COLD CASH SAVINGS - University of our praise; Honor His holy house s ... Cook; Reading, Mrs. Lina Day. Thought, ... AMATEURS NAME WHITE FOR OFFICIAL EDITOR

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    THURSDAY, JULY 5, 1945

    A SONG OF HOMEI woke mvself this morning

    singing of my Heavenlyhome,

    Woke with tears from myeyes flowing fast,

    Happy tears that life wasover and my work onearth was done,

    Happy tears that I wpuldreach my home at last.

    I wish I could repeat againthe words of that song,

    Could write them that otherfolks might see,

    Could express that happyfeeling as I sang of myhome,

    That home where from trou-ble I'll be free.

    Words of the song left me before my tears were gone,

    They were about my friendsover there

    Friends who are waitingwhere trouble nevercomes,

    Words aboiit my happy homeso bright and fair.

    I know my health is failingand that's home not faraway.

    I know that soon it's gloriesI'll behold

    I long to meet my saviour inthat home . beyond theskiess,

    I'll soon be gathered safeinto the fold.

    In the tune I woke singing Ising these lines I write

    But the happy words no morewill come to me,

    But once more I hope to singthem when I reach myhappy home,

    That home of which I sang sosure and free.

    Soon I'll hear my saviourcalling and I'll gladly hasten

    homeWhere unhindered his praises

    I will singWith earth's trials all forgot-

    ten I'll be happy evermore,

    There no one can heartacheto me bring.

    Yes, the day is fast approach-ing when I'll hear mySaviour say

    Weary pilgrim come and en-ter into rest.

    That awaits all my peoplewho are faithful to the.end- -

    You tried to meet with cour-age every test.

    I have trusted in my SaviourHe has safely led me throughJust a few more weary steps

    I'll goThen I'll be at home foreverTrouble all left behindNo more worry, pain or

    heartache will I Know.Rebecca Jones.

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    I THE LORD'S HOUSE' Enter it quietly.

    Jesus is there,Leading our worshipping,. Hearmg each prayer.

    Sit in it silently,Making no noise;

    Share in its reverence,Share in its joys

    Greater than presidents,Emperors or king

    God is the ruling OneOver all things.

    Now He is seeing us,Hearing our praise;

    Honor His holy houses Walk in his ways.

    Shirley Stillin Jr. L- -



    A total of 1,025 studentswere enrolled in the first termof the 1945 Summer Quarterat the University of Kentucky,at the close of registrationlast week. The number ex-ceeded by 126 the total of 899students who enrolled in thefirst term last year. .

    There are students from27 states besides Kentucky inthe first term registration,and from 114 counties in thestate and eight foreign coun-tries and possessions.

    Among those students reg-istered from Letcher Countyare:

    Gussie Webb Snapp, EmmaLouise Crase, Irving RichardBartley, Jenkins; James Mar-ion Stamper, Joseph Edison-Banks- ,

    Whitesburg; BeulahMullins, Alma Frances Mul-lin- s,

    Blackey; Ruby LouiseHolbrook, Sergent; HazelJulia Taylor and Helen JuneTaylor, Millstone; WilliamCurtis Asher, Letcher; Thom-as Edward Gish, Seco.

    PERT CREEK HOMEMAKERSThe Pert Creek Homemak-er- s

    met Tuesday of last weekat the home of Mrs. Bill Prattfor a Pot Luck dinner. Four

    teen members were presentand four visitors: Mrs. Cyn-thia Pendleton, Mrs. EnochBates, Mrs- - Chad Mullins andMrs. Dick Evans. New offLcers for the coming year wereelected: President, Mrs. R.K.Hall: Vice-Preside- nt Mrs.Martha Carter; Secretary- -Treasurer, Mrs. Bill Pratt;Publicity, Mrs- - Bob Owens,Project Leaders, Mrs. ElsieHammonds and Mrs. RosaCook; Reading, Mrs. LinaDay. Thought, Mrs. Wilfong;A program on food preservation--was given by the foodconservation assistant, Mrs.Chad Mullins, which was veryinteresting as well as helpfulto all; Landscape Study byMrs- - Dona Adams was in-structive. Everyone presentenjoyed the program.


    Maurice E. White of Neon,now a student of optometryin Chicago, was ed of-ficial editor of The UnitedAmateur Press Associationof America at the annualelection held July 1, in Seattle.

    Other Kentuckians select-ed for the official board atthe annual election were:

    Tevis, a Madisoncounty school teacher ofRichmond, for director; Eve-lyn Kemper of Sparta, 2ndvice-preside- nt; and DorcieMiller of Warsaw, chosen

    manuscript manager.This nation-wid- e literary

    group, composed of ama-teur writers, printers, andpublishers, is now celebratinghalf a century of existence.The UAPA boasts of severalmembers iri"Letcher county!


    All persons, firms or corpor-ations having claims againstthe estate of Ritter Sumpter,deceased, are required toprove same as required bylaw, and file same with theundersigned administrator atWhitesburg, Letcher County,Kentucky.

    All persons, firms or cor-porations indebted to the es-tate of Ritter Sumpter, deceas-ed will please call and paysame to the undersigned at theplace above mentidned- -

    This 27th day of June, 1945-N- .R. Day,

    Administrator of the estateof Ritter Sumpter, deceased.


    Bruno Esmont and GenevaByrd were united in marrLage June 27, 1945 in the officeof Mr. French Hawk. Thebride is the daughter of Mr.and Mrs. W. R. Byrd of EastJenkins, Ky., and the groomis the son of Mr. and Mrs-Sylvest-

    Esmont of Dunham,Ky. Bruno entered serviceMarch 21, 1942 nnd went oversea August 27th, of '44 andreturned to the states June 21,1945. He is now spending athirty day furlough. The hap-py couple hasn'twhere they will spend '.heirhoney-moo- n yet.

    Mrs. Mary E- - Webb, sisterof the groom was also unitedin marriage last September 1,1944, to Willie V- - Webb, sonof Mr. and Mrs. Riley Webbof Payne Gap, Ky. Theirmarriage also took place atthe same office.



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    CATSUP, Stokelys, 14 oz. Bottle 16c

    APPLE SAUCE, Mussel Man's20-o-z. Can 12c

    TOMATO JUICE, Sunblest orStokely's, 18-o- z. Can 11c

    FRUIT JARS, Mason, Pts. Doz. 55cQts. Doz.- - ' 60c

    SUGAR, Fine Granulated, 5 Lb.


    Notice!(All persons, firms or corpor-

    ations having againstthe estate of R. W. Arms,deceased, are required toprove same as required bylaw, ana file, same with theundersigned administrator atWhitesburg, Lefcher County,Kentucky.

    All persons, firms or cor-porations indebted to the es-tate of R. W. Arms, deceased,will please call and pay sameto the undersigned at theplace above mentioned.

    This 27th day of 1945- -

    GORDON R. LEWIS,Administrator of the estateof R. W. Arms, deceased.

    For Typewriter repair workand office supplies, inquire atMt- - Eagle office, 95.


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    OUR OWN TEA, 1-- 2 lb. Pkg. 31cNo. 2 can 19c

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    I am very sorry I could notvisit my friends and comrades- - You all know me as Ihave lived in this vicinity for35 years and have raised afamily of fourteen children;and you all know my past record- - I have two sons andthree sons in laws in serviceserving over seas. L naveworked three years and a halfm essential war industry 36odays a year. I am a UMWAand have worked in all of thecoal fields in Letcher County,Kentucky. I am a World'sWar Veteran and I know whatthe service men need whenthey return home. They needthe liberty they are fightingfor. I am opposed to the FeeGrabber that donesn't makean honest living. It is a factthat when some of our boyscame home on a furlough theywere chased around by thelaw and were robbed of theirhard earned money. If I amelected this will stop. I ampleading with the fathers andmothers of the servicemenboth at home and abroad fortheir votes to help me- - I amsixty-thre- e years old and amwell qualified for the job. Iwill try my best to build theroads that has son long beenstarted, I will give everybodya fan: and square deal according to law.

    A few weeks ago I was riding a bus and there was a ladyon the bus who had a smallchild with her, aand the driver said that it would cost herHalf fare for the child. Thewoman protested since thechild was iust about three

    NEONThe following Shriners and

    their wives from Neon visitedthe Shriners at the OleikaTemple at Lexington, Ky., onJune 8. Mr. aand Mrs. BillCury, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. McAuley, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Tucker. Mr. and (Mrs. Guy Jackson, Mr. and Mrs- - Willie" Daw- -ahare, Mr. and Mrs. Edd McKinney, Dr. H. H. Jayne, TomGreer, Tom Cury, MorganCompton and Mr. Atta Wise.They were entertained witha Banquet and a dance- -

    Mr. Willie Dawahare leftSunday on a business trip toNew York.

    Mr. and Mrs. Buck Jonesand daughter, Ruth spent lastweek end in Louisville visit-ing Mr. Jone's brother. Whilethere they attended the Ken-tucky Derby.

    The Neon Lions Club wereguests of Whitesburg LionsClub last week introducingCharter night to the Whites-burg Lions. The followingwere present: Mr-- and Mrs-Willi- e

    Dawahare, Mr. andMrs. Edd McKinney, Mr. andMrs. Guy Jackson, Mr: andMrs. J. B- - McAuley, Mr. andMrs. Bill Cury, Mr. and Mrs.Willie Quillen, Rev. and Mrs.Kahlo, Dr. Sam Quillen, Mr.and Mrs. William Hall andand Mr. Atta Wise. Mr. Willie Quillen was Toastmaster.

    years old but eventually paidthe fare. But the point isthere was a young girl got to payher fare and shewas clothed only in shorts anda halter (or what ever thatthing is they wear there,) andshe and the bus driver flirtedwith each other and he saidno 'fare honey. She had herlips and nails painted deepred. This girl was married toG. I. Jim who is now restingsomewhere in Europe beneatha white cross- - Sure this girlmarried him for that fiftydollars a month, (or shewould respect him more)G. I. Jim's mother sits at homelooking at his picture with abroken heart thinking howthis girl did her son. Surethe fifty dollars a month stillgoes on but the beer halls getit all. Does this girl belongin Letcher County? No, shedoesn't. There is no motheror father who wants theirsons done that way, so whydon't you all get busy andelect the officers that willstop all of this. It is only toprotect our boys who arefighting for freedom andhome but there is plenty ofthem going to be disappointedjust because you didn't try toprotect him while he wasfighting to protect you-- 1 couldhave come around and lec-tured you all and visited allmy friends but I think it wasmy duty to stay on the joband help bring our boys homesooner.


    Sincerely yours,W. F. (Bill) Thompson

    (Pol. Adv.).


    Mr. and Mrs. Audy Collinsfrom Knoxville, Tenn-- , visitedfamily and friends in Neonthis past week end- -

    vMiss Bobby Daugherty and

    Mrs. Red Craft and Mr. SidHayes motored to Norton ona shopping tour last Thurs-day.

    Dr. H. H. Jayne spent lastweek visiting in Louisville.

    Mr-- Nick Dann has beenseriously ill in the Jenkinshospital.

    vMrs. John Craft has just re-

    turned from a visit with herson in Ohio and her daugh-ter who is attending BeautySchool in Lexington.

    vMiss Rose Roberts of Lou-

    isville, Ky., spent last weekwith her mother and familyMrs. J. L. Roberts.

    vMiss Delores Gibson has

    returned from Morehead, Ky.where she has been attending college. Miss Gibson isplanning to teach in this coun-ty this year.

    vMrs. Atta Wise is snendinp

    the summer with her mothernear Somerset, Ky.

    vMr. and Mrs. Owen Wright

    were called to Lexington due


    to the death of Mrs. Wright'sNiece.

    vWe were very sorry to hear

    of the death of ConductorFred .BoCook, conductor onthe L. & N. for many years.

    Mr. Bill Tucker has placedan order for bricks to beginhis new buildirig here inNeon. He has already startedwork on the foundation.

    vMrs. Philip Youngblood

    visited her sisters at Petrs-bur- g,Va., last week.

    Mr. 'and Mrs. Bill Tuckerand family, Mr. and Mrs. BillCury and family and MissesMargaret and Mildred Hallwere guests of Mr. and Mrs-J- .

    B. McAuley at their homelast Sunday. They enjoyed apiano on the lawn.

    vMrs. Curtis Collins have

    returned from a visit withMr. and Mrs- - Bill Tolliver atSellersburg, Ind- -

    vAttention Neon Ladies! We

    are slacking on our RedCross work. There's still alot of sewing and knitting tobe done. So come and let'sfinish the good work we havebegun. We are still fightinga war and we must not quituntil our boys have quit fight-ing everywhere. The meet-ing is held each Thursdaynight at the Lion's Club Hallover the G. E. Shop. Have youdropped a stitch? Are youstuck on your Sewing? Comeand we will help iron out allyour problems. A completelist of knitting and sewingdone will be published aroundthe first of July. Wouldn'tyou like to have your nameon that list by then? Mrs.Leach, our production chair-man, is making a shipmenton July 1. Let's show herhow much we can have fin-ished by then. If you don'tintend to finish the work youhave started please returnthe yard at the Red Crossmeeting or to Bill Cury'sStore.

    vMrs. Wilbur Keesee is still

    ill at her home here thisweek. We wish her a speedyrecovery.


    An expanded job placement service for veterans wasannounced here todav bvGlenn S. Anderson, Manager,of the Whitesbure office ofthe Unitd States Employmentservice.

    With specially trained personnel and a stream-lirr- dprocedure, the WMC's UnitedStates Employment Serviceplans to give quicker serviceto the returning veteran.From the time the veteranenters a USES office he willbe given special...


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