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This is the deck presented by Sarah Skerik at Content Marketing World 2013. The topic was driving the discovery of content.


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10 ^ Ways to Drive Content Discovery

Sarah Skerik@sarahskerikVice President, Content MarketingPR Newswire 19@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworldIm all about content distribution.20+ years with PR Newswire, Reuters and the City News Bureau of Chicago Currently vice president of content marketing for PR Newswire

I have a baby, and its named Beyond PR (http://blog.prnewswire.com)

I experiment. A lot.

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworldMy lab.

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworld3

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworldYouve all heard the quote from Eric Schmidt of Google: We create as much content every two days as we did from the dawn of human time up through 2003. 4If you publish it, will they convert even see the dang thing?

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworldHerein lies the challenge for marketers. Against a finite amount of audience attention, and an infinite amount of competition, what can you do to ensure your audience actually SEES your message?

Because the customers buying journey is no longer linear. Its a loop and presents myriad opportunities to win and lose your prospects attention. 5Our Agenda: Driving DiscoveryHow to build discovery into content strategy.Distribution deep dive (paid & free) BONUS: Fast formatting tips & tactics proven to improve results

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworld6A lead is what sets the scene and grabs your readers attention it is your introduction. A news hook is what makes your piece timely. - The OpEd Project

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworldUse News Hooks to either 1) inform content strategy or 2) refresh interest in existing content. Its a form of newsjacking, and is a tried and true PR tactic. 7#1 Most e-mailed

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworld#2 Timely responses

Pro tip: These are trackable URLs@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworld9Tie thought leadership to timely events

Blog post Press release promoting blog post Resulting traffic increases@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworld#3 Capitalize on trends, issues - positively

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworld#4 Use EdCals to inform strategy & timing

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworldMedia covering your space know what audiences want, and traditional media are still the most powerful catalyst for social conversation and sharing. Follow their lead. Earn attention (and maybe earn some media.)

12#5 Leverage sponsored/owned content

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworldVibes issued a survey of mobile connected shopper behavior. 13They developed a great news hook

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworldThey took a contrarian point of view. The news at the time was full of gloom and doom showrooming will kill retail headlines. 14And earned a little media

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworld15#6 Seasonal & recurring events

PR Newswire Feature CalendarA variety of headlines from a package of back-to-school press releases used to promote multimedia content and web sites. @prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworld#7 Distribute the content.

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworldResults

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworld18

11. Its not a press release, its a vehicle for all sorts of news and info. @prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworldInteresting ways to distribute content for free

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworld#8 Find, connect with and quote the people who care.

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworld#9 Use free PR sites judiciously.Focus on different message elements no repeats! Its about the content not links Use trackable linksCAVEATBeware an emphasis on SEOLook for no follow link attributes

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworld#10 Balance time & effort against results.

Did you get any Clicks? Shares? Results? @prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworldAlways be asking yourself what you should start doing, stop doing & continue doing. 23Distribution An Insiders Guide @prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworldMythsPress releases cost $1,000. Media arent reading press releases. All newswires are the same. Google has killed press releases.

X@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworld25Search engines If your vendor distributes no-follow links, youre cool. If youre a spammy linkbuilder who used press releases as a foundational SEO strategy, you will be inconvenienced. (Oh, and youre at the wrong conference.)

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworldQuestions you should ask potential vendors:Who is receiving my content? What different distribution formats & platforms are you using? Where will my content be seen? When will recipients get the content? Why is your service the best fit for my audience and message?How will you measure the results my content generates? @prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworldOnline distribution Syndication vs RSSReporting ImpressionsSpidersViews Keywords Clicks Shares & interactions

Will the vendor *really* distribute your content, or are they just creating a landing page? @prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworld

RED FLAGS@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworldMedia reachDelivery: WireAPOtherEmail targetingPersonalized web Reporting!

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworldIn the newsroom a reporters eye view

Pro tip: Make the first 80 characters of your headline count. (That was #11.)@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworld

#12 Mine industry groups & media for press release submission opportunities @prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworld#13 Consider niche players

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworld33Press releases accrue results over time.

It takes almost 4 months for the average release to accumulate most of its views.@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworldBonus: Formatting tips that my-hand-to-God will improve your message visibility.@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworld35Keep them short. Why? Our data. (80-130)Search engines (65) Remember that AP slide? (80)Twitter (100)Use a subhead to keep peers happy.#14 Headline length REALLY matters.

Pro tip: Shoot for 110 characters, put the most important/attractive ideas at the beginning. @prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworld36#15 Employ multimedia elements. Visuals have their own distribution networks Visuals draw eyeballsAlgorithms value visualsPeople like pictures. Better results accrue

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworld#16 Dump the speed bump. Give the reader a reason to keep reading.

September 11, 2013/Cleveland/ -- XYZ Corporation, a leading global provider of world-class, end-to-end cross-platform scalable enterprise cloud solutions designed to deliver comprehensive process-improvement outcomes for customers in various vertical sectors including manufacturing, mining and procurement today announced @prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworldThe lead is seriously important real estate. Craft your lead with ONE objective in mind keep the reader reading. Dont waste the attention your awesome headline garnered. Keep the pedal to the medal with the lead. 38#17 Embed a CTA near the TOP Link strategically. Think reader service, not SEO. Link to profiles of key people quoted in the message. Embed calls to action for prospects

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworld#18 Use keywords, but not for the reason you might think.


@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworld#19 Build an element of distribution into every content component you publish. Driving ongoing discovery of your content is crucial.

@prnewswire #CMWDisco #cmworldThank you! Sarah SkerikVice president of content marketing, PR Newswire@sarahskerik Linkedin.com/in/sarahskerik

Discovery is a recurring theme on the PR Newswire blog. Stay up to speed with what were thinking (and my latest experiments) here: http://blog.prnewswire.com/tag/discovery/

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