cog community series #1: fireside chat with singpost ... series... cog community series #1: fireside

Download COG Community Series #1: Fireside Chat with SingPost ... Series... COG Community Series #1: Fireside

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  • COG Community Series #1: Fireside Chat with SingPost & Partners

    Visit us at

    Presentation by: Selena Chong, Vice President of Corporate Sustainability, SingPost

  • Programme • Welcome Remarks

    • Sharing by NVPC

    • SingPost + Partners

    • Giving Guide by NVPC

    • Refreshments


  • Selena Chong Vice President

    Corporate Sustainability

    Low Xiu Hui Manager

    Volunteer Engagement

    Grace Lin Assistant Director

    Community Network for Seniors Division

  • SingPost + Partners Part 1: Sharing by SingPost, AIC and SilverACE

    ❖ About us ❖ Work done in elderly space ❖ Issues arising from the ageing population

    Part 2: Breakout – Conversations with SingPost, AIC and SilverACE ❖ Specific areas of interest ❖ What is most needed help in the elderly space ❖ What can corporates do in this space

    Rounding up of Sharing

    10-15 min x 3

    10-15 min x 3

  • As a trusted organisation that connects communities, we

    seek to exercise good stewardship of our

    heritage and the environment, and to care for the

    disadvantaged in the community.

    Heritage With 160 years of history, we seek to preserve our heritage as we transform our business.

    Environment As we expand, we commit to exercising good stewardship over the environments where we operate.

    Community We care for the community and contribute towards uplifting the well- being of the disadvantaged.

  • Deciding our Focus

    ▪ Strategic relevance to business  Impact of our operations, causes that

    are relevant

    ▪ Heart of our people  survey, views of management and staff

    ▪ Focusing on who we are  we connect people, communities

    Delivering food and necessities to needy seniors and families

  • Our CSR mission is rooted in a simple belief – as a trusted organisation that connects businesses, communities and people, we are committed to strengthening our legacy.

    We aim to harness and use our resources and competencies to contribute towards the good stewardship and care of our heritage, the environment and the community.

    Our CSR Statement

    Celebrating 160 years of postal services with the SingPost Community Popiah Party

  • We aim to contribute towards creating positive impact and solving issues for the benefit of the communities and environments where we operate.

    Our Objective

    Our Principles We believe in: ▪ engaging and supporting the local communities in which we operate; ▪ directing our efforts towards areas of strategic relevance to our business, operations,

    customers, and other stakeholders; ▪ using our competencies, resources and assets to contribute towards our community

    initiatives; and ▪ fostering collaborations to drive positive impact in our focus areas.

  • An initiative by SingPost to contribute towards addressing issues arising from Singapore’s ageing population

    Programme Silver by SingPost

    Source of photos: Aware, ST, LCSI

  • Programme Silver by SingPost

    Community/volunteering activities We organise special community events for beneficiaries to engage with them.

    Besides social engagement with the seniors, we hope to encourage volunteerism among our staff.

    Community Popiah Party 2018

    “I See” Eyewear Gifting 2017

  • Connecting seniors at our new-gen post offices We run courses for seniors to learn about new technologies and services at our post offices.

    Our aim is to help the seniors stay connected in as we move towards being a Smart Nation and roll out more technologies and self-help services at our post offices.

    Smart PO courses and hands-on site tours

    Programme Silver by SingPost

  • Delivering food to those in need We leverage our delivery network – scheduling the distribution of unsold bread and pastries from bakeries and hotels to needy seniors and families 3-4 times a week.

    We aim to help meet the needs of our partner and beneficiaries and also reduce food waste.

    Postman distributing food on his delivery round

    Programme Silver by SingPost

  • Dementia awareness training for our frontliners We conduct dementia awareness training for our postmen and couriers so that they will know how to look out for and help someone with dementia.

    We hope to help watch out for seniors in the community. Postmen at dementia

    awareness training at Woodlands and Ayer Rajah delivery bases

    Programme Silver by SingPost

  • Postmen Home Visit Initiative Our postmen check in on seniors while on their delivery rounds.

    Can we help watch out for seniors in the community, especially those living alone?

    Trial of project ▪ Started trial in December 2017 ▪ Learning and finetuning process ▪ Ready to roll out gradually in

    select neighbourhoods across Singapore

    Programme Silver by SingPost

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