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Comic Strip Narrative Rubric CategoryOrganization4The story is very well-organized. One idea or scene follows another in a logical sequence with clear transitions. Setting is powerfully realized. Selection of background / landscape strongly reinforces the plot / theme.3The story is pretty well organized. One idea or scene may seem out of place. Clear transitions are used. Setting is clear. Selection of background / landscape establishes the right mood and atmosphere for the theme/ plot. Characterization (dialogue, captions, selection of graphics) is stereotyped, flat and boring.2The story is a little hard to follow. The transitions are sometimes not clear.1Ideas and scenes seem to be randomly arranged.SettingSetting is sketchy but adequate. Selection of background / landscape is clich but some attempts have been made to arouse reader interest. Characterization (dialogue, captions, selection of graphics) is confusing and unconvincing.There is no sense of setting. Selection of background/ landscape is totally absurd or inappropriate.CharacterizationCharacterization (dialogue, captions, selection of graphics) is interesting and enhances / complements the plot/ theme/ setting. Appropriate and effective use of language to capture atmosphere and convey mood.Characterization (dialogue, captions, selection of graphics) may be irrelevant or inappropriate.LanguageAppropriate use of language with limited vocab to capture atmosphere and convey mood.Language used is limited. Does not capture atmosphere or mood of the scene.Language use if simplistic and fails to convey the atmosphere or mood of the scene.


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