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<ul><li> 1. In Slovakia, Christmas celebrations begin with Advent Merry Christmas is Vesel Vianoce in Slovak language We also celebrate Saint Nicholas (Mikul) on the 6th of December.</li></ul> <p> 2. A lot of people eat christmas cabbage, but there are also families who eat mushroom soup on Christmas 3. Gingerbread Its usual to bake gingerbread every Christmas. Gingerbread is a kind of a sweet pie or a cookie. Its made of flour, honey, sugar, eggs. You can also add nuts or cinnamon for better taste. Each gingerbread gets decorated. 4. Christmas Wafers On every Christmas dinner, we eat Christmas wafers with honey and a tiny piece of garlic. Its a tradition in every family. 5. Traditions After the dinner, we cut an apple in half and if the core is pretty (Looking like a star), that means you are going to be healthy the whole year. A candle is lit up, its a symbol of Christmas We throw nuts into corners so we will have food for the whole next year. 6. Every Christmas, we give our friends and family presents. Its because we need to show them that we depend on them and also, we thank them this way for the whole year. Nobody should be alone on Christmas. 7. We also sing christmas carols, to make the effect of Christmas even more effecting! The most popular ones are Tich noc (Silent night) and Pome bratia do Betlema (Come my brothers to Betlehem). 8. BetlehemPeople are used to prepare Betlehems in the churches. They are often made from wood. 9. Mirka Gyetvenov, VIII.A </p>


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