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  • Learning with Drawing & Coloring Tools & Apps
  • What’s the Story? Cave Painting by Ryan Somma, Flickr
  • Ar#sts  are  just  children  who  refuse  to   put  down  their  crayons.  -­‐  Al  Hirschfeld   More Drawing by Juhan Sonin, Flickr,
  • Visualization Patterns Symmetry & Shapes Imagination Motor Skills Creativity
  • Play music while they color & draw
  • Prepare Aprons Washable tools Timer
  • Assessment Color the banana yellow
  • Assessment Color the banana yellow Create their own flashcards
  • Circle  around  the  room   and  ask  students  about   the  characters  &  objects   they  are  drawing  
  • Set-up a drawing & coloring learning station
  • Make a card deck of drawing challenges!
  • Pair or group them! Pictionary Drawing directions Pictionary 1 by Anna M,
  • Activities Storyboarding Scenes in videos Animation Digital Storytelling Blueprints
  • Visual Mapping Mindmapping of Musicophila by Oliver Sacks by Austin Kleon, Flickr
  • Create a rebus Cool Rebus by Stefan Malmesjö, Flickr
  • Colorful Web Tools
  • Animate with Blabberize
  • Create drawing tasks with InfusedLearning.Com
  • Create an Animated Gif with
  • Sketchpad works on any device
  • Draw word problems, storyboard, & brainstorm with Educreations
  • Educreations screen/voice capturing app
  • Virtual Drawing World for Kids
  • Create a story with
  • Character Texts LittleBirdTales.Com •  tudents can upload S their pics or choose from a variety of characters & backgrounds or draw on the pages •  an narrate with text C & audio •  mbeddable E •  aid app P
  • Draw a Habitat
  • Draw a mindmap with & the free IOS app!
  • Draw collaboratively with
  • Design a presentation with
  • Buncee Web Tool & IOS App
  • Draw a comic with
  • Alessi's turn on the iPad by Marcus Kwan, Flickr Colorific Apps
  • Tip: Use a Stylus 'Fellowes Multi-Stylus’ Found on
  • Comics Head IOS/Android •  hoose  from  many   C frames,  templates,   cap2ons,   characters,   backgrounds,  etc.   •  rite text W •  rawing tools D •  pload  images   U •  reate a comic C book    
  • Play a drawing adventure game Free  IOS/  Android  App  at    
  • Let’s Learn How to Draw App
  • Activity: Draw My Monster •  ll students draw a A monster but don’t show the drawing •  air students P •  tudent A describes the S monster for student B to draw Vocabulary: Numbers, parts of the body
  • Icebreaker: What’s your favorite cartoon?
  • Share Board IOS App- Up to 32 can draw, sketch & discuss
  • Create a movie of your art with Drawing Pad HD IOS App
  • Bring coloring pages to life with ColAR augmented reality app
  • Drawp for Schools IOS Free App • Drawing + photo + voice • Collaborative assignments
  • ChatterPix IOS Free App •  ake a photo T •  dd a line for a A mouth & record your voice •  dd stickers, text, A frames, & filters
  • Drawing Torch iPad App
  • Drawing Torch App
  • Drawing Challenges
  • StoryKit
  • StoryKit
  • Draw Your Story Free iPad App •  rompts, P settings & more to get kids to draw & fill out a story
  • resources/webinars


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