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This is a comic strip story to help students learn how to register for classes


  • 1. Arapahoe Community College three weeks before classes start
    Hey Zack!!! What are you doing?
    OK now Im herenow what do I do ?!
    Hey! Its Mike Gonzales !!!
    All right somebody I knowthis is great!
    Hey Dude! Hows it going ? I want to startclasses here but I have no idea how to get started!

2. Dude - Just stop by Information Central- theyllgive you a list of things to do to get startedCmonIll show you
Information Central
All right! Lets go!
This is the Registration Checklist.
Just follow these steps to get ready to start your classes.
OK! Thanks so much!
OK got the list- what do I need to do?
3. Registration ChecklistSpring 2011
1.Complete the College ApplicationForm on the Arapahoe Community College (ACC) Website at: It takes 3-5 business days to process your application. You will receive an acceptance email or letter that will contain your student ID number.
2.Apply to the College Opportunity Fund at : if you are a resident of Colorado. COF will pay a stipend toward your tuition and fees if you are a resident of Colorado.
3.Provide Test Scores. Submit your ACT Test scores to the Testing Center.If you dont have ACT Scores take the Accuplacer Test. If you are a transfer student provide a copy of your transcripts. For more information contact the Testing Center at : 303.797.5993 or go to room M2280 in the Main Building
4. Apply for Financial Aidif needed. For information go to Contact the Financial Aid office at 303.797.5661 or go to Room M2115 in the Main Building
9.Parking Permit and Student IDGo to the Campus Police room M2600 in the Main Building. Bring a receipt of payment for your tuition and fees and a photo ID and they will provide you will a parking permit and a photo Student ID Card
10.Book Store.Purchase your books and supplies at the ACC Bookstore located on the first floor in room M1200 in the Main Building. You may also purchase your books online at: the Bookstore at: 303.797.5676
11.Class Schedule. Print out your class schedulethrough yourmy ACC Account. Go to the Student Tab and in the Registration Tools box select Detailed Student Schedule. Click Print from the File menu at the top right-hand corner of the screen. For best resultsattend classes regularly!
5.New student OrientationNew first time college student s must attend a New Student Orientation.Register on the advising webpage or call AcademicAdvisingat 303.797.5664 or go to room M2850 in the Main Building
6.Academic Advising Meet with an Academic Advisor for help selecting classes and information about certificate and degree plans. Call 303.797.5664 to make an appointment or come in as a walk-in to room M2850 in the Main Building
7. Register for classes Register for classes through your myACC Account. If you need help setting up your myACC account call Information Central at:303.797.5422
8. Tuition and Fees. Pay for your courses through your myACC account with a credit card or directly at the Cashiers Office in room M2650 in the Main Building.If you are receiving Financial Aid, contact the Financial Aid Department for tuition payment processes.
4. One week later. Zack is trying to register for classes
This hand out will help a lot.Ill go home and apply online right away. . Hey thanks a lot for your help!!
HeyMike its Zack good, and you?Hey, Im working through the Registration Checklist.I saw an academic advisor and I know what classes Im supposed to take - but I dont know how to register for classes
Later that day at Zacks houseMike teaches Zack how to register for classes
Hey Zack! No problem, Ill stop by this afternoon an show you how to register
OK go to the ACC website at :
5. OK ! Youre at the ACC Homepage great !- now just click on the myACClogoin thelower right corner to get tothe login page for your myACC account.
Now type in your student ID Number and your Password, then click the login button
6. OK! Now youre in yourmyACCpages. You are in the Welcome page.
See the tabs across the top? Select the Student Tab
Now youre in the Student pages of yourmyACC account.
You will want to come to this page often to register for classes and read about current events on campus and lots of other things.
7. Theres a zillion things on this page!! Wheream I supposed to be looking ??!
See the box in the upper middle of the page- Registration Tools? Thats what you want to focus on for now
OK So you know what classes you need to take right?
Yes, I talked with an advisor and she gave me a list of classes to take
All right,then just click on the LookUp Classes link under the Registration Tools list
8. So whats one of theclasses you need to take?
First,you need to select the Term for the course you want to register forselectFall 2010 then click on
English 121
Now you are in the Look Up Classes page. Here you need to select a Subject from the drop down list and then type in the Course Number
So Select English from the Subject list and then type in 121 in the Course Number box . Next scroll down to the bottom of the page and selectclass Search.