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The first step in my editing process was to get rid of all of the technical language. Not everyone will know what particular jargon terms mean, so a text for general readers should not have it. Next I got rid of the redundant phrases. Phrases like think really hard could easily be changed to think or carefully consider. The next and most important step for an editor is to get rid of sentences, phrases, or words that might be offensive. For example, the words its really stupid to get a tattoo on your face obviously have the potential to offend readers who have tattoos on their faces. They might, for example, belong to an indigenous people that has a historic and cultural tradition of facial tattooing, like Shayun Foudu of the Atayal tribe of people, indigenous to Eastern Taiwan (The China Post, 2008).

It is necessary to make sure that a document does not have grammar and spelling problems. Using words the wrong way, or spelling them incorrectly, calls an organizations credibility into question. Problems in grammar and punctuation can leave readers confused about the sentences actual meaning.

Every individual writes in a different way, but if they are writing for an organization, they must adhere to organizational style. Readers would be unnerved if a publication published two articles on the same topic with different tones. If one writer wrote passionately in favor of family planning, for instance, and another wrote to oppose family planning, readers would not be able to determine what the organization thought about family planning as a whole.


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