Colorado Avalanche Likely To Host Outdoor NHL Game

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Post on 03-Aug-2015




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<p> 1. Colorado Avalanche Likely To Host Outdoor NHL GameUse your (arrows) to browseThe Denver Post reports that the Colorado Avalanche are in talks to host an outdoor NHL game aspart of the Coors Light NHL Stadium Series as soon as next season.As outdoor hockey games continue to gain more popularity and exposure for the NHL, the leaguewill undoubtedly look for more venues to host its Coors Light NHL Stadium Series. What betterplace to host one such event than in a field bearing the same sponsor name as the series itself?Adrian Dater at the Denver Post writes, "Denver is 'very likely' to be awarded an outdoor NHL gameat Coors Field next season, two NHL sources told The Denver Post."The most likely venue for an outdoor game in Colorado seems to be Coors Field, where the ColoradoRockies of the MLB play their home games. Dater notes the game likely wouldn't be the WinterClassic, which is always played on New Year's Day and has been played predominantly in large East-coastcities where the winter weather is more predictable.While Colorado gets plenty of winter weather, the elements in the mountains can be a tad moremercurial, which is probably why the league hasn't already been that way for an outdoor game.It appears that's all set to change though, despite team officials offering the company line whenpressed on the issue."We would love to have NHL games at Coors Field," said Greg Feasel, Rockies executive vicepresident and chief operating officer. "Right now, all the parties involved are still talking about it."Use your (arrows) to browse </p>


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