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LESSON LEARNTA persons appearance is important as it forms the first impression, so manage the appearance appropriately.

Concept 1 : Social learningThat individuals learn from observing the behaviors of others.The main character observed the outfit of his brothers friend when he was still a child.

Concept 2 : Confirmation biasesInformation that contradicts a schema may be filtered outThe officer ignore the request of the main character when he trying to ask what is happening. The officer think that the criminal is trying to lie when he got caught.

Concept 3 : Stereotyping - A stereotype assumes that all members of a group share some common feature- In this situation the main character was thought to be a gangster member .

Concept 4 : abcs attitude - Affective, he felt sad, because he was accused.Behavioral, he try his best to convince the police to check the cctv.Cognitive, he thought that the police should be more efficient and should not be making mistake.

Concept 5 : Impression managementResearch finds that impressions are made after only .10 seconds.A persons appearance plays an important role in forming first impression.In this case the main character realized that he need to change his physical appearance.