colonial government and the need for reform. 1837 rebellions

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Colonial Government and the Need for Reform. 1837 Rebellions Slide 2 Voters/People Who got the vote? male, white, landowning What was the voting process like? open. public. almost a spectacle what are some of the effects of this? Slide 3 Legislative Assembly Draft laws, make proposals to the councils and Governor. projects they were interested in: roads schools Slide 4 Executive and Legislative Councils what is the term you use, when a small group of influential people dominate or rule a government? What were the names of the particular group in Upper Canada running the show? And what were their goals, what did they want? Veto power. Appointed positions. Slide 5 Governor British, therefore a foreigner what might be some of the implications of the Governor, not being from Canada? Slide 6 British Government Mother England This is the colonial system they used throughout the Empire. Slide 7 Colonial Government and Need for Reform 1. What is representative government? 2. What is responsible government? Slide 8 Closure Post-it notes Work on your Letter Assignment Start Review for test, feel free to ask for help or clarification.


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