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  1. 1. July 2015 Coimbatore sustainable transport proposals
  2. 2. Coimbatore today
  3. 3. Location: General Hospital Pedestrians and cyclists travel next to fast moving vehicles
  4. 4. Unusable footpaths Location: Coimbatore Junction
  5. 5. Insufficient bus service at peak hours Location: Town Hall bus stop
  6. 6. Need for separate cycle tracks & traffic calming Location: Saibaba Colony No dedicated cycle tracks
  7. 7. Car-oriented engineering wider carriageways, faster speeds, NO thought for other modes Old-school transport planning Car-oriented engineering wider carriageways, faster speeds, NO thought for other modes
  9. 9. How? By reclaiming streets for people.
  10. 10. Coimbatore Corporation Transport goals Increase use of sustainable modes: Public transport Walking Cycling Reduce air pollution from transport Reduce injuries and fatalities from road accidents Reduce use of fuel Better health from active lifestyles
  11. 11. Equitable allocation of street space People will walk in the carriageway if streets do not provide separate space for pedestrians. Streets with adequate space for walking and other activities is safe for pedestrians and allows smoother motor vehicle movement.
  12. 12. Footpath upgrade NSR Road 1.8 km Krishnasamy Rd 1.6 km DB Rd 1.6 km T V Swamy Rd 1.1 km Raju Naidu St 1.2 km V K K Menon 1 km State Bank Rd 0.6 km
  13. 13. Footpath design: The zone system Good footpaths have 3 clear zones: 1. Pedestrian zone: continuous space for walking 2. Frontage zone: buffer between street-side activities and the pedestrian zone 3. Furniture zone: space for landscaping, furniture, lights, bus stops, signs and private property access ramps
  14. 14. Minimum width requirement (IRC standard) Residential zone Commercial zone High-intensity commercial zone Minimum width = 3.3m Minimum width = 5.0m Minimum width = 6.5m
  15. 15. Frontage zone Pedestrian zone Minimum 2m wide Furniture zone Good example of footpaths.
  16. 16. DB Road existing condition
  17. 17. Proposed footpath upgrade on DB Road
  18. 18. LESSONS FROM CHENNAI 70 Scheme Road, Chennai, Before
  19. 19. 70 Scheme Road, Chennai, After
  20. 20. LESSONS FROM CHENNAI Police Commissioner Road, Egmore, Chennai, Before
  21. 21. Police Commissioner Road, Egmore, Chennai, After
  22. 22. Pedestrian zone Big Bazaar Street 152 m
  23. 23. Big Bazaar Street existing condition
  24. 24. Proposed Pedestrian zone on Big Bazaar Street
  25. 25. Cycle tracks and Greenways Total Greenways length: 37 km Total length of cycle tracks: 31 km
  26. 26. Perur Lake existing condition
  27. 27. Proposed Greenway along Perur Lake
  28. 28. Lets Transform Our City, Ourselves!!!


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