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a passion to inspire

collectionscollections sixa passion to inspireCustomer satisfaction requires dedication, commitment and a passion to achieve levels of excellence far exceeding expectation. The following pages contain a carefully and deliberately selected collection of ceramics, glassware and metal, presented by Steelite International in an effort to satisfy this objective. Collections Six offers a custom look for any tabletop. Explore the vast collections of Distinction, discover your opportunities with Performance and realize the endless possibilities of our numerous partners in excellence. We look forward to serving you! Steelite International - A passion to inspire.

recommendations sharing the passion

Steelite combines style, elegance, and functionality with a unique and contemporary design all of its own. I can always count on Steelite to make my food look as good as I do!

Akira BackExecutive Chef | Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant and Lounge | Bellagio | Las Vegas, NV

recommendations sharing the passion

Ive been working with Steelite for a long time in different venues in ten different locations. The quality, the versatility they listen, they have no ego, are flexible and are constantly challenging themselves to create new products.

Craig GilbertPartner | Tacos & Tequila | Las Vegas, NV

recommendations sharing the passion

When we moved to the new restaurant in Napa we had an opportunity to buy all new china, and there were a number of Steelite pieces we just had to have. The combination of look and feel and price is pretty hard to beat. Steelite is our go-to china.

Ken Frank

Chef - Proprietor | La Togue | Napa, CA

recommendations sharing the passion

Harold Dieterle

Chef | Kin Shop | New York, NY | Winner | Top Chef Season 1

Kin shop is rustic. I needed plateware that would be appropriate for curries, rice, etc. Steelite was key. I worked with a different brand in the past, but found I had to continually replace the plateware, as it often broke. I did not have to replace a single Steelite plate the first 6 months Kin Shop was open. Steelite offers the best of both worlds beautiful durability.

So clean, so diverse - so many different shapes. Im linear in a lot of things (presentations). Steelite gives me the ability.

Kim CanteenwallaExecutive Chef and Partner | Society Caf Encore | Las Vegas, NV

recommendations sharing the passion

I knew that Steelite was the product that I wanted based on the high volume we do in the buffet, the durability of the plate along with the great customer service. One of the best products Ive used in the last twenty years of my experience in food and beverage.

Joseph Maloney In the industryLoLA & LoLITA RESTAuRANTS

VP of Food and Beverage | Cache Creek Casino | Brooks, CA

BR GuEST RESTAuRANTS Steelite offers a great balance between contemporary design & lasting durability. for high volume restaurants such as ours, both are of utmost necessity. It is equally important that our chinaware be resilient - while at the same time be of highest aesthetic quality. ~STEPhEN hANSoN, PRESIDENT WESTMoNT hoSPITALITy GRouP Westmont hospitality has been a long standing customer of Steelite - and a great fit for our multi-branded portfolio. Steelites commitment to service their customer and provide innovative & leading edge designs keep us attracted to them as a strategic vendor for many years to come ~JohN AITkEN, VICE PRESIDENT of PuRChASING SERVICE

Steelite plates make my food pop like no other! They have changed the way that chefs plate food. ~ChEf MIChAEL SyMoN, oWNER & ChEf ThE CAPITAL GRILLE - DARDEN RESTAuRANTS, INC The simple elegance of Steelite International chinaware elevates our food presentation. ~JIM NuETzI, DIRECToR of CuLINARy GoRDoN BIERSCh - BREWERy RESTAuRANT GRouP, INC our custom-made plateware by Steelite International not only provides the best presentation and product durability, but also serves as an important enhancement towards the overall Gordon Biersch brand image. ~RoBERT WERk, VICE PRESIDENT of oPERATIoNS

In the classroomCuLINARy INSTITuTE of VIRGINIA having worked at Johnson & Wales as a purchasing director and now at the Culinary Institute of Virginia as an instructor, I have seen just about every plate out there in a very tough environment (students)...Steelite has the best plates/china hands down! used them for over 10 years and we still have some of those plates in service. Love this company! ~GREG BuRRouGhS, ChEf/CuLINARy INSTRuCToR

partnershipspartnershipsWe are proud corporate sponsors of the following organizations and/or events: Johnson and Wales university The Culinary Institute of America Cheers Beverage Conference Star Chefs International Congress Veggie u Culinary Vegetable Institute Rising Stars North American Sommelier Association In Vino unitas We are members of the following organizations: MAfSI Marine hotel Association National Restaurant Association North American Association of food Equipment Manufacturers Pennsylvania Restaurant Association

contentscontentschinaanfora steelite international distinction 1 steelite international performance 25 57

bone chinanarumi rene ozorio paris 71 83

porcelainmontgatina pillivuyt crucial detail rene ozorio varick 87 99 119 123 149

glass dinnerwarecreations glass 153

flatwarela tavola rene ozorio worthy, noble & kent 161 173 179

hollowware & accessoriesworthy, noble & kent 195

buffetcanyon chafers worthy, noble & kent roselli design 203 205 207

glasswarerona glassware accessories bormioli rocco 209 223 225


outward beauty, inner strength

distinctiondistinction intelligently designed an extensive collection of shapes, patterns and colors both traditional and trendsetting designs excellent performance functional and durable lifetime edge chip warranty*


Tableware ranges within the Distinction collection offer the very best of both worlds. Exuding both elegance and class, each piece boasts superior strength for lasting durability - allowing you to create truly memorable dining experiences time after time. The result is a new standard in tableware:

We want you to be as confident in our product as we are - which is why we continue to stand by our worldwide lifetime edge chip warranty. Applicable to every plate, rimmed bowl and saucer manufactured as part of our Distinction and Performance ranges, the warranty covers each item for life.* Steelite International - Unparalleled design, unrivaled durability.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

china distinction




distinction monaco vogue

9001 Monaco (stock)

9001 Monaco | Fine Cups and Saucers (stock)

9001 Sheer (stock)

9001 Monaco | Hollowware (stock)

Opposite page: 9001 Nouveau Bowl (stock)All products are subject to availability. For further details of items available in each pattern please refer to the latest price list or contact customer service at 1-800-367-3493.

china distinction china distinction


distinction monaco vogueA range of stylish shapes with the inner strength of Steelite Internationals Distinction formula to provide a remarkably versatile range that will complement any dining occasion. From the simplicity of Monaco White to the sophistication of Antoinette, Monaco provides a solution for all environments and can be used alongside any Distinction whiteware range.

9001 Monaco | White (stock)

Our confidence guarantees a lifetime edge chip warranty* on plates, platters, saucers, and rimmed bowls.*Terms and Conditions Apply


monacomonaco vogue9019 Antoinette | Vogue (stock) 9017 Sorrento | Vogue (stock) 9123 Mosaic | Monaco (non-stock)


9057 Ambassador Burgundy | Vogue (stock)

9059 Ambassador Navy | Vogue (non-stock) 9058 Ambassador Hunter Green | Vogue (non-stock)

9033 Florencia | Vogue (non-stock)

9018 No. 7 | Vogue (non-stock)

9024 Fresco | Monaco (non-stock)

All products are subject to availability. For further details of items available in each pattern please refer to the latest price list or contact customer service at 1-800-367-3493.

china distinction


distinction axisAxis bowls add height and drama to the tabletop. Designed to be multi functional, Axis bowls make many food types look great, providing an architectural presentation style to the dish with minimal effort. Axis offers exciting possibilities, with the opportunity of presenting an entire meal in a collection of various sizes of this bowl.

9001 Monaco | Axis (stock)

audacious and contemporary styling


new product

axisaxis9001C487 Axis Bowl 8 (38 oz)


9001C488 Axis Bowl 6 (16 oz)

9001C489 Axis Bowl 4 (4 oz)

All products are subject to availability. For further details of items available in each pattern please refer to the latest price list or contact customer service at 1-800-367-3493.

china distinction


monaco vogmonaco vogueC300 Plate Monaco 12 C301 Plate Monaco 10 5/8 C302 Plate Monaco 10 C303 Plate Monaco 9 C304 Plate Monaco 8 C305 Plate Monaco 6 1/4 C356 Plate Vogue 12 1/2 C357 Plate Vogue 11 3/4 C955 Plate Vogue 11 C358 Plate Vogue 10 5/8 C359 Plate Vogue 10 C360 Plate Vogue 9 C361 Plate Vogue 8 C362 Plate Vogue 6 1/2 C345 Oval Platter Monaco 13 x 10 1/2 C341 Oval Platter Monaco 11 x 8 1/2 C339 Oval Platter Monaco 8 x 6 3/8 C392 Oval Platter Vogue 13 x 10 1/4 C393 Oval Platter Vogue 11 x 8 3/4 C394 Oval Platter Vogue 8 x 6 1/4 C347 Presentation Pla

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