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<ul><li><p>5 Reasons You Should Using Coconut Oil Every Day </p><p>Coconut oil has been getting a lot of press lately, but is it really a super food </p><p>that lives up to all the hype? </p><p>It does! </p><p>It has a raft of proven health benefits that can make a big difference to your </p><p>quality of life. </p><p>Study after study has demonstrated the health benefits of coconut oil. Here </p><p>are just a few of the reasons why you should be using a little coconut oil every </p><p>day: </p><p>#1 Promotes Healthy, Shiny Hair. </p><p>Using coconut oil on wet hair instead of an expensive conditioner will make </p><p>your hair soft and shiny, as well as strengthen your hair to prevent damage. </p><p>Rubbing coconut oil into your scalp can eliminate dry scalp and dandruff </p><p>problems. </p><p>Coconut oil can even protect the scalp and hair from lice and other pests. </p><p>For those who color treat their hair, use hot curlers, straighteners, or live in a </p><p>hot and dry climate your hair can get stressed and damaged easily. </p><p>Switch from conditioner to coconut oil and you will see a dramatic change in </p><p>the health of your hair. </p><p>Using on your hair during the winter months can also prevent the static </p><p>charges that come from being indoors in a heated room all day. </p><p>#2 Generates Healthy Skin. </p><p>Our skin is our bodys largest organ, yet it is often the most neglected. </p><p>This can be easily changed. </p><p>Your skin will love it when you start using coconut oil. </p></li><li><p>When you ingest it, the antioxidants in coconut oil will fight the free radicals in </p><p>your body (which can cause skin damage over time). </p><p>Applying coconut oil directly to your skin (as a substitute for a moisturizer or </p><p>lotion), can give you the soft skin you want without the drying effects of lotion. </p><p>Applying to the face fights discolorations, lines and wrinkles and is safe to use </p><p>on the delicate skin around your eyes. </p><p>Use coconut oil instead of harmful makeup removers, and your skin will be </p><p>smooth and soft (rather than dry and brittle), after removing your makeup. </p><p>Dont forget that it makes a great after-sun lotion too! </p><p>#3 Helps with Healthy Digestion. </p><p>Do you have digestive problems, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)? </p><p>If so, adding coconut oil to your diet will assist in regulating the balance of </p><p>microorganisms in your digestive system, and help you gain regular digestive </p><p>function. </p><p>Replacing butter and other fats with coconut oil will provide the relief that you </p><p>are looking for from symptoms like bloating, indigestion, cramping and other </p><p>digestive ailments. </p><p>#4 Keeps your Heart Healthy. </p><p>Coconut oil is good for your heart. Coconut oil is high in healthy cholesterol </p><p>which can benefit your heart and reduce the amount of unhealthy cholesterol </p><p>in the body. When you use coconut oil for cooking or take it as a supplement </p><p>each day your heart will be stronger and it will be easier for your heart to fight </p><p>off damage and disease. </p><p>#5 Healthy Way to Lose Weight. </p><p>For many years we were pushed towards low fat diets for weight loss. </p><p>But those diets always failed us. </p><p>Because healthy fats are obviously an essential part of healthy nutrition. </p></li><li><p>Your body needs fat for fuel and a number of important processes. The key is </p><p>to incorporate healthy fats like pure coconut oil into your diet. </p><p>Pure coconut oil is easily and efficiently broken down by the human body. </p><p>Just adding a small amount of the healthy fat from coconut oil will provide the </p><p>rich, sweet taste we crave, while giving your body the fuel it needs to function </p><p>properly. Kick-starting your metabolism, helping you lose weight naturally. </p><p>Want to learn more about using coconut oil to burn belly fat fast? Discover the </p><p>hidden secrets of coconut oil at </p><p></p></li></ul>