossein o Translations of Poems and songs from Persian o Lulu - Musical Performance by the Rahbani brothers p. 88-95
  10. 10. 10 Homage to Hossein By p. 96-147 o Tribute to a great teacher o By Beirzeit University o By Jordan Media Institute o Jila Baniyaghoob o Beirzeit University o Jordan Media Institute o Hossein Shahidis Legacy o Sara Mohseni & Mehrad Safa o Farewell, with a smile o Aref Hajjawi o Light as a feather, heavy as a mountain o Shokoufeh Shahidi o Poem to Hossein o Dr Ali Mohammad Sajjadi o Fabulous and giving o o Hosseins message o We all loved him o The Wind Will Carry Us o Sodade o Hossein is a hero o Energy, teamwork and fun o Broadening our horizons o Exemplary o Hossein became a martyr o An anchor o Merfat Awad o Khitam Amer o Hamza Sabouri o Haitham Sharif o Norbert Hirschhorn o Hoda Hamedi o Swee Ang o Diala Rajaie Al-Azzeh o Abdalla Mubaiydeen o Guissou Jahangiri o Pooran Golfam o Dr Aziza Khalidi
  11. 11. 11 o My friend o A real journalist o Obituary o By Radio Farda o By BBC-Persian o Obituary o 40 rules of love o SOAS Commemoration o Our little prince o Life is wise o Love will last o Close and intimate o Tonttus o Friendship and time o Remembering Hossein o The teacher ADDITIONAL TRIBUTES o Bilal Rahman o Farshid Faryaabi o Homa Katouzian o Mohammad Daramee o Leila Abu Husni o Saeed Barzin o Ali Farhid o Arshin A. Moghaddam o Madeleine Badaro o Luz Floreciendo o Nadia Dalloul o Sabah Jabbour o Sirkku Kivisto o Jim Reilly o Soroush Javadi o Amir Ali Alameh Zadeh o Fari khanom o Ahmad-Shah Duranai o Eman Khader Shanan o Mohammadreza Jalaeipur
  12. 12. 12 o Fadia Hasna o Sari Hanafi o Lina Abyad o Ahmad Dahwich o Vicki Perkins o Firas Abu Aloul o Youmna Al-Khatam o Cam Lecce o Guissou Jahangiri o Potkin Azarmehr o Nadim Shehadi o Lojain Al-Absi Extracts from London Days Commemoration in Baabdat-Lebanon: 31 5 14 Our inspiration Fragrant flowers The Garden of Permanent Sleep Ashes of light Diary-Poems By May Haddad May Haddad Photo-essay by Hossein Shahidi Poems by May Haddad p. 148-153 p. 154-158 p. 161-163 p. 164-170
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  16. 16. 16 Dr Hossein Shahidis page The face book page was launched on 12 4 14
  17. 17. 17 Readers of the page By the end of March, the page has more than 800 Likers. Our records confirm that thousands of people have visited the page. Here are examples
  18. 18. 18 Selections of Dr Hossein Shahidi cover pages
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  22. 22. 22 65 Photo albums by 30 3 15
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  24. 24. 24 55 Notes by 30 3 15
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  27. 27. 27 Mawlana: Parvaneh sho A Moth You Should Become (translated and transcribed by Hossein Shahideh- Arabic by May Haddad) Kindly Read the English from right to left Vandar del-e atash dara, parvaneh sho, parvaneh sho Hilat raha kon asheqa, divaneh sho, divaneh sho And into the flames enter, a moth you should become, a moth you should become Stop all subterfuge, O lover, go mad, go mad Vangah biya ba asheqan ham-khaneh sho, ham-khaneh sho Virvaneh kon ham khish ra, biganeh kon ham khaneh ra And then come and join the lovers in their home, join the lovers in their home Destroy your very self, become a stranger in the shell that houses your self Vangah sharab-e eshq ra paymaneh sho, paymaneh sho Ro sineh ra chon sineh ha, haft ab shoo az kineh ha And then drink the wine of love, cup after cup, cup after cup Go wash your chest seven times, as true believers would, to cleanse it of all hatred
  28. 28. 28 Gar souy-e mastan miravi, mastaneh ro, mastaneh ro Bayad keh jomleh jan shavi, ta layeq-e janan shavi Towards the drunkards if you go, drunken steps you should take, drunken steps you should take Your whole being should turn into life, before you can become worthy of the beloved Aan goush-o arez bayadat, dordaneh sho, dordaneh sho Aan goushvar-e shahedan, ham-sohbat-e arez shodeh That ear and that face if you desire, a pearl you should become, a pearl you should become The beloveds earring has nestled next to her face Fani sho o chon asheqan afsaneh sho, afsaneh sho Chon jan-e to shod dar hava zafsaneh-ye shirin-e ma Mortal you should become and, as lovers would, a fable you should become, a fable you should become Now that , by hearing our sweet, your soul ethereal has become ... ... Var zolf bogshayah sanam, ro shaneh sho, ro shaneh sho Gar chehren benmayad sanam, por sho az u chon ayehen And should the beloved let her hair down, a comb you should become, a comb you should become Should the beloved display her face, fill yourself of her, as if you were a mirror
  29. 29. 29 Ma biasser: Lessons for life from Lebanon Satiric article- Hossein Shahidi August 23, 2010 lessons-for-life-from-lebanon.ashx#axzz32SrPao2k The great contemporary thinker, Homer Simpson, once gave his beloved son, Bart, three lessons to get him through life: Number one: 'Cover for me.' Number two: 'Oh, good idea, boss.' Number three, 'It was like that when I got here. Igno