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  • Columbia Sheep Breeders' Association

    Registration Application PO Box 722 - Lakefield, MN 56150 - Phone 507-662-5005 or 507-360-2160—Fax 507-662-5105



    (Owner of dam at time of mating)



    (Owner of dam at time of birth)


    Assn Number

    (Office Use)

    Flock # Sex Type of


    Date of


    Sire Assn


    Sire Breeder


    Flock # (Opt)

    Dam Assn




    Flock # (Opt)

    Transfer Date Sold to & Address

    Signature of Owner of Dam (time of lambing)

    Signature of Owner of Ram (time of mating)

    *If inspected—Signature of Inspector & Date


    Please complete a work order to

    submit with this application!!!

  • Columbia Sheep Breeders

    Association of America Work Order and Fee Schedule

    Registry Office

    PO Box 722, Lakefield, MN 56150

    Phone # - 507-360-2160 FAX # - 507-662-5105 Email




    City, State, Zip

    Phone # Fax # Email

    Check type of membership: New member appl.

    Senior Member

    Junior Member

    Non-member appl

    Fee Schedule


    Fee s



    Annual Senior Member Dues $ 50

    New Senior Member Dues $ 20

    Annual Junior Member Dues $ 15

    New Junior Member Dues $ 10


    Animal Under 24 months old – member $ 5 $ 15.00

    Animals Over 24 months old - member $ 6

    Animals Under 24 months old – non member

    $ 15

    Animals Over 24 months old – non member $ 18 $ 18.00




    Under 60 days since date of sale – member $ 5 $ 15.00

    Over 60 days since date of sale - member $ 7 $ 21.00

    Under 60 days since date of sale – non member $ 15

    Over 60 days since the date of sale – non member $ 21

    Other Fees

    Duplicate Certificates $ 3 $ 6.00

    Name Christening $10 or $25

  • Rush fees are double the price of regular fees

    Special handling fees - TBD

    Grand Total – Balance Due

    Credit Balance

    Total Money Enclosed

    Make check payable to All-American Registry

    *Orders without proper fees will not be mailed until paid in full. **All checks returned for non-sufficient funds will be charges a $25 fee.

    Name: Address: Phone: Fax: Email: MembershipsRow1: 0 MembershipsRow2: 0 MembershipsRow3: 0 MembershipsRow4: 0 RegistrationsRow1: 0 RegistrationsRow2: 0 RegistrationsRow3: 0 RegistrationsRow4: 0 TransfersRow1: 0 TransfersRow2: 0 TransfersRow3: 0 TransfersRow4: 0 Rush fees are double the price of regular fees: 0 Special handling fees TBD: 0 CitySTateZip: (1 for $10 or 3 for $25): (1 for $10 or 3 for $25) NewMember: Off SeniorMember: Off JuniorMember: Off NonMember: Off AnnualSeniorMemberDues: 0 NewSeniorMemberDues: 0 AnnualJuniorMemberDues: 0 NewJuniorMemberDues: 0 DuplicateCertificates: 0 Transferover60nonmember: 0 Transferunder60nonmember: 0 Over60transfermember: 0 Under60transfermember: 0 Over24nonmember: 0 Under24nonmember: 0 Over24member: 0 Under24member: 0 Text6: $5 Junior Member Dues Naming: 0 Duplicates: 0 Text8: $ 5 MembershipsRow5: 0 JuniorDues: 0 Grandtotal: 0 Credit: Enclosed: 0 Submit: Flock Row5: Flock Row4: Flock Row3: Flock Row2: Flock Row1: Date of BirthRow2: Date of BirthRow1: Sire Assn NumberRow1: Date of BirthRow3: Dam Breeder Flock OptRow5: Dam Assn NumberRow5: Sire Breeder Flock OptRow5: Sire Assn NumberRow5: Date of BirthRow5: Dam Breeder Flock OptRow4: Dam Assn NumberRow4: Sire Breeder Flock OptRow4: Sire Assn NumberRow4: Date of BirthRow4: Dam Assn NumberRow3: Sire Breeder Flock OptRow3: Sire Assn NumberRow3: Dam Assn NumberRow2: Sire Breeder Flock OptRow2: Sire Assn NumberRow2: Sire Breeder Flock OptRow1: Dam Assn NumberRow1: Sold to AddressRow5: Transfer DateRow5: Sold to AddressRow4: Transfer DateRow4: Sold to AddressRow3: Transfer DateRow3: Dam Breeder Flock OptRow3: Transfer DateRow2: Dam Breeder Flock OptRow2: Transfer DateRow1: Dam Breeder Flock OptRow1: Sold to AddressRow2: Sold to AddressRow1: Flock Row6: Date of BirthRow6: Sire Assn NumberRow6: Flock Row7: Date of BirthRow7: Flock Row8: Date of BirthRow8: Flock Row9: Date of BirthRow9: Sire Assn NumberRow9: Sire Assn NumberRow8: Sire Assn NumberRow7: Sire Breeder Flock OptRow6: Dam Assn NumberRow6: Dam Breeder Flock OptRow6: Transfer DateRow6: Sold to AddressRow6: Sire Breeder Flock OptRow7: Dam Assn NumberRow7: Dam Breeder Flock OptRow7: Transfer DateRow7: Sold to AddressRow7: Sire Breeder Flock OptRow8: Dam Assn NumberRow8: Dam Breeder Flock OptRow8: Transfer DateRow8: Sold to AddressRow8: Sire Breeder Flock OptRow9: Dam Assn NumberRow9: Dam Breeder Flock OptRow9: Transfer DateRow9: Sold to AddressRow9: Breeder: AddressBreeder: Owner: AddressOwner: Date: Signature of Dam: Signature of Ram: Signature of Inspecter: Sex1: [e] Payment type: Payment Type Check: I will send a check (Paperwork will be mailed once check is received) Paypal: Bill me via PayPal (Paperwork will be mailed once payment is received) Send check: Off Bill Paypal: Off Sex2: [e] Sex3: [e] Sex4: [e] Sex5: [e] Sex6: [e] Sex7: [e] Sex8: [e] Sex9: [e] TOB1: [s] TOB2: [s] TOB3: [s] TOB4: [s] TOB5: [s] TOB6: [s] TOB7: [s] TOB8: [s] TOB9: [s]


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