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Colonial America. By: Kate Downey. Founding Fathers:. George Washington helped create the foundation of America. He lead the continental army and was our first president. George Washington. Founding Fathers:. James Madison. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Colonial AmericaBy: Kate Downey

  • George Washington helped create the foundation of America. He lead the continental army and was our first president.Founding Fathers:George Washington

  • James MadisonJames Madison wrote much of the constitution and was the fourth president of the United States.Founding Fathers:

  • Thomas Jefferson was unanimously picked to write the Declaration of Independence, and was also the second vice president and the third president.Thomas JeffersonFounding Fathers:

  • Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin helped correct the Declaration of Independence and negotiated the Treaty of Paris.Founding Fathers:

  • Jobs and their Typical Work DaysSome jobs of colonial times are Milliners, Blacksmiths, and Carpenters and joiners. Milliners made things like shifts, gowns, aprons, hats, and cloaks. Blacksmiths were crafters of hardware and tools. Carpenters and joiners made things out of wood, such as cabinets. Some jobs in colonial times included skill, and people would mainly work long hours. People used tools such as anvils, hammers, tongs, chisels, and files.

  • Games and musicFifes and Snare Drums were important to music in the colonial era. Harpsichords were used also. People played board games, puzzles, cards, and ninepins. They also walked on stilts and rolled hoops.

  • 3 Regions of the 13 ColoniesOne of the regions of the 13 colonies is the New England region, which consist of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, it has cold winters and mild summers, and it mainly relied on ship building. The others are the Middle region and the Southern region. The Middle region consists of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, and is a farming society that has cold winters and warm summers. The Southern region consists of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, and has mild winters and warm summers, large plantations and slavery.

  • SlaverySlavery is a practice of capturing Africans and selling them to paying people. The Southern region became most dependent on slavery because their economy was almost entirely based on farming and slaves were mainly used as laborers on plantations. They could work in the plantation owners house, or out in the fields.

  • EducationMost people in colonial times could neither read nor write. Children who could afford education would use tools such as slate boards, educational puzzles, and eighteenth-century childrens books. Adults that could read mainly read newspapers.

  • Shelter and FurnishingsIf you were poor in colonial times, you would use what you could to build a house, but dugout houses were popular. If you were middle classed you would have a moderate sized house, probably with a keeping room and an attic. If you were rich you would probably live in a big house or mansion. What furnished homes were mainly cabinets, chairs, a clothes press, a desk, a bookcase, a bureau table, a writing table, and a clock. If you were rich you would probably have marble statues in your home.

  • ClothingClothes in colonial times consisted of shirts, shifts, aprons, shoes, neckerchiefs, caps, cloaks, hoods, hats, muffs, gowns, breeches, under petticoats,and hoop petticoats. They also had ruffles and trim for gowns.

  • FoodThere were many dishes in colonial times. Pumpkin gnocchi and tidewater chili are some of them. People could catch lobsters, and fish for salmon and other kinds of fish. They could also hunt or farm.

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