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  • 3Hi,Welcome to Coach

    JIM NICHOLLSChairman, COACH International

    This document provides a small taster of the services we offer and more specifically how we can provide invaluable help to your business and increase profit measurably. Our team has many years of experience in working with a whole cross section of businesses across South East Asia and neighbouring countries. We have consistently left clients happy by creating tangible profits, often from loss-making situations, thus creating wealth for our clients which means our service is virtually self funding. Personally, I have some twenty years of experience working within your geographical area for a whole raft of businesses ranging from blue-chip organisations like Pepsi, Lufthansa and HOLCIM to much smaller companies. Each is given the same level of tender loving care by our team irrespective of their size and global status. After taking a few minutes to digest the content of this document, you will either be interested, curious or skeptical or perhaps all three! I therefore invite you to contact myself or my team to learn how COACH can help YOUR organisation to exceed its current objectives AND to lift ambition to realise new potential ... all in a bespoke programme that pays for itself! Warmest regards

  • 4RECOGNISING YOU HAVE A PROBLEMThe pace of change is so fast these days. Even if business leaders are adept to changing conditions, their workforce cannot keep up. This is a huge challenge for todays leaders. To succeed today everyone must get better better faster smarter, more disciplined, more effective and easier to manage

    Smart leaders know they cannot achieve a

    quantum leap in performance solely with an

    in-house program, usually because they know

    their staff and middle management are in fact

    part of the problem.

    Deciding to engage outside assistance brings

    new enthusiasm and energy to internal

    initiatives whilst stimulating even better results

    than leaders hope for.

    Delaying such a decision can cost you dearly.



    COACH Collaborations begin with a very thorough Current Condition Diagnostic, the outcome of which includes a complete list of PROBLEMS analysed by root cause, and OPPORTUNITIES identified via observational studies, statistical evaluation, needs analysis, personal and position profiling.

    From day one our excellent COACHes are

    preparing the workforce for change. Our

    COACHes are never late, never leave early,

    never have a long meal break. They are

    definitely not 9 - 5 consultants. If your business

    is 24/7 then COACHes will cover every shift,


    This is why our promises to you have a high

    degree of probability of success.



    Creating a structured plan effectively allows our collaboration to proceed in an organised fashion with regular review forums and milestone events to monitor progress, measure performance and modify if necessary..

    The COACH Current Condition Diagnostic and the start-up activity of our COACHes

    prepares your organisation for change, and you will quickly notice evidence of this

    as your employees begin arriving earlier and showing more interest and enthusiasm

    in their work.

    Our collaborative effort has cleared the muddy waters to enable sound judgement

    in producing an accurate and reliable ROAD MAP for the balance of our

    Collaboration. Our clients love this.

    This ROAD MAP includes technical

    and tactical approaches for SOCIAL



    as well as ensuring the entire process is

    transparent and measurable. Our clients

    can, as we do ourselves, track the journey

    from current condition to realizing our

    agreed potential.

  • 7& WORK OUR PLANA structured way of working means we anticipate problems before they arise. It also affords clients transparency which we know is appreciated.

    A well thought out and carefully organised plan, meticulously executed, will ensure

    success. It breeds confidence in our clients and critically, trust in their workforce,

    Whilst our COACHes continue , at every level to improve the attitudes, opinions,

    knowledge, skill and judgement of your workforce, COACH specialist resources

    are collaborating with you to design the simplest and most effective management

    control system, specifically tailored for your business and to your needs and wants.

    At COACH we do not replace your system with ours, it is always your system. What

    is working well we leave alone, what can be improved we modify, and where there

    is a lack of control we install order. In fact with great companies like Lufthansa and

    HOLCIM, we tend to focus on increasing compliance to their existing system, whilst

    installing SIMPLE controls at shop floor level that are easier for the local workforce

    to understand, learn and teach.

    Its important to know that all COACH controls, reports and review forums are

    designed together with the people who will use them and nothing is installed

    without your agreement.

    Working the plan improves work habits and discipline, resulting in sustainable

    improvements that fall to your bottom line as additional profits.

  • 8The COACH team is highly trained and every individual embraces the necessity of providing an incomparable service.

    Each team member is incentivised

    to maintain the standards for which

    the company is renowned.



  • 9FUN TO DO


    Never losing sight of the fact that we are here to improve your profitability, we think its important to have fun along the way too.

    It quickly becomes obvious when

    working closely with COACH

    team members that they have

    fun and they get a real kick out of

    seeing your people get better and

    your profits grow . Their attitude

    is infectious and creates an

    unparalleled client experience.

    COACH holds regular team-

    building experiences and works

    tirelessly to create high team

    morale. This encourages a team

    ethic and has a constructive and

    positive effect on clients when

    working day-to-day during the

    entire collaboration.

  • 10

    JUDGE USBY THECOMPANY WE KEEP Selecting the best company to enable you to achieve your goals is never easy. There are many criterion from which you can choose; cost, convenience, gut feeling, to name just a few; however, the safest way by far is by looking at a businesss track record and COACH has successfully worked with a whole spectrum of HIGHLY respected companies from small to medium, through to blue-chip.

    If you employ our services you will be in the very best of company and a glance at

    the comments from previous clients and their fantastic brand names will reassure

    you that selecting COACH is the safe choice.

  • 11


    THEYSAY ...

    Ms T.L Soliman, Soliman Security Services, Inc.The COACH collaboration program has introduced innovation and simplification of our process. The programs produced tangible and intangible results which is to the best interest of the company.

    Mr A. Caluori, Holcim Philippines, Inc.As a result of the COACH collaboration, plant performance indicates improving trend with immediate savings on variable cost paying for the program in the first year.

    Mr G. Frielinghaus, Lufthansa Technik Philippines.The COACH Approach has been valuable in accelerating and consolidating LTP internal programs. The COACH Approach will benefit multinational organizations in implementing global systems and approaches in Asian enviroments.

    Mr R.A Monzon, JEA Steel Industries, Inc.I highly recommend to any business leader interested in the improvisation of their company, in realizing increased potential profits through a simple yet structured and fundamental way, that a conversation with Jim will, indeed, be time well spent.

    Mr P. Chakrabarti, Pepsi Cola Products Philippines Inc.Opportunities for savings in energy, chemicals, machine and labour utilization were statistically proven, whilst observational studies identified the causes of significant Lost Time. Pepsi has already benefited from the complete lists of Problems by Cause and Solutions by Category provided by COACH.

    Mr F. A Tampinco, National Power Corporation.The COACH Approach has been good for NAPOCOR, and the primary objectives are met. This engagement represents good value for us and it has comfortably paid for itself.

  • 12

    The evolution of the COACH Approach.

    COACH companies registered in Bangkok and Manila pioneered the simplification

    of Western-designed Management Control Systems to be compatible with Asian

    custom and culture.

    Coach Approach (Asia) Limited elevated and expanded these simplified systems to

    become a System of Management that can overlay existing management systems.

    simplifiCOACHing is our unique proprietary system that transforms organisations

    by transforming the people within them.

    NB. simplifiCOACHing and COACH APPROACH is protected by law as registered

    trademarks in ASEAN, Hong Kong, and Mainland China and may not be used

    without the express permission of


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