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A simple, elementary review of what I learned in Communication Studies 225.


  • 1. Communicating With Technology FINAL PRESENTATIONCommunication Studies 225 Cheryl PetersonDecember 7, 2011

2. Four ways to communication with technology: Blogs SlideShare Podcast VodcastEach method has its own strengths and weaknesseslets review each of them . . . 3. BLOGGING: create your niche write your message include comments from others add visual/audio from any source link to additional resources no audio or video equipmentneeded 4. The worlds largest community forsharing presentations is 5. SlideShare lets you use: written information your visuals to tell the story pictures that evoke emotionsBut there is no linking to additional resources feedback or comments from viewers 6. Podcast are only audio. You can personalize with your voice create word pictures add music and sound effects invites guests or expertsPodcasts are not a good choice for technical information visual information teaching a new skill like cooking, crafts orsports 7. Vodcasts combine the best features of all theother methods.You can using body language add samples of music use pictures, text, structure your message shoot from any location include interviews from experts 8. Vodcasts are great for: teaching/learning new skills, cooking, sports sharing technical information using body language in your message 9. In this class, I tried tolearned how to use all ofthese programs.Most important, I learnedthat it is very, very difficultfor me. Even with a greatinstructor, I really struggledto learn the programs. Thenew technology ischallenging, and I struggleto understand it. 10. It is my personal goal to improve my novice skillsso I feel some level of competency.At this point, I am just confused and frustrated. 11. Ill conclude with this resolution: I need to spend hours and hours usingthese programs to learn them.They are great tools, and I will work with them until I can use them right.