Colors, calm colors White Blue, sadness calm White, calm peace Colors, warm colors Yellow Orange, success joy Yellow, wisdom warmth Colors, energetic colors.

Download Colors, calm colors White Blue, sadness calm White, calm peace Colors, warm colors Yellow Orange, success joy Yellow, wisdom warmth Colors, energetic colors.

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  • Colors, calm colors Blue, sadness calm White, calm peace Colors, warm colors Orange, success joy Yellow, wisdom warmth Colors, energetic colors Green, energy nature Colors, strong colors Red, power strength

  • calm colors

  • warm colors

  • energetic colors strong colors

  • Blue is a _______ colour . It represents _______. So you may say Im feeling _____ when you are feeling sad. It can make us feel calm and _________.Can you complete the passage?calmsadnessbluepeacefulfeel blue=feel sad

  • Orange represents _______. It can cheer you ____ when you feel sad. Yellow is the color of the sun, so it can remind you ___ a warm sunny day. It is also the color of ________ .Can you complete the passage?joyupofwisdom1.remind sb of sb/sth /The song reminds me of my English teacher.2.remind sb (not)to do sth ( Mum reminds me to get to school on time every day.

  • Green is an ________color . It __________ new life and _______ as it is the colour of nature. It is also the color of _____. Can you complete the passage?energetic=be full of energyrepresentsgrowthenvy

  • Can you complete the passage?Red is a kind of ________ colour. It represents ________, ________ and strong ________. It can help you when you are having difficulty______ a decision.

    strongpowerheatfeelingsmakingHe had no difficulty working out the maths problem. more and more powerful Knowledge is power.

  • Which does Kitty like better / prefer ?

  • Mary would ratherMary prefersgo shoppingdo some washingMarygo shopping than do some washing. going shopping to doing some washing.

  • 1. prefer A to B =like A better than B AB2. prefer to do sth =would rather do sth /3. prefer doing A to doing B = would rather do A than do B AB

    Review the rules:prefer--preferred

  • KittyKitty prefers western food to Chinese food.=Kitty prefers western food Chinese food.

    = Kitty would rather western food than Chinese food.

    Chinese foodWestern foodeatingto eating eat(eat)

  • Pair work(Speak up) Suppose you will attend your friends birthday party. You want to ask your partner for advice on what colors to wear. Make up similar dialogues. Try to use prefer/ prefer would rather...A:,I will attend my friends birthday party this coming Saturday. Could you give me some advice? I dont know what to wear.B: Why dont you wear?A: No, I like// Maybe its a good ideaB: What about A: I would rather/ prefer to/ prefer toB: Perhaps you can wearA: No, I like/prefer/ would rather // its a good idea B: I hope you can A: Thanks for your advice

  • somebody someone somethinganybodyanyoneanythingnobodyno one/ nonenothing noneused in positive sentences()used in negative sentencesIndefinite pronouns


  • True or false:1. Would you like to drink? 2. Why do you want to ask forhelp? anyonesomeoneanythingsomethingNotes:1. some 2. anyone 1. Anyone can do this. 2. Anybody who breaks the law will be punished by the law.

  • Somebody _____ (be) on the phone now, you have to wait for minutes. Everything ________ (begin) to grow in spring.

    isbeginsNotes: 3.

  • Is there ________________()in todays newspaper?I have_________________() to tell you.Do you have ________________()for yourself?


    anything interesting something importantanything to say

  • ( ) --Who gave you advice about the trip? --______. A. No one B. None C. Anybody D. WhoNotes:5. no one=nobody ( ) _______of us like(s) the idea of going fishing at the weekend. A. No one B. None C. Anybody D. Who( ) --How many eggs are there in the fridge? --_____. A. Nothing B. None C. No one D. NoABB

  • Some exercisesWhich color do you prefer?

  • 1. black2. blue3. green 4. orange5. red6. white7. yellow calm and peace power and protection wisdom and warmth power and strength energy and nature sadness or calm success and joy

  • A Lollipop!()

  • ()1.He would rather work than play. He _________ _________ ________playing.2.I prefer to live in the countryside I __________ _________ ________in the countryside.3.Millie likes Maths better than English. Millie ___________ Maths_________English4.Sandy prefers flying to Qingdao to taking the slowest train there. Sandy________ _____ _____to Qingdao _____ ______the slowest train there.prefers working towould rather liveprefers to would rather fly than take

  • 1. I dont think ____________knows her secret.2. ---How many students can you see there? --- ___________. 3. --- Who can you see in the classroom? --- _____________.4. --- Mum, can I have ___________ to eat? --- Sorry, there is __________ in the fridge. I didnt buy__________.5. The boys were all tired, but _________ of them stopped to have a rest.6. _________ who feels tired should wear energetic colors.NobodyanybodyNonesomethingnothinganythingnoneAnybody none, nothing, something, anythingnobody, anybody, somebody

  • 1. Yellow is the color of the sun, It can a warm, sunny day. A remind you about B remind you of C remind you D remind of you 2. Most of the students comic books to music . A prefer to read, to listen B prefer reading, to listen C prefer to read, to listening D prefer reading, to listening 3. Hed rather than . A reading books, watching TV B to read books, watch TV C read books, to watch TV D read books, watch TV 4. Daniel prefers playing computer games . A. to shop B. to shopping C. than shop D. than shopping 5. Theres with your sons ears. So dont worry about him. A. nothing serious B. something serious C. serious nothing D. anything serious 6. Daniel was a bad mood and didnt talk to . A. on, something B. with, anybody C. in, anybody D. in, somebodyBDDB AC

  • 80-100 Lisa

  • Possible Version Colors can affect and even change our moods. Lisa is a pretty girl with pale skin and black hair, but she is very shy. She used to prefer white to red. Last year, she visited a color therapy centre. People there advised her to wear red, because red represents power. She has been more lively/ much livelier since then. She even said she wanted to recommend herself to be the host of the next charity show.

  • Homework:Correct your composition and rewrite it in your notebooks.2. Revise the language points in Unit 2.

  • Thank all of you!Class is over



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