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coasts, command words, tgaw


  • Big Picture: How can


    command words

    help me succeed?

  • Describe

    Simply say what you can see. DO NOT use

    because in your answer.

    Refer to size, amount, colour, vegetation, height, shape, material,

    direction, location, etc.

  • Explain

    You must give reasons this is BECAUSE

    Try and give links between points in your sentence E.g. very few people live in the

    south because the climate is so dry this

    means that growing food would be too


  • Compare

    Say what is similar and what is different you MUST use CONNECTIVES whereas, however, on the other hand.

  • Using figure 2/photo 5 etc.

    You MUST refer to something on the

    source as directed by the question

  • For an example you have

    studied ..

    You MUST give case study data place names, numbers, etc.

  • Timings? In the exam each sesion

    is worth 25 marks = 30


    Aim for 1 mark per minute

    You must answer 3

    sections for each paper


  • Think like a Geographer, how would a Geographer

    answer this?

    Look at the key words, they tell you how you need to

    answer the question.

    Look at the number of marks, it gives you an idea of the

    number of points you will have to make and how much depth

    you may need to go into.

    If you can draw a diagram to explain a process, do! Us

    Geographers like graphical representations, and processes are

    much easier to explain using diagrams than writing loads.

    Remember though to annotate your diagrams with linked


  • But remember, if it states, draw a diagram, you


    Dont be scared of big spaces, but dont jump into

    writing an answer without first spending some

    time planning.

    Always check your answers for silly mistakes.

    Never leave gaps! Try playing football without a


  • Demonstrate: Now complete

    your GCSE practise questions!

  • Reflect: SoHow did you get on? Points Grade

    34-35 A*

    31-33 A

    27-30 B

    23-26 C

    19-22 D

    15-18 E

    11-14 F

    7-10 G

    6 or

    below U

    Complete your

    feedback sheet

    to show how you

    think youve achieved for

    coasts revsion

  • Up the stakes!

    Take this opportunity to

    improve your grade by

    rewriting a question from

    your question sheet