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  • 1.Wellness 9Comics for Health: The Effects of DrugsTask: 1. Design a comic strip using the Comic Life Program to inform teenagersabout the effects of your assigned drug on the body and mind. Use your comicstrip as a teaching tool when you present your project to your class2. Create a Power Point presentation as a visual aid to present your findingsorally to the class and reinforce your comic strip. It should provide completeinformation about your specific drug.Audience: TeenagersResources for research: Approved Websites listed in student resources, HSMC, Pathfinder (by K Blackwell) Films shown in class and Unit 3 in Lifetime Health.Resources for Comic Strip: Comic Life Program, High School Computer Department teacherGetting Started: Note: Three class sessions will be used to work on this project.1. Research your assigned drug. Use the Drug Chart in student resources as a guide.2. Create your power point from the research you and your partner have done.3. Discuss how you and your partner will use the comic strip format to inform readers. Brainstorm whatwill appear in each cell of your comic strip. Remember, comic strip characters talk and think. Seeexamples in class.4. From your collective research and your power point slide show, create a comic strip which is at least 10cells in length and which includes dialogue in at least 5 cells. Cell templates are available in class or youmay create your own.List of Drugs to choose from: 1.Tranquillizers (e.g. Valium or Rohypnol or GHB) 2.Crystal Methamphetamine (shabu) or Amphetamines 3.Ecstasy (MDMA) 4.Cocaine 5.Marijuana 6.Heroin 7.LSD (ACID) 8.Inhalants 9.Anabolic Steroids 10. Painkillers 11. MushroomPower Point requirements:1. must include the name and type of drug2. common street names for the drug3. the way(s) the drug is taken into the body4. short-term effects5. long-term effects on the body and mind6. potential health risks7. interesting facts or truths vs myths

2. Comic Strip requirements: 1. The situation the character is in must be realistic. 2. Use the situation to identify at least 2 reasons why the character is at high riskfor drug use 3. Illustrates use or lack of refusal skills by the characters 4. Identifies the drug by its street names 5. Shows what the drug looks like 6. Illustrates how the drug is taken 7. Identifies both the short-term and long-term effects of your assigned drugGetting ready for oral presentation of comic strip and power point: 1. Read thru your Drug Information power point with your partner and go thru the checklist below. 2. Read over your comic strip and go thru the checklist below. 3. Transfer your Comic Life, comic strip to a jpeg slide show for use during your class presentation. Use the Jpegs imagine to transfer. 4. Print your Comic Life, comic strip and mount it for display using either poster board or cartolina paper (available in class) for the background. 5. Run thru your presentation with your partner. My Project Checklist: My power point has a title Author are clearly visible pp slides are eye catching pp slides easy to read pp slides have a specific amount of info on each slide power point meets all the requirements listed above my images have captions and are included in my bibliography bibliography is in MLA format My comic strip has a title the names of the authors clearly visible My comic has a least 10 cells with 5 dialogue Comic is printed and mounted for display Comic Strip is transferred to a jpeg. slide show comic strip meets the requirements listed aboveOral Presentation Checklist I have researched my assigned drug and am confident I can answer questions Read over my power point and comic strip at least 3 times My partner and I have gone thru a dry run of the presentation out loud 3. Substance Abuse Comic Life Project Grade 9 WellnessExemplaryProficientDevelopingEmerging Comments AA- B+B B- C+ CC- D+ D D-ContentThe project includes all thePowerPoint/project requirements. The Meets most of theMeets very few ofIncludes littlePreziproject gives the audienceproject requirements.the projectpersuasive information a clear sense of the main Includes persuasiverequirements.and only one or two14 pointsidea. information fromfacts about the topic. Information is accurate,reliable sources andInformation isSome of the current and comes mainlyincomplete, out of dateinformation may not from excellent sources. and/or incorrect.seem to fit. Sources Sequencing of ideas isused appear unclear.unreliable.ContentComic StripThe text contains rich, It contains rich and It contains material There is very few boxes difficult to find, and/or useful information that is superficial, on the storyboard and14 pointsvery useful information.distilled into anOR highlythey do not provide an Highly complex material isaccessible form. The complicated and hard overview of the topic. simplified and made audience is left with ato discern OR useful accessible through very sense of satisfaction andmaterial that is not effective synthesis. Theunderstanding regardingeasy to use in its audience is left with a what has been learnedcurrent form. The deeper understanding of and/or the direction itaudience is left the drug. might provide. without a clear senseof the effects of thedrug.PowerPoint/Sometimes the fonts areOverall readability is The layout is cluttered,Prezieasy-to-read, but in a difficult with lengthy confusing, and does not The fonts are easy-to-read few places the use ofparagraphs, too many use spacing, headings and point size varies4 points fonts, italics, bold, long different fonts, darkand subheadings to appropriately for headings paragraphs, color or or busy background,enhance the readability. and text. Use of italics, busy backgroundoveruse of bold or bold, and indentations detracts and does notlack of appropriate enhances readability. Text enhance readability. indentations of text. is appropriate in length for The slides include titlesThe slide the target audience and to and text for each slidepresentation is not in the point. The background and are in sequentiala logical sequence and colors enhance the order. and has incomplete readability of text. There isinformation. a logical sequence to the presentationOralPresentation Presented with a clear Presented with someNo real structure to the structure and some structure and some presentation and little Engaging and well-4 points evidence of priorevidence of priorevidence of planning or structured with clear planning and planning and preparation. The evidence of planning, preparation. The preparation. The audience was not preparation and practice. audience was engaged audience was not engaged with the The presentation was most of the time.engaged with the subject. clearly audible, lasted forsubject most of the the appropriate length oftime. time.Research /Bibliography Bibliography indicates youBibliography indicates Bibliography No bibliographyMLA Format accurately researched a you recorded relevantindicates youindicates you didnt variety of informationinformation from misinterpreted recorded information4 points from four or more multiple sources ofstatements, graphics from four or less resources.information, evaluated and questions andresources, did not find and synthesized relevant failed to identify graphics and ignored Correct MLA formatinformation. relevant arguments.alternative points of A few errors in theMany errors in the view. MLA formatting.MLA formatting. Final Grade = ____________/40